Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to prevent going offline when AFK (World of Warcraft: Legion)

When you are AFK for a certain amount of time, the game will kick your character out of the server, so you need to log in again to keep playing. This is mostly not really a problem, but it can be annoying if there are queues on the server you are playing. With this little trick you can stay in the game for as long as you want, and the server will never kick you offline.

What you need to do is to find a bonefire or a fireplace that damages your character. Most of these provides 25 damage every few seconds. This is so low that you will always generate more health then you loose, so you can stand in this fire forever. However, when you are taking damage, the game will not kick you offline, so your character will stay logged in until you move away from the fire.

Levelling skinning in Legion (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Levelling up skinning has become a lot easier in Legion, because level 100-110 mobs do not drop leather scraps like they used to do in previous expansions. They used to only drop scraps for players with too low skill level, and regular skins for players with sufficient skill, but now they drop the same no matter if the skinning skill level is 50 or 500.

In order to level skinning, simply skin mobs from the Broken Isles zones, and you gain one level per skin. Both Stormheim, Val'sharah, Azsuna and Highmountain has skinable creatures, but the best area to level skinning in is around the Hemet Nesingwary area in Highmountain. This place provides a lot of beast focused quests that a lot of players do, so you can use this area so skin the creatures they kill for the quest.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

How to get more Twitch viewers and followers (Streaming)

Streaming games on Twitch can be really fun and rewarding, but getting a good amount of viewers is really difficult for most people. In this guide you will learn how to use different methods to get more new viewers, and make them follow your stream.
Getting "big" in streaming is really hard to do, and most people will not succeed in making streaming a real income, but with the tips below you should at least be able to get a decent amount, once you put in the work required!

The tips are not really sorted in a particular order, so just read up on the ones that sound interesting, and try them out!

Trade hosting with people

After all your stream, you should host other streamers, preferable ones that are about the same size as yours. Make sure you do some chatting in their channel, and perhaps even send them a message telling them that you like their stream. Hopefully they will follow you and also host you once they are done streaming in the future.
Another tactic is to make deals with some people where you actively host each other after each stream, sharing all your viewers with each other.

Create a website

Creating a website for your stream can be a useful way to get your viewers more engaged, and even get them to share your content with their Facebook or Twitter followers. The website should be both a general info site for your stream, as well as a place where you post content. If you are streaming a MMORPG, you should use this website to post a few guides, give your opinions on content patches etc. to create some engagement with the community of the game. This will get your website talked about, and people will eventually use that website to find your stream.

Use YouTube to promote your stream

 Every good streamer should have a YouTube channel where they post updates, guides, hightlights etc. Use this platform in two ways: 1) to keep your viewers updated even when they cannot watch your stream very frequently, and 2) to create content which attracts new viewers. Use the same strategy as above with the website to get new viewers into the videos and over to your stream. Make sure your Twitch name is very easily visible in the videos!

Stick to your schedule

A schedule is a very good way to keep your viewers coming back, because most people won't be able to watch at random times. Sticking to a schedule will make your stream look professional, and also make it easier for yourself to stream even when you are tired or not motivated.

Use Twitter to promote your stream

Most people already use Twitter to tell their followers when they do live, but Twitter can also be a source of getting new viewers. The keyword is hashtags. Use these to talk about games, streaming and whatever is relevant to your stream, and with some luck you will be retweeted and noticed. Some streamers have been really lucky and got some retweets from game developers of the games they play on stream, which got them an enormous amount of viewers!
Twitter is also great for connecting with the viewers, so keep up the conversation there even when you are not live on your Twitch stream.

Apply for the Twitch Weekly Spotlight

Every Friday, Twitch has a stream which they talk about updates, the past week on Twitch etc. They also have dedicated some time to something called the Video Spotlight, which features streamers from pretty much all genres, and anyone who streams on Twitch can apply for being shown here.
In order to do so, you need to follow this link. Here you can upload the clip you want to share with everyone watching Twitch Weekly, and this is a very good method to get a lot of new viewers and followers.
The downside is that most of the people who apply for this gets rejected, since a lot of people apply compared to how many they can show, but it's definitely worth spending some time to prepare a really good submission for it.

Make sure your stream is of high quality

This is not really a trick to get more viewers, but it is very important if you want them to become followers or stay in your channel. Make sure your internet connection is good enough, your PC is powerful enough, that your settings are correct, and that your mic is properly setup so it has a good quality. It's really important that the stream looks professional if you want to become popular, so spend a lot of time thinking about what you can improve.
If you need some external help, the subreddit called Stream Review can help you out. They will watch some of your streams and give honest feedback as to what is good and bad, and what on how you can improve it.

Do giveaways

 Having giveaways is a good method to get new viewers. You could give away digital objects like Steam game codes or something, so it's easier to handle when you pick the winner. In order to get more viewers, you need to make the entrants do something like tweet about your stream, or some other way that will get your stream attention.

Guide: Pickpocket ilvl 860+ from Emerald Nightmare thrash (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The thrashmobs in The Emerald Nightmare actually has a small chance to drop epic ilvl 860+ from pickpocketing, so rogues can use this to "farm" free epic items. The only confirmed enemy that does this is the trash related to Ursoc, but there is of course a chance that other thrash can drop it as well.

In order to be able to do this, you either need a lockout in which you are able to get to the thrashmobs yourself, or follow this youtube guide to grapple up to a certain point and access the trashmobs.

Once there, just pickpocket all the trash and hope for the best. You can get pretty much any thrash mobs drops, such as the Pendant of Liquid Horror. The itemlevel is from 860 and upwards, since they can be warforged to get higher ilvl.

Get 5x Tome of Tranquil Mind for free with class trial characters (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Tome of Tranquil Mind is very useful for when you want to swap talents often, and are also pretty valuable on the auction house. With this guide you will be able to farm 20 Tome of Tranquil Mind per hour, and considering that these are usually worth 250g each on the AH, you can get 5,000 gold per hour with this method.

Some might consider this guide an exploit, so here's your warning. I don't know if Blizzard considers this an bannable exploit, but who knows how they will react.

So what you need to do is to create a Class Trial Character. These are already level 100. Log into this and use your Hearthstone to Stormwind or Orgrimmar, obviously depending on your faction. Fly to Durotar / the docks in Stormwind and talk to the NPC Holgar Stormaxe / Recruiter Lee and get a free teleport to Dalaran.

Upon getting to Dalaran you get an autoaccepted quest that you can turn in for 5 free Tome of Tranquil Mind! Send these to your main or your auction character, and delete the Class Trail Character. Now simply do this again for 5 new tomes! You can create 4 Class Trail Characters per hour, so you need to take a break every now and then, but it's definitely a really fast way to get Tome of Tranquil Minds.

How to farm Bloody Coins extremely fast (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Bloody Coins is a PvP currency added in patch 5.4, which lets you buy a mushan mount (Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast) and a porcupine pet (Vengeful Porcupette). In order to get Bloody Coins, you need to purchase the item Fire-Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan on the Timeless Isle in Pandaria. This item costs 100 Timeless Coins (which you should be able to get by killing a few rares on the island if you don't already have then). If you use the item, you will get one Bloody Coin every time you kill an enemy of the other faction.

The mechanics behind the item pretty much lets you get coins when you kill other players, but in this guide you will learn how to farm all the Bloody Coins needed for the mount and pet very fast, without even having to be good at PvP. The trick is to use the portal to Hyjal and fly to the enterance to Firelands (the raid). This spot will be full of botters who don't really fight back, so just use the Fire-Watcher's Oath and have fun killing them over and over. Most servers will let you be able to get the mount within 30 minutes! The Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast costs a total of 500 Bloody Coins, but with this method is should be really fast to get.

How to gear up for raiding (World of Warcraft: Legion)

In order to get started with the raid content in Legion, you need to gear up to somewhere between ilvl 825 and 840, which is perfectly doable without too much farming. It does not even require all that much luck if you follow the guide below, and you should be ready to raid in no time!

The first pieces of gear you want to target is the class gear. These requires different tasks to unlock and get, but they can all be upgraded to ilvl 840 by using the armor kits sold at your call hall, so these are very nice to get. Below are the sources for all the peices:

Belt: Unlocked after earning a total of 100,000 Artifact Power.
Chest: Complete the entire Class Order Campaign.
Shoulders: Exalted reputation with The Nightfallen. Here's a rep guide for the Nightfallen.
Wrist: Unlocked once you have recruited 6 Champions for your Class Hall.
Helm: Unlocked once you reach level 110.
Feet: Need revered reputation with 2 of the Legion factions.
Leggings: Unlocked once you have completed all 8 dungeons that were added in Legion.
Gloves: Honored reputation with The Nightfallen.

Once these are all obtained and upgraded to ilvl 840, you should be somewhat close to being ready to raid, but if you still need more or better gear, you can read the other ways to obtain pre-raid gear in Legion below:

1) Do World Bosses. These show up just like World Quest, and they give you a chance for loot on the first kill every week. Each World Boss has one specific slot they drop items for, such as Calamir which only drop boots.

2) Grind out some reputation. Most of the Legion factions offers an ilvl850 item once you hit exalted, which are pretty good to get before you start raiding. Getting rep can be pretty annoying, but the best way is to combine them with World Quest, which also can award gear which are scaled to your level, so make sure you do them.

