Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to get more Health and Stamina in Forager

You start Forager with only 3 Hearts / Health and a short Stamia bar, so these are things you will want to upgrade as soon as you can. The method for increasing both of these are the same, and you have to use an item called Spirit Orb. This is a rare and valuable item, and each Spirit Orb is consumed on use. When using it, a menu will pop up, and you have the following four options:

- Increase your max Hearts by +1.
- Inscrease your max Stamia.
- Instantly gain a level.
- Permanently increase your Damage dealt.

Most people find the Stamina upgrade to be the best, followed by Health on the second place. And after this they begin to work on the Damage incease. I would not bother with using any Spirit Orbs on getting extra levels, because you can easily level up by setting up a Lighthouse farm.

How to get Spirit Orbs

Now you know that you need Spirit Orbs to get more Health and Stamina, and the next step is to learn how to get the Spirit Orbs themselves. Firstly, you get a lot of Spirit Orbs by doing the puzzles and challenges in the game, including all the Dungeons. You will get 10-20 Spirit Orbs just by playing the game regularly, and it is usually a steady supply of them if you keep explording and doing puzzles.

It's also possible to craft Spirit Orbs, and you need to use the Spirit Crystal structure to craft it. This requires the "Froststrike" skill, deep down in the right bottom corner of the skill tree. With this, use Crystals and Steel to craft the Spirit Crystal, and use this to craft a Spirit Orb.

Each Spirit Orb requires 10x Great Skull + 10x Purple Pigment + 5x Bottled Fairy to craft. The cost will not rise, but these are kind of difficult to get in the first place.

Like other structures, it takes a while to craft the Spirit Orbs from the Spirit Crystal, so have some patience when you want to craft Spirit Orbs to increase your Health and Stamina in Forager.

Monday, April 29, 2019

How to download the Forager demo

Forager is a great game, but it might not be for everyone. Luckily there's a demo out there, and you should download and play the Forager demo before shelling out $15 for the full game (it's definitely worth it though). Like the game itself, the demo will only run on Windows, and can be downloaded from itch.go's website.

The demo will ask for a donation, but you can choose to click on "no donation, just take me to the download" withot feeling bad. Instead, try the demo and rather opt to buy the game if you enjoy it.

The entire demo will take between 2 and 3 hours to finish, so you will get a good taste of the game. The complete game is a lot longer, and you can expect at least 15+ hours before getting to the real end-game.

How to reduce your max Health in Forager

It might sound strange, but there are certain points where you might want to reduce your max Health in Forager. The main reason for doing this would likely be cause you need to die 10 times or dodge an attack with only 1 Heart left, since both these two activities unlocks a challange. Both of these can also be very difficult or even impossible when you have all 18 Hearts and most likely some buffs that restores your health gradually, making it virtually impossible to die or get to only a single Heart.

So, how do you reduce the max health in Forager? You need to find a the Sacrifice Altar. This is found in the Lava biome, but the exact location is random. You can interact with this and choose to get a bonus by sacrificing one maximum health / Heart. So all you need is to do use this Sacrifice Altar a total of 17 times to get from max health to only a single heart, and at this point it should be a walk in the park to get the death realated challenges.

Once you have completed these two challenges, go craft 17 Spirit Orbs to get it back again.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to get Chaos Orbs (Path of Exile)

Chaos Orbs are a type of currency in Path of Exile, and they function as the go-to currency for trading. This means that most items that are for sale will be listed for X Chaos Orb, so this is a useful currency to stack if you want to buy powerful items.

So, how to get Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile? Like all the other currency items, they can drop from anything, including mob kills, breakable objects, chests and more. This means that any activity in the game can essentially get your Chaos Orbs, but there are also a few nice methods to farming them either directly or indirectly.

Basically the best method to farming Chaos Orbs is to kill as much as possible as fast as possible. For most people this would mean running maps as fast as possible, and which tier you run depends on your gear. You should aim for running a tier of maps that you can finish within 5 minutes, and spent as little time as possible standing still while attacking.

If you have some stash tabs where you can sell stuff, any item that is valuable can be a good method to getting Chaos Orbs. Other currencies, maps etc. can also be worth a lot of Chaos Orbs, so make sure to check the value of the different items you loot while playing.