3) Buy or craft gear. Crafted gear is pretty expensive, but it's a nice way to get higher ilvl if you have extra gold. If you want to craft it yourself you need a lot of Obliterum, if else you can just check out the AH for the gear you need.

4) Do dungeons. These drop ilvl 830 in the heroic version, so they are not all that bad, but the mythic dungeons drop better gear which is perfectly nice to use for your first raid.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Level up faster with the Brewfest buffs! (World of Warcraft: Legion)

During Brewfest, you can get a buff that increases your experience gained by 10 %. The buff lasts for 2 hours, so it's a pretty nice bonus when you are leveling up in The Broken Isles, or leveling an alt. It's only possible to get the buff twice per day, and in order to get it you must witness the Tapping of the Keg ceremony. This ceremony takes places outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar at exactly 6.15AM and 6.15PM every day during Brewfest. This is server time, so make sure you don't get there at your local time.

Everyone that is close to the ceremony gets the buff, and there's nothing else to it than to be there at the right time.

Everything you need to know about the Arena Packs (Clash Royale)

The latest update for Clash Royale added a new purchasable bundle that is tied to your arena rating. It will pop up each time to reach a higher arena, and offers a combination of gems, gold and a legendary chest for the highest arena. It costs 10 euros, and you can buy one for each arena rank.

The higher the arena you are in, the better the pack is. Arena 9 is the best, with 1 200 gems and 100 000 gold + the Legendary Chest.

When you hit a new arena, the pack will pop up for sale for two days, and after that it will only show up for sale once per week. Once you buy it, you cannot buy a new one, but you will have a 25 % chance to be offered an arena pack from a lower arena. So if you are arena 9, you can still buy arena 8, 7, 6 etc once you have bought the arena 9 pack. It's possible to buy all the arena packs, but it will take a little time to get the option to purchase each one because of the 25 % chance.

Once you buy an arena pack (e.g. arena pack 9), you will never be able to buy it again. The pack is obviously of very high value, so any serious players should buy this before buying other stuff in the game.

The Legendary chest from the pack opens immediately, so there is no need to wait. You also get both gems and gold immediately once you buy the pack.

Paladin Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Out of the three hidden artifact weapon appearances for the Paladin, two of them has a known source. The holy specc appearance is still not known, but this post will be updated once it has been found.

The Paladin's hidden appearances are some of the most complex ones to unlocked compared to other classed, but with some patience it is definitely doable.

Holy / The Silver Hand Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for The Silver Hand is called The Watcher's Armament. It is unlocked by using the item Lost Edicts of the Watcher.

The drop location or the steps needed to get this item is still unknown. It dropped from demons in Azsuna in the beta version of Legion, but has been confirmed to have another source on the live servers.

Protection / Truthguard Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for Truthguard is called Vindicator's Bulwark. It is unlocked by using the item Spark of the Fallen Exarch.

To get your hands on this you need to complete the Withered Army Training World Quest / scenario. This requires you do progress into the Suramar questline to a certain point, and after that you can spend Ancient Mana to unlock the scenario. The item itself drops from the final chest of the scenario, but it is not known in the drop rate increases by getting a better score. The drop rate itself is pretty low, do you most likely need to run the scenario a few times before you get it.

The best bet to get it is by farming 2,000 Ancient Mana and try to get the best score possible. Here is a short guide on how to farm Ancient Mana very fast.

Retribution / Ashbringer Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for Ashbringer is called Corrupted Remembrance. It is unlocked by using the item Heart of Corruption. This makes Ashbringer sort of look like Corrupted Ashbringer, but it's still not identical, so owners of the original will still stand out.

To get the Heart of Corruption, you need to complete a pretty chain of events. The first step is to obtain two books: 1) Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin', which is looted from dead players in the battleground Alterac Valley. This is also not bound to a character, so you can farm it on your alts or buy it on the action house. 2) A Thoroughly Read Copy of "Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'.". This book is looted from objects called A Dusty Tome, which spawns randomly around the Dire Maul instances. Do a run of all the wings, and you will most likely find it. If not, reset the dungeons and try again.

For the next step to be possible, you need to reach a certain Knowledge level one your artifact weapon. It's not currently known exactly what this knowledge level is, but it seems to be around rank 15. In order to get knowledge power, you need to complete work order from Sister Elda. Upon reaching the needed knowledge power, she will offer an option to reform the books, which you must do in order to progress the chain.

Once this is done, go to Blackwing Lair and kill Nefarian. Loot his head, and head to Dire Maul West. Here you need to talk with Prince Torheldrin. The next step is to go to Western Plaguelands and find Alexia Ironknife. She is in Chillwind Camp, so she's not too hard to find.

Head over to Hearthglen and look for the book named Grand Inquisitor Isillien's Journal. It should be in the townhall, the same building that has a clock tower. Coords are 42.36 18.73.

Now you need to go to the western river bank of Western Plaguelands and kill a slime. This slime is called Large Vile Slime, and will drop an item called Timolain's Phylactery. The slime has a pretty long respawn timer, and has a tag, so group up with the other paladins there.

The phylacery will spawn a new mob, Timolain the Accursed. Upon dying, he trows a Shard of Darkness into the water. This item is also needed, so you need to get out your fishing rod and be prepared to spend a lot of time fishing. Getting it might take several hundred attempts!

After getting the crystal, you need to head to Light's Hope Chapel and find Lord Maxwell Tyrosus. He will give you a quest called Walking in Shadows. This eventually leads you to Ebon Hold, which you can reach from the Dalaran Flight master once you have the quest.

It is not known if there are any further steps on the live servers, because no one has been able to get it this far, since it takes a while to get knowledge power. But in the beta this was the final step, and you get the Corrupted Remembrance skin! This post will be updated once more information has been obtained.

How to get the Fathom Dweller / jellyfish mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Fathom Dweller is an underwater mount added in Legion, and is tied to a World Quest which you must do various tasks to unlock. The World Quest will award either the Fathom Dweller, or a battle pet called Hungering Claw, which can be sold on the Auction House for a lot of gold!

In order to get started, you need to talk to Drak'thul on the Broken Shores. Speak with him until there is no more dialogue options, then head to a cave located at 58, 54. You need to die in front of the cave, then walk in as a ghost and resurrect. Go to the very end of the cave and look for an object named Mound of Dirt. This can be pretty difficult to spot, so keep looking, because it should always be there. Once you find it, click on it to loot the Weathered Relic.

Now it's time to return to Drak'thul again, and once again you need to talk with him until he does not offer any more dialogue options. You need to close the NPC tab and reopen it a few times before this is done. This will spawn a total of 10 orbs scattered around The Broken Isles, and these need to be clicked on in the correct order to spawn the boss. Below is the correct click order.

1) 38, 37 Cave Aszuna
2) 32,75 Stormheim
3) 41, 80 Val'sharah
4) 32, 72 on Broken Shore Map
5) 59, 13 Cave Aszuna
6) 67, 14 on World Map, under the neutral shark is the cave entrance
7) 56, 38 Highmountain
8) 53, 26 Cave Aszuna
9) 49, 90 on World Map in the sunken ship
10) 37, 71 on Broken Shore Map

The orbs used to have a 50 minute respawn time, which meant a lot of waiting, but this respawn timer has now been reduced to a few seconds, to it should not take a lot of time to get them all anymore.

Upon doing all of this, you will get a World Quest called DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering. The reward will be either the mount or the pet, and once all of the orbs have been clicked, the boss will spawn. The last orb is conveniently located right next to Drak'thul, so this is where the boss will be.

If you are unlucky and get the pet, you can do all of this again after the raid reset for another chance.

Level up fishing easy with the Ancient Vrykul Ring (World of Warcraft: Legion)

If you are leveling up fishing, or simply want to grind some for the Fishing Artifact, using the Ancient Vrykul Ring is a really nice way to get levels and artifact power very quick and easy! In order to get start on this method, you first need to buy a few Arcane Lure from Conjurer Margoss. This increases your chances of finding bait by 100 %, so you will get the ring a lot faster. Alternatively, you can buy the Ancient Vrykul Ring from the auction house, but it's really expensive there!

Anyway, head to Stormheim and look for pools until you fish up an Ancient Vrykul Ring. Once you have this item you will be able to spot hidden pools for 5 minutes. Head to 35.3 22.8 or 42.2 61.2, because this is where these pools are. You can fish in these for 5 minutes, and they will not dissappear like the regular pools! Each catch gives you a rare fish, and you will guaranteed get a new Ancient Vrykul Ring before the buff timer expires.

So to gain fishing skill or artifact power, just keep fishing in these special pools for as long as you can manage. The best part about this method is that you don't even need to move, so it's really easy to combine with Netflix while you fish. Happy fishing! 

If you end up with some spare rings, put them on the AH for the people who wants to skip getting the ring themselves, because it is usually worth around 2,000 - 5,000 gold.

How to get bonus rolls for raids and world bosses (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Now that raids are world bosses are available, you should know how to get your hands on those nice extra rolls. In Legion, you can use the item called Seal of Broken Fate in order to get one extra roll and a chance at the extra loot. You can only obtain 3 of these per week, and the cap is at 6, so you can save up some for the next week if you don't have time to spend them the same week.

In order to get these seals, you need to talk to Archmage Lan'dalock in Dalaran. He is at 58,67 in the entrance to Violet Hold. He lets you purchase these extra seals for either gold or Order Resources. You can trade 1,000g and then 2,000 gold for a total of 3 seals, or 1,000 Order Hall Resources and then 2,000 Order Hall Resources to get them.

The quests reset ever week, so make sure you pick up your new seals before you start killing the world bosses.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monk Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The monks have three Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances, all which have been found on live servers. There is one hidden appearance per specc / weapon, and you can get the hidden appearance for all the items, independently of which specc you play as.

Brewmaster / Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Appearance for Fu Zhan is the Ancient Brewkeeper, which is unlocked from the item Legend of the Monkey King.

This item is randomly dropped from the Bubbling Keg. In order to get this you need to pick the Brewhouse Talent at your Class Order Hall, which lets you tap a key every day. So basically you have a small chance to get the Legend of the Monkey King each time you use the keg, so just keep checking this keg every day until you get the item.

Mistweaver / Sheilun, Staff of the Mists Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Appearance of Sheilun is called the Breath of the Undying Serpent, and you need an item with the same name to unlock it.

The Breath of the Undying Serpent drops from any Dragon of Nightmare in The Emerald Nightmare raid. It can drop from either Ysondre, Lethon, Taerar or Emeriss on any difficulty, including LFR. The drop rate is pretty low, so expect to farm this raid for a few weeks before you get it.

Windwalker / Fist of the Heavens Hidden Appearance

For the First of the Heavens, the hidden appearance is called Stormfist. You unlock it by using an item called The Stormfist, which is a random drop from the endchest in the Whithered Army Training scenario / World Quest. You need to have progressed pretty far into the Suramar questline to be able to do the scenario, so make sure you are working on this chain.

It is not certain if you get a higher drop chance by getting a high score on the scenario, but some people think you do. So if you are going to do this, gather up lots of Ancient Mana (here is a nice guide for farming Ancient Mana very fast) and go to the scenario. If you don't get it, bad luck, just keep doing it until you eventually loot it from the chest at the end of the scenario.

Mage Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Mages have three Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances for their weapons, one for each specc. Only one of the three Hidden Appearances have been found on live servers, so there's still a lot of searching left for the mages.

Arcane / Aluneth Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Appearance for Aluneth is Woolmancer's Charge, which is unlocked by the item The Woolmancer's Charge. There is still no known source of this item, but it will likely be discovered soon.

Fire / Felo'melorn Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Appearance for Felo'melorn is The Star's Design, which is unlocked by in item with the same name. There is still no known source of this item either. It was reported to drop from random mobs in Suramar and Azsuna in the beta, but this has obviously changed in the live version. 

Frost / Ebonchill Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Appearance for Ebonchill is Frostfire Remembrance, which is unlocked by the item Everburning Crystal.

In order to get this item, you need to pick the Teleportation Nexus Class Order Hall Talent. After this, you just need a good amount of luck. Every day you enter the stairs in the Class Hall, you have a small chance to get an emote that tells you that you hear something coming from the portal downstairs. This means that you were lucky, and now you can use any of the five portals, because these will now teleport you to Frostfire Ridge. Here you can talk to the NPC that stands there, and you will receive the Everburning Crystal. One this is done, you can return to your Order Hall and use the teleporters the regular way again.

Hunter Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Hunter has three unique Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances, one for each specc / weapon. All three appearances has been found on live servers, and two are them are extremely easy to get, compared to a lot of the more difficult ones from other classes.

Beast Mastery / Titanstrike Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the Titanstrike is called Titan's Reach, and can be unlocked by using the item called Design of the Grand Architect.This turns the gun into a bow, and comes with four colors like the other appearances.

To get the Design of the Grand Architect, you simply need to purchase it from Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran. He sells it for 8,000 gold, and there is no other prerequisite to get it. Hobart is found in the engineering building in the Magus Commerce Exchange district.

Marksmanship / Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners is called Ravenguard, and can be unlocked by using the item called Syriel Crescentfall's Note: Ravenguard.

This item can br purchased from Veridis Fallon in Azsuna for 1,700g once you are Revered or higher with the Court of Farondis. Here's a guide to getting reputation with the Court of Farondis, if you are still not revered

Survival / Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods is called Bear's Fortitude, and can be unlocked by using the item called Last Breath of the Forest.

This item is a drop from Ursoc in The Emerald Nightmare raid. He can drop it on any difficulty, including LFR, but the drop rate is pretty low, so you will probably need to run it a few times before you are able to get it. You can loot the Last Breath of the Forest regardless of which specc you are playing as, so it's not limited to only survival hunters. 

Druid Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The druid has four hidden artifact weapon appearances, one for each specc / artifact weapon. In contrast to other artifact weapons, some of the appearances for the druid does not directly affect the weapon, but instead changes the skin of the cat or bear form.

Balance / Scythe of Elune Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the Scythe of Elune is called Sunkeeper's Reach, and is unlocked by using the item called The Sunbloom. In order to get this item, you need to combine two other items, the Seed of Solar Fire and the Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's Sap.

The Seed of Solar Fire can be purchased from Sylvia Hartshorn in Val'sharah once you are exalted with the Dreamweavers. It costs 2 000 gold, so it's not that expensive. If you still need reputation with the Dreamweavers, check out this rep guide.

The Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's Sap is dropped from Archdruid Glaidalis in Dartkheart Thicket.To get the drop, you need Artifact Knowledge level 5, and be exalted with the Dreamweavers (it is unknown if having purchased the Seed of Solar Fire is a requirement go get it to drop). It only has a small chance to drop it, and it can drop on any difficulty, even normal.The best way to get it is to chainrun normal runs until it drops, or just queue for a heroic version every day.

Feral / Fangs of Ashamane Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the Fangs of Ashamane is called Moonspirit, and can be unlocked by using the item called Feather of the Moonspirit.

In order to get this item, you need to have an Artifact Knowledge of level 4+, and once you have that, you will begin to hear screeches from the different portals in the Dreamway. Now you must use the portals which screeches at you and locate an Owlcat statue. These are all hidden in the area right next to the portals. Finding one might take some searching, but most people will probably find them within a few minutes.

Owlcat statue
This is what the Owlcat statue looks like on live servers.

Note that you can only find one statue each day, and every day you will have a small chance to roll the "quest" that spawns the screech. This means that is mostly takes a lot longer than 3 days to get all statues, since you can be really unlucky with the rolls on the screeches, so it might take a week or two to get all three. (I personally spend about 2 weeks before I got all the emotes).

Once you have clicked on all the stones, 3 in total, an NPC named Ela'Lothen will spawn in the Dreamway. Now simply /sit in front of him, and you will get the Feather of the Moonspirit. Right click on this, and you have your hidden artifact appearance!

Ela'Lothen in The Dreamway. He will disappear once you get the Hidden Artifact Skin.

Guardian / Claws of Ursoc Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the Claws of Ursoc is called Mark of the Glade Guardian, and can be unlocked by using the item called Mark of the Glade Guardian.

This item is a drop from the raid boss Ursoc in The Emerald Nightmare raid. The drop chance is pretty rare, so don't expect to get it on the first few kills. It can be looted in both normal, heroic and LFR difficulties, and the item itself it tradeable. It is also possible to loot it even if you are not in a guardian specc.

The best way to get it is simply to run LFR along with any of the other difficulties every single week until it drops. Good luck! 

Restoration / G'Hanir, the Mother Tree Hidden Appearance

The Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for the G'Hanir, the Mother Tree is called Warden's Crown, and can be unlocked by using the item called Acron of the Endless.

To get your hands on this item, you need to choose the Evergreen Order Hall Talent. This allows to have two plots of land where you can farm items. You can click on these to plant a random seed, and after three days you can loot it. The Acron of the Endless is a random drop from these plots, so if you don't get it right away, you should replant and harvest these every three days until you get one.

It will take a long time to get it unless you are really lucky, so keep checking back every third day! You also get a few pets, some consumables and a nice speed boost trinket from these plots, so it's not entirely useless to farm this item.

Demon Hunter Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Demon Hunter has two Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances, one for each specc / artifact, and both has a known drop location. Along with the two appearances, each of these also has three color tints which is unlocked by various tasks.

Havoc / Twinblades of the Deciever Hidden Appearance

The hidden appearance for the Twinblades of the Deciever is called Deathwalker, and unlocked with the item Guise of the Deathwalker. To start the quest chain to get this item, you firstly need to complete the Order Hall questchain. Once that is done, you can find a random item drop called Candrael's Charm, which can drop from pretty much any mob on The Broken Isles.

Once you find this, go to Felsoul Hold and look for Candrael Twinshadow and talk to her. This will allow you to fight a demon called Downfall, which you must kill. This fight can be kind of tricky, because you need to stay away from the winds he create. However, once you manage to kill him, you can loot the Guise of the Deathwalker and unlock your Deathwalker appearance.

Deathwalker color tints:

Default: Yellowish.
Green: Complete 100 Dungeons with Deathwalker equipped.
Purple: Complete 200 World Quests with Deathwalker eqipped.
Red: Kill 1000 enemy players with Deathwalker equipped.