Get Chaos Orbs from the vendors

There is a vendor recipe for getting Chaos Orbs, where you need to trade in a full set of level 60+ items for a single Chaos Orb. Many people think this is a waste of time, but it can be a decent method for getting a few Chaos Orbs at the beginning of a league without having to trade.

We will now take a closer look at a few methods to farming Chaos Orbs at the start of a league, which will get you on your way to getting decent gear. 

How to farm some easy Chaos Orbs at the start of a league

This short guide is a great way to get a decent start of Chaos Orbs at the start of a league, and all you need is to be level 60+. What you will be doing is to run Blood Aqueducts for as long as you can, and loot the Div card "Humility". This card is eventually used to trade for a Tabula Rasa, one of the most popular items to use for leveling at the beginning of a league, and each card can be listed for 3-4 Chaos Orbs! You will most likely find a few cards per hour in addition to other loot, so this can be a nice way to let you get around 20 chaos to buy some stater gear. That should be enough to get your to a decent map tier where you can progress further and make even more Chaos Orbs.

Keep in mind that this is only one of many methods of farming Chaos Orbs at the beginning of a league, and there are many other ways to do it.

What is the max Health you can have in Forager?

You can get more than the 3 Hearts you start off with in Forager by using Spirit Orbs to increase it, but what is the max Health you can have in Forager before you reach the cap? The answer is that you can have a total of 18 Health / Hearts in total, and at that point you won't be able to increase it any further.

Since you start off with 3 Hearts, you will need to use 15 Spirit Orbs to get your Health to maximum if you only focus on upgrading your Health.

When you have all 18 Hearts, you will have all three rows filled. Each hit from an enemy will deplete 1 Heart / Health, so at this point it's going to be difficult to die.

Anyway, that's all you need to know about the max health you can have in Forager, so good luck getting all the Spirit Orbs needed to reach the cap of 18 Hearts.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

How to grind flowers (Forager)

You typically get a lot of Flowers in the early game of Forager, but they can actually because very scarce in the late game, since there's no straight forward way to grind out a huge number of them. The only thing is that there is a method to grinding them, and you are just about to find out how you can set up a Flower grind in Forager.

You will need to have the Necro Rod found at the end of the Skull Maze, sine this allows you to spawn Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors. Spawn enemies then switch to a sword (needs to be Druid Sword or better), because killing enemies with the sword will make them drop Flowers.

To make this as efficient as possible, do this on an island that is surrounded by Lighthouses, since these will stack and give you a huge amount of Flowers in a very short time.

This method also gives you a lot of Bones, which can be a nice way to get some extra Coins by selling them at the Market.

How to change your skin and outfit in Forager

When you complete challenges in Forager, you get new skins, hats, outfits and more, but a lot of people don't realize how you can change this. What's even the point of unlocking skins if you can't find out how to change it? Luckily it's pretty easy to change your skin once you know where and how, but this part of the game is pretty hidden away.

The first thing you need to do is to unlock and locate the island with the druid on. He will always spawn in front of a huge tree, and this is where a lot of people miss out. You can actually enter the tree by clicking E while holding your mouse over the door!

The island is just north-west of your starting island, so it should be one of the first you unlock when you play the game.

Where to change your skin and outfit in Forager.
Where to change your skin and outfit in Forager.  Enter this tree house. 

Once you are inside, click on the wardrobe right in front of you, as seen on the screenshot below. This opens up a new menu where you can select any of your unlocked skins, outfits, hats, backpacks and more. This allows you to customize your character, and hopefully motivate you to keep working towards completing new challenges to get more options.

Interact with this wardrobe to change your skin and outfit in Forager.
Interact with this wardrobe to change your skin and outfit in Forager. 
The different skins and outfits are purely cosmetic, so it does not matter which you use. Just go with the one you like the best, because they won't affect any part of the gameplay in any way.

I hope this short guide made it clear how you change your appearance in Forager, and please let us know in the comment section if you got any further questions.

How to get Bottled Milk (Forager)

The Bottled Milk is part of the Farming Bundle in Forager, and you will need a total of 50 Bottled Milk in order to complete this part of the bundle. But how do you even get milk in Forager? The answer is pretty simple, and all you need to do is to use a Bottle while having your mouse hovering over a cow.

Clicking on the cow with a Bottle selected will consume the Bottle and give you a Bottled Milk instead. You can get as many Bottled Milk from a single cow as you want, and there is no need to wait for a recharge; just keep clicking it until you got enough. The big problem is getting enough Bottles, and it can be pretty difficult to get over 50 Bottles in the early game.