Vengeance / Aldrachi Warblades Hidden Appearance

The hidden weapon artifact appearance for Vengeance / Aldrachi Warblades is called the Iron Warden, and is unlocked with the item called Bulwark of the Iron Warden

In order to get this item, you firstly need to do the Order Hall Advancement called Twisting Nether, allowing you to use a portal to get into the Sanctum Crystal. There you can use a book to summon a demon one level above the summoner, and this demon has a chance to drop the Bulwark of the Iron Warden. You can only get loot from one demon each day, so if you don't get the item, keep doing this event each day until it drops.

The exact drop chance is still not known.

Iron Warden color tints:

Default: Green.
Blue: Complete 100 Dungeons with Iron Warden equipped.
Purple: Complete 200 World Quests with Iron Warden eqipped.
Red: Kill 1000 enemy players with Iron Warden walker equipped.

Death Knight Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Death Knight has three Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances, one for each specc / Artifact Weapon, but only one of the three weapons has a known drop location! For each hidden artifact appearance, there are also three color tints, which is unlocked in various ways.

Frost / Blades of the Fallen Prince Hidden Appearance

The Dark Runeblades hidden appearance for the Blades of the Fallen Prince for Frost Death Knight is unlocked by using the item Runes of the Darkening.
The location or drop place for the Runes of the Darkening is currently not known, so check back often for updates, or go search for yourself.

The Dark Runeblades color tints:

Default: Green.
Marine: Complete 100 dungeons with the Dark Runeblades equipped.
Purple: Complete 200 World Quests with the Dark Runeblades equipped.
Red: Kill 1 000 enemy players with the Dark Runeblades equipped.

Unholy / Apocolypse Hidden Appearance

The Unholy artifact weapon hidden appearance is called the Bone Reaper, and is unlocked by using an item called The Bonereaper's Hook. The location for this item is still unknown.

The Bonereaper's Hook color tints:

Default: Dark Blue.
Blue: Complete 100 dungeons with The Bonereaper's Hook equipped.
Red: Complete 200 World Quests with The Bonereaper's Hook equipped.
Icy: Kill 1 000 enemy players with The Bonereaper's Hook equipped.

Blood / Maw of the Damned Hidden Appearance

The hidden appearance for Maw of the Damned is called Touch of Undeath, and is unlocked by using the item called Twisting Anima of Souls. In order to get your hands on this item, you need to go to Suramar for the Quest Quest / Withered Army Scenario. Use the quest Withered Army Training to start the scenario.

If it's not available for you, keep doing the Suramar questline until you reach this point. You also need to have at least 400 Ancient Mana ready before you can go. Here's a short guide on how to farm Ancient Mana extremely fast. Note that 400 Ancient Mana is the minimum, more mana will get you more soldiers and a higher chance to complete the scenario with a higher score.

The Twisting Anima of Souls drops from the final chest at the scenario, but some people think that the higher your score is, the better the drop rate for the Weapon Appearance is, so you better try as hard as possible to get a good score. If you don't get it, farm some more Ancient Mana and return later.

Twisting Anima of Souls color tints:

The default color tint for the Twisting Anima of Souls is blue, but you can also unlock the following color tints:
Red: Kill 1000 players with Blue appearance equipped
Green: Complete 100 dungeons with Blue appearance equipped
Purple: Complete 200 world quests with Blue appearance equipped.

How to get the Rockspine Basilisk mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Rockspine Basilisk is a new mount added in patch 7.1 of World of Warcraft.However, it's not obtainable in patch 7.1, but will be in patch 7.1.5. This mount is tied to the Legion Brawler's Guild, and the exact source is not known, however it seems likely that it is rewarded upon reaching a certain rank with the guild.

Reputation Guide: The Dreamweavers (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Dreamweavers faction is found in Val'sharah in The Broken Isles, and is one of the main factions in WoW Legion. You will get a lot of reputation with them by questing in the Val'sharah zone, and if you complete all quests you will end up at 0/12 000 Honored. In order to get more reputation, you have a few options, such as the ones below:

1) Do World Quests in Val'sharah. Most World Quests in this zone awards reputation with The Dreamweavers, but if you are unsure, just use your mouse to hover over the quest and check which factions it awards reputation with. Also note that The Wardens World Quests in Val'sharah gives rep with both the Wardens and the Dreamweavers, so do all of them as well. The same goes for Kirin Tor World Quests in Val'sharah.

2) Complete the dungeons Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket. The endbosses of these two dungeons gives you +250 reputation with the Dreamweavers per kill, so farming these two dungeons can be a nice way to increase your reputation. It's not very efficient, but at least it is predictable.

3) Do Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. Upon doing four of these, you get to pick a faction to increase your reputation with, by + 1 500 rep! So do four of these and pick the Dreamweavers to get a nice reputation bonus.

The Dreamweavers reputation rewards

Upon hitting new reputation levels, more items become available for sale from Sylvia Hartshorn in Lorlathil in Val'sharah. Below are all the reputation items:


Path of Elothir
Leaves fluttering leaves in your wake for 5 min (10 min cooldown).


Tear of the Green Aspect
Summon a vision of the green aspect Ysera (20 min cooldown)

Boon of the Harvester
Permanently enchants shoulders with Harvester enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Harvested Goods from the corpses of their enemies.

Treasure Map: Val´sharah
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Val´sharah for 1 hour.

Rank 3 Recipe: Warhide Jerkin (Leatherworking)

Rank 3 Formula: Enchant Ring - Word of Versatility (Enchanting)


Moonfeather Statue
Place a Moonfeather Stature on the ground. What´s the worst that could happen (1 Day cooldown).

Pendant or the Moon Temple
820 ilvl

Teaches you how to summon this companion.


Seed of Solar Fire
Item needed for the hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance for druids.

Pauldrons of Entwined Roots
Leather Shoulder
850 ilvl

Dreamweaver Initiate´s Tabard

Tabard of the Dreamweaver

Rank 3 Recipe: Dreadleather Pants (Leatherworking)

Rank 3 Recipe: Dreadleather Mask (Leatherworking)

Rank 3 Recipe: Dreadleather Footpads (Leatherworking)

Rank 3 Formula: Enchant Ring - Binding of Haste (Enchanting)

Rank 3 Formula: Enchant Neck- Mark of the Loyal Druid (Enchanting)

Rank 3 Formula: Enchant Cloak - Binding of Agility (Enchanting)

Rank 2 Formula: Enchant Neck - Mark of the Heavy Hide (Enchating)

How to buy profession materials with Blood of Sargeras (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Blood of Sargeras is pretty common in Legion, and in patch 7.1 they have a new use, which is as a currency for buying profession materals. In order to be able to trade them, you need to complete a quest called Blood on your hands.

This is given by the NPC called Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran, and simply requires you to give her on Blood of Sargeras. If you are having trouble finding her, go to the first house on the right side on the Magus Commerce Exchange district in Dalaran if you are coming from the Windrunner's Sanctuary direction. Hopefully it's not too difficult, since she has a quest marker over her head.

Upon doing so, you will get access to her store, which lets you trade 1 Blood of Sargeras for a stack of 20 profession materials.

She sells the following items for 1x Blood of Sargeras per:
1 x Order Resource Cache (gives you 200 Order Resources per, also it's bind on account)
10 x Lean Shank
10 x Fatty Bearsteak
10 x Big Gamy Ribs
10 x Leyblood
10 x Wildfowl Egg
10 x Cursed Queenfish
10 x Mossgill Perch
10 x Highmountain Salmon
10 x Stromray
10 x Runescale Koi
10 x Black Barracuda
10 x Aethril
10 x  Dreamleaf
10 x Foxflower
10 x  Fjarnskaggl
3 x Starlight Rose
10 x  Leystone Ore
5 x Felslate
10 x  Stonehide Leather
10 x Stormscale
20 x  Unbroken Claw
20 x Unbroken Tooth
10 x  Shal'dorei Silk
10 x Arkhana
3 x Leylight Shard

Please note that this post has been updated now that 7.1 is live, because most of the material costs changed.

Illnea Bloodthorn
Illnea Bloodthorn - the Blood of Sargeras trader.

Reputation Guide: The Court of Farondis (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Court of Farondis is a faction located in the zone Azsuna in World of Warcraft Legion. Most quests in this zone is tied with The Court of Farondis, so the main way to gain reputation is by doing quests here. By completing the whole zone, you should hit 0/12 000 Honored with The Court of Farondis, and the rest of the reputation you have to get trough the following methods:

1) Do World Quests tied to Azsuna. Check the World Quest map every day and look for quests that are tied with Azsuna or The Court of Farondis. All of these will give you reputation. In order to check which factions the quest awards rep with, simply hover over the quest with your mouse.

2) Also do all the Wardens World Quests that are in Azsuna. These will give you reputation with both the Wardens and the Court of Farondis.

3) Complete the dungeon Eye of Azsuna. Upon killing the endboss you will be awarded with +250 reputation with The Court of Farondis. This can be done as many times as you want, making it a decent way to farm the reputation.

4) Do the Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. Upon completing four of these you can pick an item reward that will increase your rep with a certain faction. So just pick the reward for The Court of Farondis to get a sweet +1 500 reputation!

5) The Kirin Tor also gives World Quests, and make sure you do all the Kirin Tor World Quests in Azsuna to get the reputation with The Court of Farondis.

The Court of Farondis rewards

All the rewards can be purchased from Veridis Fallon in the Crumbled Palace in Azsuna. Below are all the reputation rewards.


Rank 3 Pattern: Silkweave Pantaloons (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Hood (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Gloves (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Robe (tailoring)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: High Botanist Telám (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Trilliax (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Skorpyron (Inscription)


Treasure Map: Azsuna
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Azsuna for 1 hour.

Enchanted Stone Whistle


Court Scribe
Teaches you how to summon this companion

Boon of the Gemfinder

Permanently enchants shoulders with Gemfinding enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Found Sacks of Gems from the corpses of their enemies.

Beginners Guide to Dimensional Rifting
Teleport to a Ley-line point in Azsuna to try and find one of the lessons.

Gaudy Cadet´s Scarf
Back (for all classes)
820 ilvl


Once-Fashionable Nar´thalas Leggings
Cloth – Legs
850 ilvl

Court of Farondis Tabard

The ultimate PvP Prestige guide (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Prestige PvP system was added in Legion as a new way to grind PvP independent of what activity you enjoy, and this system includes a lot of nice rewards. Below you can learn how to PvP in Legion and how to get all the sweet Prestige rewards.

Understanding the PvP Prestige system

The Prestige system is closely tied with the new Honor Level system, in which you level up your Honor Level each time you earn Honor from any source. There are currently 50 Honor Levels, and these levels give you access to new abilities which are mainly useful for PvP. Once you reach level 50 you can choose to Prestige, starting at Honor Level 1 again, and can restart the grind. At launch you would loose all your Honor Level abilities by Prestiging, but this has been changes, so there is really not anything to loose by using Prestige.
There are a total of 4 Prestige levels, and each new Prestige level offers new rewards. In the coming seasons the Prestige level cap will be increased, with new rewards on the horizon for those who wants to climb even higher.

Prestige rewards

Prestige Level 0, Honor level 50:
The reward is a unique Battle Pet. You get the Alliance Enthusiast / Horde Enthusiast, obviously based on the faction you play as.

Prestige level 1, Honor Level 50:  
This rank unlocks a set of unique Artifact Weapon Appearance. 

Prestige level 2, Honor Level 50:  
This rank unlocks an item called Honorable Pennant. This is a pennant that represents your faction, which you carry on your back.

Prestige level 3, Honor Level 50: 
This rank unlocks a unique mount, called the Prestigious Bronze Courser. Both factions get the same mount.

Prestige level 4, Honor Level 50: 
At this final rank you get a unique title, called Name the Prestigious. Obviously the "name" part will be your character name.

Future rewards:
These rewards are the ones currently tied to the Prestige system, but a lot of other rewards such as different mounts and titles have been datamined. They might simply be rewarded for future seasons, or from higher Prestige Levels in the future.

Gaining Prestige Levels

As said above, to get Prestige Levels you need to hit Honor Level 50. Once when you are level 50, the option to Prestige will be available from the Honor tab. Most PvP actions in the game awards Honor, such as killing players, playing in battleground, arenas or the special PvP zones such as Ashran.

Arenas seems to be the best and fastest way to currently gain Honor, but if you just want a little more relaxed way to gain Honor, battlegrounds are very good.

 The Daily PvP World Quests also offer a nice chunk of honor. The regular "cap the enemy tower" ones give 300 Honor Points per quests, and there are three of them available every day. The Free-For-All World Quests give 500 Honor Points, and there is always one available, and they rotate every 4 hours, so you can essentially get 500 Honor every four hours with this world quest.

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Make easy gold by obliteraing green gems (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The prices for green gems are currently very low on most servers, especially the cut ones. This is probably because jewelcrafters use a lot of these to level up, and you can find the cut versions of Azsunite, Queen's Opal, Skystone and Deep Amber really cheap on AH. What you are looking for are gems that are cheaper than 1/100 of Obliterum, so that if you buy 100 of these gems you can make one Obliterum and seel it for a profit.

Some stacks of 100 gems can seel for as low as 3,500g, and on most servers it's a nice profit to obliterate these and sell one Obliterum. Make sure you read this guide as to how you Obliterate super quick, so you don't have to spend a lot of time doing this manually.

If you are a JC yourself, you can even buy the uncut gems, cut them and obliterate them. However, the uncut gems are usually more expensive, since a lot of people buy these to level up their profession.

How to get the Slightly-Chewed Insult Book (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Slightly-Chewed Insult Book is an item tied to Pirates' Day, which is on the same day as the International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It is only for 24 hours, so if you want this item, you need to play on this day, or else you need to wait until next year.

In order to get the Slightly-Chewed Insult Book, you need to kill a mob called Ol' Eary. He is a giant shark that spawns at 37 67 The Cape of Stranglethorn, which is just outside of Booty Bay. Anyone who tags him has a chance to get loot, and the dropchance of the book is about 33 %. His respawn timer is between 15 and 30 minutes, so it should be pretty easy to farm the book if you want it, and you can kill him as many times as you will until the book drops. As said above, he will only spawn during the Pirates' Day event, so don't bother looking for him on other days.

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How to Obliterate very fast and easy! (World of Warcraft: Legion)

It can be a big pain to Obliterate a lot of items, but on a lot of servers its a very profitable way to gain a lot of gold. It's also very nice for upgrading your own items, but as said above, Obliterating enough items to get 100 Obliterum Ash can take a long while. However, in this guide you will learn how to do it very fast and easy!

The first step is to download the Add-on Easy Obliterate. Install this and activate it, and this will give you a new Obliterate frame in which you can see all available items from obliteration. Now right click on all the items you do not want to obliterate, and the add on will then obliterate the rest of them! Simply click on the big Obliterate button on your screen, and it will obliterate a random item for you. You can also check a box to let the add on automatically loot the Obliterum As, so all you need to do is click one button to obliterate now!

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RimWorld beginner guide (RimWorld)

RimWorld can be a pretty difficult game to play, especially when you first start out and don't really know what to do. In this guide we will provide some of the best beginner tips to help your survival adventure go smoothly.

First of you got to start your colony. Each biome has advantages and disadvantages, but for beginners, I usually suggest going for the temperate forests or rainforest. With these two you don't need to worry too much about clothing and temperature. You should find a map that also has granite and marble rocks, as well as some nice mountain areas. That way you will never run out of steel and blocks, which is very useful in this game.

When you create your first characters, you can keep generating ones until you get some that are good. Try to stick away from obvious disadvantages, and also try to have a somewhat balanced team. Having 10 in a skill is very nice, but remember that a lot of colonists will die, so don't rely entirely on only one colonist for one skill.

Once you are in-game, choose a base not to far away from the crash site, to avoid getting too deep into areas where enemies will spawn. Start out the process by planting rice and potatoes to avoid starving at the beginning.
After the farm is done, build some sandbags to keep enemies away. Make sure they are far enough away from your farm so that raiders cannot burn them down! Building against a mountain is pretty nice, as this requires a lot less sandbags.

You also want to have some power, and a regular Fueled Generator is good for early game. They only give a small amount of power, but are pretty consistent and easy to repair. You could also build a few solar panels or windwills. These gives a lot of power during their peak in daylight and storms, but are useless at night and whenever there is no wind.

For storing food, carve a big chuck out of mountain and make an airlock for the door and normals walls. This will be your cooler, and make your colonists store all the food in here. Make sure you have the airlock, or else warm air will enter the cooler, making it useless.

For protecting your base, start out by removing all cover in front of your base. This includes all stones and trees, so that raiders cannot hide behind them when they raid you. You can use the stones as a second layer of defense if you place them in front of your sandbags.

Keeping your colonists happy and alive

At this point you should have a base with some beds, a freezer and some basic defense. Now the next step is to keep your colonists safe and happy, which is harder than it sounds. You want to build a research bench and use it to upgrade stuff. Start by researching stone cutting, which is extremely useful for building stuff from all the stones. You will eventually want to upgrade all burnable materials into the bricks made from stone, as a lot of raiders enjoy attacking with fire!

The basic to happiness is giving the colonists some nice rooms, such as a 5x5 bedroom with everything anyone would want in their bedroom, including plants, lamps and of course a bed. Also make sure you create some common areas such as a dining room and a recreational room.

For more advanced defense, use the research bench to research turrets. These are very good and will make sure your colonists can stay safe inside while the turrets take care of the raiders. You could alternatively research guns and weapons for more interactive combat, but this could of course lead to a lot more dead colonists.

When you build your turrets, make sure they defend the crops and your farm as well. They will definitely burn this down if they have a chance!

How to get Pam to get to the bus faster (Stardew Valley)

It is actually possible to employ a little trick which will let Pam reach the bus earlier, so you can get faster to the desert and start exploring the mines with a little more time! She will normally reach the bus at exactly 10.00am, but with this method she will reach it at 09.30am, so you get an extra 30min in-game time, which is roughly 20 extra seconds. So it's not a lot, but definitely helps you reach a level or two lower in the mines.

In order to get Pam to reach the bus faster, you need to run to her trailer before 08.30am. Stand right outside of the trailer so her patch will be blocked, and move away once she hits you. This will make her run towards the bus instead of walking, and she will be ready by 09.30 if done correctly. It might take a few tried before you consistently get the sweet spot, but it's worth getting used to do when you are going to the desert.

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How to make a lot of gold by farming Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' is an item that can be looted by dead players in the battleground Alterac Valley. This has been in game since the release of the battleground, but up until Legion it has not had any uses. Now however, this is part of one of the Paladin Artifact skins, so a lot of paladins will be willing to spend a lot of gold to get their hands on one! On some servers, the price of this item is 50 000+ gold, and these can actually be farmed pretty easy if you run around and loot all the enemy player corpses in Alterac Valley.

So in order to make money with this method, just queue up for Alterac Valley and loot as many bodies as you can, and you will get one after a short while. Once you get one, wait until the battleground is finished (or keep farming for more) and post them on the Auction House for a very nice profit!

Answers to Wowhead's Legion Launch Scavenger Hunt

Wowhead has a Scavenger Hunt tied in with the Legion launch, and by participating you can win a lot of nice prizes! In order to win, just log in with your Wowhead account and search for the correct item. If it's right, you'll find a Fel Flame which awards one entry into the competition. If the puzzles for winning are too difficult, use the cheat sheet below to enter!

The correct answers

1. Home made party mask
2. Beakbuck
3. Wonderous wisdomball
4. Manastorms duplicator
5. Ratstallion
6. Drakthul
7. Runas the shamed
8. You used to scrawl me in your fel tome
9. The tangerine traveler
10. The mad merchant

Reputation Guide: The Wardens (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Wardens is a faction in the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft, and is mostly tied to level 110 content. In contrast to most other factions, The Wards does not have their own zone that you can quest to gain reputation with them, so it's a little but more difficult to hit a high level reputation with them.

In order to get reputation with The Wardens, you can do either of the following actions:

1) Do World Quests. The Wardens have World Quests spread all over The Broken Isles, and a lot of them awards rep with The Wardens. You can hover over the World Quest to check which factions it awards rep with, so just complete as many of the Wardens World Quests as possible.

2) Complete the Vault of the Wardens dungeon. The endboss of the dungeon awards each player with +250 Wardens reputation each time it is killed, so this is a consistent way of farming rep with them.

The Wardens reputation rewards

The reputation vendor for the Wardens is located on the north shore of the Isle of The Watchers. He sells the following items:


Trapped Treasure Chest Kit

Schematic: Reinforced Headgun Rank 3 (Engineering)

Schematic: Bolt-Action Headgun Rank 3  (Engineering)


Fledgling Warden Owl

Syxsehnz Rod

Boon of the Bloodhunter
Shoulder enchant that allows the wearer to obtain Bloodhunter´s Quarry from corpses of their enemies.

Vantus Rune Technique: Star Augur Etraeus Rank 3 (Inscription)
Vantus Rune Technique: Spellblade Aluriel Rank 3 (Inscription)
Vantus Rune Technique: Cenarius Rank 3 (Inscription)


Drape of the Patient Hunter
850 ilvl

Warden´s Tabard

Design: Twisted  Pandemonite Choker Rank 3 (Jewelcrafting)
Schematic: Sawed-off Cranial Cannon Rank 3 (Engineering)
Schematic: Semi-Automagic Cranial Cannon Rank 3 (Engineering)

How to get the Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Smoldering Ember Wyrm is a new mount added in patch 7.1 of World of Warcraft, and requires level 110 to learn. It drops from Nightbane in the new dungeon Return to Karazhan. The drop chance is still not known, but it is personal loot, and I will update this post in a few days when the drop chance is known. However, it seems to be very high, or even 100 %.

Finding and summoning Nightbane

In order to kill Nightbane you first need to summon him, which can be pretty tricky. The Nightbane encounter is tied to a speedrun of the Karazhan mythic dungeon, and you need to be pretty decently geared in order to make it in time.

Once you enter the instance, a timer will spawn. This is noticed by the emote saying "The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air". This is an 8 minute timer to get to Opera, kill the boss and click on the Soul Crystal located just behind the boss encounter. Clicking on this gives you a buff called "Medich's Echo", which lasts for 6 minutes. This is your new timer, and each time you click on a new crystal, you add 5 minutes to the timer. Note that the crystal tied to Maiden is actually in front of her, so you don't need to kill her before getting the crystal.

The basic strategy is pretty much just pull as fast as possible, bring as good geared people as you can, and rush trough it.

The crystal behind Curator is the last one, and if you manage to click on this while still having the buff, you should be able to summon Nightbane. Now Medivh will have spawned Nightbane, and talking to him starts the summoning of the boss. You need to hurry to the boss room, because you only have 5 minutes before Medivh will despawn, and you won't be able to summon him. You will also get the achievement "One Night in Karazhan" upon talking to him.

Once you have summoned Nightbane, you can play it safe again, because he will not despawn as long as the instance is not reset. This means that you can take it easy, and even wipe a few times without loosing out on the loot.

How to get the Ivory Hawkstrider mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Ivory Hawkstrider is a new mount added in World of Warcraft patch 7.1, and is a reskinned version of the Swift White Hawkstrider. You need Legion to be able to get this mount.

In order to get this mount, you need to become exalted with the new faction Talon's Vengeance. This is a harpy faction located in Highmountain, and is somewhat tied to PvP. It is currently unknown how to farm rep with them, but this guide will be updated once more information surface.

Once you hit exalted with Talon's Vengeance, you can purchase the mount from a vendor called Trinket, which is located in Highmountain. It has a price tag of 10 000g .

Ivory Hawkstrider
Ivory Hawkstrider

Reputation Guide: Highmountain (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Highmountain is a faction that is mostly located in the zone with the same name. Almost every quest in this zone will award reputation with the faction, leading to a total of 0/12 000 Honored if you complete every single one. This means that it is still a long way left until you hit Exalted, and in this guide you will learn how to get the reputation as fast and easy as possible.

Other ways to get reputation with Highmountain is as following:

1) Complete World Quests that are tied to Highmountain. You can hover over the World Quest to check which faction it awards rep for, and pretty much all the quests in the zone Highmountain gives rep with the faction Highmountain. Usually you get up to 500 rep per World Quest.

2) Completing four Kirin Tor Emissary Quests lets you pick any faction to increase your rep by 1 500 points, and here you can choose the Highmountain one.

3) Completing the dungeon Neltharion's Lair. Killing the endboss awards +250 rep each time, so it's possible to farm rep this way, although it is pretty slow. 

4) Do Kirin Tor World Quests in Highmountain. These awards rep with both Kirin Tor as well as Highmountain.

5) Do the Wardens World Quest in Highmountain. These also gives you both Wardens and Highmountain rep.

Highmountain reputation rewards

Once you hit a new reputation level, more goods is available for sale at Ransa Greyfeather in Highmountain. She sells the following items:


Rank 3 Design: Skystone Loop (Jewelcrafting)

Rank 3 Design: Ancient Maelstrom Amulet (Jewelcrafting)

Rank 3 Design: Dawnlight Band (Jewelcrafting)

Rank 3 Design: Prophetic Band (Jewelcrafting)

Recipe: Gleaming Iron Spike (Blacksmithing)

Rank 3 Recipe: Demonsteel Armguards (Blacksmithing)

Rank 3 Recipe: Demonsteel Gauntlets (Blacksmithing)

Rank 3 Recipe: Demonsteel Breastplate (Blacksmithing)


Whitewater Carp
Place a Whitewater Carp to kick around. Splash!


Boon of the Butcher
Permanently enchants shoulders with the Butchery enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Butchered Meat from the corpses of their enemies.

Treasure Map: Highmountain
Reveals treasures on the mini-map of Highmountain for 1 hour.


Baby Elderhorn
Teaches you how to summon this companion.

Darkshard Fragment
Nibble a piece of the crystal.

Harpy Hunter´s Gloves
Leather Armor: Hands
820 ilvl


Mountainforged Chain Hauberk
Mail Armor: Chest
850 ilvl

Tabard of the Highmountain Tribe

How to get the Darkwater Skate mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Darkwater Skate is a new mount added in Patch 7.1 of WoW Legion, and is an aquatic mount that only works in water. It does not increase your swim speed, so it's mostly for vanity use, but it's a really cool and unique mount!

Getting it is tied to the Darkmoon Faire, so your only chance for farming for it is when this event is active.

The Darkwater Skate

In order to get the Darkwater Skate you need to farm 500 Darkmoon Daggermaw. These are obtained by fishing in Darkmoon Island, and is pretty common there. Most catches on the Island is the Darkmoon Daggermaw, so you can fish for it pretty much anywhere you like on the island.

If you fish in any of the pools of Shipwreck Debris, you can get 2-5 fish per catch, while open water usually only gives one fish per catch. The fastest way to get the fish needed is by running around on circles around the whole island and fish in all the pools. This not not really viable without a waterstrider or a fishing raft, but with one of these, the fish per hour will be a lot higher than if you fish in open water.

At lower fishing levels you will get a lot of trash instead of the Darkmoon Daggermaw, so you should focus on fishing in the pools unless you are fishing level 500+. The pools have the same loot regardless of fishing level, so it's also a good way to level up fishing.

The mount itself is sold by Galissa Sundew, which is located on the docks on the southern part of the island. She also sells other fishing stuff for the Darkmoon Daggermaw, and the Darkwater Skate can be bought just like any other item. If you're interested, you can put two pets and two toys from her, but then you will need more Darkmoon Daggermaws.

It takes a good amount of time to fish all the required Darkmoon Daggermaw, and combined with the small amount of available time frame, this mount can be pretty annoying to get. However, if you spend an entire play session only fishing, you should most likely get it the same day. I personally spend around 3-4 hours fishing casually while watching Netflix on the other monitor, so its definitly doable without too much hassle.

If you are really lazy, or got a lot of gold left over, you can buy the Darkmoon Daggermaws at the Auction House. Their prices skyrocketed after the release of this mount, so you should expect to pay 30 - 50k gold for all the fish needed. 

Darkwater Skate
Darkwater Skate

How to get Midnight's Eternal Reins (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The item Midnight's Eternal Reins teaches you how to summon Midnight, and is a new mount added in WoW patch 7.1. It drops from Attumen the Huntsman in the dungeon Return to Karazhan. Just like mose dungeon mount drops, the best way to farm it is simply by running the dungeon as much as possible, and cross your fingers. The drop chance seems to be around 1 % like most other mounts, so you need to have a bit of luck in order to get it.

It's currently not really possible to solo Attumen in the new Karazhan dungeon, so you will need to farm this with a few friends or with the Dungeon Finder.

Midnight's Eternal Reins
Midnight's Eternal Reins

How to get the Arcanist's Manasaber mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Arcanist's Manasaber is a new mount added in WoW patch 7.1, and is obtainable from that patch onwards. In order to get this mount, you need to do two requirements:
1) Complete the quest "Fate of the Nightborne"
2) Be exalted with The Nightfallen. Here's a guide on how to farm rep with The Nightfallen. Use this if you are not already exalted!

The quest you need to complete is the last in the Suramar quest chain, so you basically need to complete the entire storyline in that zone. This includes all quests from 7.0 and 7.1, which adds up to a pretty long chain.

The mount itself is rewarded for completing the quest, but as said above, you need to be exalted with the Nightfallen in order to use the mount. The requirement for the reputation seems to be tied with actually learning the mount, so it's most likely that you can use it on any character after you obtain and learn it with your main.

Completing this Nightfallen quest line is a pretty time-consuming process, and by playing every week you will be able to complete the entire patch 7.1 quest chain in 9 weeks. This is due to the fact that the quests are gated, so you need to wait until next week reset before you can progress on the chain.

Arcanist's Manasaber
Arcanist's Manasaber- here from the Mount Journal.

How to obtain Tyrande Whisperwind as a Priest Hero (Hearthstone)

Tyrande Whisperwind was added as a Priest Hero in the September patch in Hearthstone. She in unlocked from a special promotion, and once you unlock her, you also unlock a unique Tyrande-inspired card back.
The special promotion needed to unlock her is still unknown, but this guide will be updated once it's known!

Monday, September 12, 2016

How to farm Aethril efficiently - 5+ stacks per hour (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Aethril is a herb found in Broken Shores, and is currently worth a lot on the Auction House. In this guide you will learn how to farm it efficiently, getting about 5 stacks per hour (and each stack is 200 Aethrils). You should be a level 3 herbalist in order to get the maximum amount of profit, but if you are lower you will get to level 3 pretty fast with this method as well.

For this method we only farm two nodes in Azsuna, and constantly use an add-on to serverhop and look for spawns. The add-on for this is called Cross Realm Assist, but there are also other alternatives available.

To start, go to 54.88, 54.73 in Azsuna and loot the node there. Now walk the 5 second walk to 58.88, 53.11 and loot the node there. These are your only two spawns, so now use a serverhop to change to another realm. There are usually at least one node on each server, so pick it up, and then change realm again! You should be able to pick almost 1 000 herbs in one hour with this method, so you are looking at getting 15-20k gold per hour, depending on the price on your server. You can get even more gold by using the ingredients to craft stuff with inscription and sell it on the Auction House.

The method is, as you can see, really easy, but also very boring. However, you get a good amount of Aethril very quickly, so it's nice to do while you watch Netflix or something on the other monitor. There are no mobs close by, so there's really nothing to worry about while you are farming.

How to change your farm layout (Stardew Valley)

Patch 1.1 of Stardew Valley introduced the option to change your farm layout from the regular farm to sort of challenge farms. It's actually very easy to change them, but the problem is that you need to create a new farm in order to have the new layouts. Once you start a new farm, you get the option to pick which of the layouts you want to have. There is currently no way to change the layout of an already created farm / old save file, so be prepared to start from scratch.

It's very important to choose the right farm layout, because each layout has both weaknesses and strengths. Below you can read about all of the four different layouts, and decide which one you want to go for.

Forest farm layout

The Forest farm layout has forage items spawning on the whole western edge of the map, along with renewable stumps. This makes it very easy to use for getting a good amount of hardwood each day, but the downside is that this layout also comes with a unique type of weed that will spawn on your farm.
Hardwood is pretty difficult to farm efficiently on other layouts, and it takes lots of days to get a good amount of them, so this layout is really nice if you want to build a lot of hardwood-building on your farm.

Riverlands farm layout

The Riverlands farm layout has lots and lots of water on it, and is tailored towards players who want to be able to fish on their farm. It is very difficult to efficiently farm with this layout, but at least fishing is a lot easier, and can also bring in a good amount of gold once you reach a high level in fishing. This is the only layout in which fishing is actually viable on the farm!

Wilderness farm layout

The Wilderness farm layout is focused on combat. It looks sort of like the regular farm layout, but monsters will spawn on the farm during nighttime. This is perfect if you want a layout where you can farm monster materials right outside of your house, but the downside is that they will also appear whenever you go there at night, even when you just want to find you bed.

Hill-top farm layout

The Hill-top farm layout is focused on mining, and has lots of cliffs around the farm map. In the southwest edge of the farm there will spawn ores and geodes which makes it easy to get some extra mining materials without leaving your farm. These are nice for building stuff or selling, but the hills and cliffs makes it harder to farm on the plot.

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Reputation Guide: The Nightfallen (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Nightfallen is a Legion-only faction that is mainly located in Surmar. The main way to gain reputation with them is by questing in the zone Suramar at level 110.

Once you have done the main questline in Suramar, you can still gain rep with the Nightfallen in a lot of different ways, such as the ones below: 

1) Complete the event "Whithered Army training". This scenario can be completed for free one time, and the other times you must spend Ancient Mana to do it. You should run it at 2 000 Ancient Mana for the best amount of rep gain. You can read a guide on how to farm Ancient Mana very easy here! This also gives you a good amount of Artifact Power, so you should do this as much as possible once you hit 110.

2) Complete World Quests that are tied to Suramar and the Nightfallen. You can mouse-over the world quest to see which faction they are tied to, and any quest tied to the Nightfallen will award rep with them.

3) The endbosses of the dungeons Court of Stars and The Arcway awards +250 rep for each kill. This can be farmed, but takes a long time to get a good amount of rep.

4) Do Kirin Tor world quests that are tied with Suramar. This gives you rep with both Kirin Tor and The Nightfallen at the same time.

5) Do The Warden World quests. Just like with Kirin Tor, these quests gives you rep with both the Wardens and the Nightfallen.

6) Do Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. After completing four of these, you get to pick a faction to increase your reputation with, and you can choose to get +750 Nightfallen rep!

The Nightfallen reputation rewards

The Quartermaster sells stuff once your reach certain reputation levels. She is called The Arcanist Thalyssra, and is found in Shal'Aran in Suramar.


Nightfall Slippers
Cloth - Feet
800 ilvl

Irongrove Boots
Leather - Feet
800 ilvl

Footpads of the Nightrunners
Mail - Feet
800 ilvl

Scavenged Felsoul Sabatons
Plate - Feet
899 ilvl


Treasure Map - Suramar
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Suramar as long as the map is in the inventory.

Mobile Telemancy Beacon
Set up the beacon in the field to return to Shal´aran.

Boon of the Manaseeker

Permanently enchants shoulders with the Manaseeker enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain ManaTinged Packs from corpses of their enemies.

Braided Manastring Cinch
Cloth - Waist 
820 ilvl
Requires lvl 110


Class Hall tier - Hands

820 ilvl

Extinguished Eye

Home Made Party
Don a “Home-made” Nightborne party mask

840 ilvl
Stam, crit, mastery


Class Hall tier - Shoulder

850 ilvl

Nightfallen Tabard

Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bracers Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Slippers Rank 3
Design: Subtle Shadowruby Pendant Rank 4
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Versatility Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Mastery Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Critical Strike Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Cloak – Binding of Intellect Rank 3
Class Hall Armor Tier

How to fix the bug with "Meeting of the Silver Hand" - Paladin Order Hall Questline (World of Warcraft: Legion)

There is currently a bug that some players experience that involves not getting the quest "Meeting of the Silver Hand". This is part of the Paladin Order Hall Questline, and it will probably be fixed in the future, but currently there is a good workaround if you have the problem.

So, this is for players that cannot get the quest, even though they are supposed to. You solve it by going to Dalaran and find Archmage Khadgar in The Violet Citadel. He will offer the quest "A Falling Star", which you need to accept and do. Once you have placed the Light's Heart in your Class Hall you get a new quest by Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker near the mission map, which can be accepted if you are not in a party or raid. This will allow you to start the quest "Meeting of the Silver Hand"!

If you are also having problems finding Justicar Julia Celeste, make sure to go outside into Eastern Plaguelands. A lot of players are having trouble finding her. Also be sure that Lady Liadrin is not on a mission, or is assigned as your combat ally, because this will prevent you from finding her for the quest.

Reputation guide: Valarjar (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Valarjar is a new faction introduced in Legion, and is mostly tied to the Stormheim zone. Doing all the quests in this area will get you to 0/12 000 Honored, and most of the quests in this zone awards reputation. If you want to go for exalted, the first step should be to complete every quest you come across in Stormheim.

Once you've done all quests, getting rep is a little bit harder, but there are several ways to gain it:

1) Complete World Quests in Stormheim. These will pop up on the map when they are available at level 110. If you are unsure which faction the World Quest is tied to, mouse over it, and it will tell you. Also make sure to do any Warden quest in Stormheim, since these gives rep with both The Wardens and Valarjar.

2) The two dungeons Maw of Souls and Halls of Valor awards 250 rep each from killing the endboss.

3) Do Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. Once you do 4 of these, you can pick a reward, including an item that gives you 1 500 reputation with Valarjar.

4) Do regular Kirin Tor quests. These awards rep with the faction in which zone the quest is located, so do all that are in Stormheim.

5) Loot Treasure Chests. The treasure chests in all Broken Isle zones can drop Insignias which gives +250 rep for a faction, and can include the insignia for Valarjar. The insignias has a really low drop chance, but you will get a few if you pick up all the treasure chests available. 

6) Order Hall missions will also occasionally include quests which gives insignias that awards reputation, so make sure you complete these.

Once you have the desired reputation, you can find the quartermaster in Valdemar in Stormheim.

How to farm Ancient Mana extremely fast (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Ancient Mana is a new currency added in Legion, which is used to complete quests and buy some vanity items and toys. It can drop directly from enemies in Suramar, but there are much faster ways to farm it.

The fastest way to farm them is by looking for containers which contain a lot of them. Twice-Fortified Arcwinegives you between 100 and 150 Ancient Mana per container, while Leypetal Bloossomgives you between 30 and 60 for each. These are scattered around in Suramar, but below are some of the best places to look for them.

1) The market area (coord:s 50,77)
2) The Square (coords: 60,55)
3) Falanar Ruins (coords: 23,37 - 46,85)
4) Vineyards. This place hos lots of Arcwine.
5) Falanar Basement (coords: 20,35)

If you go to any of these five spots you will probably find a few containers. Once you have looted all the ones you can see, use the add-on Cross Realm Assistto change servers. Now you will be on another server, and there is a good chance that they will be spawned on this server again. So repeat the looting process, and keep changing servers until you have enough!

You can get 5 000+ in an hour by doing this, and it's really easy compared to farming mobs. If you are having problems with the mobs destroying your costume, buy some Illusion Bombs to take care of them.

How to level up your artifact fishing pole as fast as possible (World of Warcraft: Legion)

In order to level up your artifact fishing pole, you need to catch rare fish such as the Ghostly Queenfish, which will give you 50 artifact power per fish caught. It takes a big amount of fishing to fully upgrade your Artifact, so be prepared to spend lots of hours fishing! There are a few good tricks and spots for farming these fish rapidly, one which requires waterwalking. This can be applied by potions or buffs, or by unlocking the artifact power from the fishing pole artifact.

Level up your artifact fishing pole without waterwalking

It's a little bit harder without waterwalking, but a very good spot is when the World Quest Into The Whirlpool is active. This lets you use a portal at 30.6 62.0 in Val'sharah to get into a closed underwater cave. The quest needs you to catch fish in here, but it is also very nice for farming rare fish to level up your pole.
There are always 10 pools of fish active in the cave, and every time you finish one, a new one appear, so there's always lots of pools available. Just fish in these, and you get plenty of rare fish as well as bait! The pools keep spawning even after you complete and turn in the quest, and the portal is still open as well. The only downside to this is that there spawns a few murlocs in the cave, so you need to kill these every now and then. However, they are very fragile, so it does not take long to clear them.

Level up your artifact fishing pole with waterwalking

Once you have a source of waterwalking, leveling up your artifact fishing pole is even easier and faster. A very good spot is to farm the Ghostly Queenfish just outside of the academy in Azsuna. You will get a guaranteed rare fish on every catch, which means 50 Artifact Power per cast! You also get bait by fishing there, so this is a really good spot.
There are no mobs around this area, so just chill back and relax while you do the fishing.

How to get the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a new mount added in the Legion expansion pack for World of Warcraft, even though the model was actually first discovered several years ago in the Burning Crusade expansion. However, the Hippogryph finally made it into the game, and is found by finding and clicking on 5 different Ephemeral Crystals in Azsuna.

It sounds easy, but much like the other rare spawn mounts from earlier expansions, it is much harder than it sounds. Firstly, the five crystals have a random spawn timer, so you never know when they will appear. Also, only the first person to find and click on all the five crystals will get the mount!

So, in order to farm this you first need to find a crystal. If you find one, the four others will also have spawned, so this is your chance to get the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph. Clicking on each crystal gives you a buff, so make sure you do not die before you find all five, or else you need to reclick on them. Luckily they don't disappear when you click on them, so it should be fast to find them again.

The crystals has lots of different spawn points, so it's not possible to just go for a certain route. You need some luck in order to be the first to find all five, and once a person does so, all the crystals disappear, and you need to wait for a new spawn before you get another chance.

If you manage to click on all five crystals, the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph will be automatically added to your inventory, so just right click on it to add it to your mount collection.

Here's a nice TomTom macro you can use to add all the known waypoints. If you find a crystals, you should run this and check the other locations! Just be aware that not all waypoints are currently known by the community, so some of the crystals might even spawn in different locations.

/way Azsuna 54, 33 Nar'thalas academy crystal
/way Azsuna 37, 32 Nor'danil wellspring north crystal
/way Azsuna 50, 20 Azurewing repose cave crystal
/way Azsuna 61, 30 Cave crystal
/way Azsuna 47, 62 Oceanus cove crystal
/way Azsuna 42, 8 Lost Orchard crystal
/way Azsuna 34, 35 Nor'danil wellspring south crystal
/way Azsuna 47, 33 Azurewing repose south crystal
/way Azsuna 53, 28 Liothien crystal
/way Azsuna 59, 38 Hatecoil warcamp crystal
/way Azsuna 67, 33 Felblaze Ingress east crystal
/way Azsuna 60, 53 The Ruined sanctum west crystal

And a little funfact for the ending: the mount was first discovered in the patch 2.3 datamine all the way back in 2007! Here is the original MMO-Champion article with the first discovery

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How to get the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Legion added a new underwater-only mount called the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder, which is obtained trough fishing. This mount is a giant catfish, and can only be used underwater.

In order to get the mount, you need to fish up 100 x Drowned Mana, and be "Best Friend" with the fishing vendor Conjurer Margoss. Getting reputation with him is also done by fishing up Drowned Mana, and in total you need 935 Drowned Manas (835 for the rep + 100 for the mount). The mount is also sold by Conjurer Margoss, the same NPC you need rep with.
Note that you can only carry 100 Drowned Mana at a time, so trade them in for rep once in a while.

Getting to Conjurer Margoss

There are a few ways to reach Margoss' Retreat and fish for the Drowned Mana, and the first method is a bit annoying. It requires an item called Emblem of Margoss, which can be fished up in the Underbelly in Dalaran. This is a one-time use item, so while it's useful, you need a lot of them to consistently get there. Another method is to just get there manually. Go to between the Violet Citadel and the Magus Commerce Exchange and you will see the island in the distance with the lake in the middle. Most classes must use a Goblin Glider Kit to reach it, but Demon Hunters can use the Glide spell.
You can get back to Dalaran by talking to Conjurer Margoss for a free teleport.

Farming Drowned Mana

Drowned Mana is obtained by fishing in the pool on Margoss' Retreat, which is right next to the vendor. Each cast will get you between 0 and 3 Drowned Manas, and fishing skill does not affect the drop chance. It will take a pretty long time to get all the Drowned Manas you need for the mount, but there is a trick for faster farming below. However, if you just want to chill back and fish, just go to the correct spot and put on a movie on the other monitor or something like that.

Farming Drowned Mana as fast as possible! 

If you fish up an item called Mark of Aquaos you can use this to spawn a raid boss. Upon defeating this boss the water will sparkle, and for the next three minutes the drop chance of Drowned Mana will be dramatically increased, with a guaranteed 1-3 Drowned Manas each cast! This is not extremely useful in itself, but if you get a full 40 man raid this boss can pretty much be spawned all the time, so you can fish with a permanent buff, making it extremely much faster!

And another extra tip for faster farming:
- Use the WHEE! buff from riding the carousel at the Darkmoon Faire before turning in motes for extra rep! However note that you can only carry 100 Drowned Mana at a time, so unfortunately you need to reapply the buff every once in a while.