Besides being used for the bundle, the Bottled Milk will restore your energy if you drink it, which can be a nice option if you are out of other food.

There is no way to get your Bottle back if you accidentally click on a cow while having it in your active slot, so be careful.

Lighthouses in Forager explained - how to use Lighthouses to make millions of Coins

The Lighthouse is probably the best building in Forager, and it's very easy to make a set-up with Lighthouses to make a huge amount of Coins (and Experience if you got the Capitalist skill). Each Lighhouse provides an AoE buff from where it is placed, increasing the resources gathered in this areas by 50 %. This might not sound like a lot, but the beauty of it is that they stack exponentially!

This means that you can surround an island with Lighthouses to get a multiplying effect, and with this you can find thousands of resource items by doing things like digging with your shovel or spawning some Skeletons that you can kill.

Spawning Skeletons with a Skeleton Rod is the easiest way to get Coins and Experience, and a few minutes worth of spawning and killing Skeletons will get you thousands and thousands of Bones. You should have all the upgrades to your Rods to that you can hold downt he mouse button to constantly summon more Skeletons, or else your efficiency will suffer a lot.

Likewise digging with your Shovel will give you thousands of Coal, Sand, gems, Plastic and other rare items! This is probably less effective than summoning and killing Skeletons, but it's a great method to get materials needed for crafting stuff. You will want to best Shovel you can get in order to get more rare items and a bigger radius for your digging.

You can farm any resource with the Lighthouse buffs, so feel free to get an animal there and give it Animal Feed to get thousands of Fibers, Meat, Eggs or Poop. The buildings won't be affected by the Lighthouses though, so there is no use in making any building to produce things there. 

This is what a decent Lighthouse farm looks like, but there's still room for improvements for this. 

With a good set-up, you can potentially get millions of resources in matter of minutes, and this is by far the best and easiest way to become a millionaire or a billionaire in the game.

PS. A lot of people seem to have trouble building the Lighthouses, and the problem tend to be that they try to place it on the ground. The Lighthouses can only be built in water, so try that, and you will likely get it to work.

We also can't recommend a perfect spot to set up the Lighthouse farm, since all games randomly generates the islands, so the perfect spot will be different for everyone. Just look for an area where you can get down at least 8+ Lighthouses to get a good set-up, but the more the better.

How to get Lighthouses

In order to get the Lighthouses, you need the skill called "Optics" located directly two blocks to the right of the "Economy" skill that you can start with at level 1. With this skill you can use Steel, Bricks and Glass to make Lighthouses, and just like the rest of the buildings in Forager, the cost will exponentially grow as you make more buildings.

The Lighthouses are a building, so build them just like any other building, and they will be permanently placed where you put them. You can see their area of effect by looking at the area that get shaded, and when you have multiple, the shade will be stronger. So with a decent set up, the entire screen will be shaded almost purple like you can see in the screenshot above. 

You can actually remove the shade if you wish by using this guide, but this will make it much more difficult to place more Lighthouses in the future, since you won't know which area will be affected or not. 

Why does the Shrines cost so much to build? (Forager)

A lot of people seem to get insanely high prices for the Shrines in Forager, requires hundreds of Royal Steel and thousands of Crystals for even a single Shrine. Like most of the buildings in Forager, making more buildings gets progressively more expensive, and the Shrine is just like that, so it gets expensive after you own a lot of them.

There is one big difference between the Shrines and the regular buildings, because the Shrines will always get more expensive, while you can reduce the cost of the other buildings by destroying them. So if you build ten Shrines, destroy them and want to build more, expect to buy a high sum of resources for it.

The reason behind this is that many players exploited the Shrines by building them, using the buff, then destroying them to get their resources back. This allowed them to build a new Shrine without the cooldown period on the buff, essentially allowing them to get unlimited buffs from it! This lead to a change where the price of the Shrines will keep rising to prevent this behavior.

What can you do if you already destroyed a lot of Shrines?

Unfortunately there's really nothing to do, because it's impossible to lower the cost of making a new Shrine. So just save up to build one, and make sure to not destroy it ever again. The only way to get a lower cost for making new Shrines is to create a new save file.

How to get Bones (Forager)

Bones are a useful crafting material in Forager, and you will need quite a lot of them in order to upgrade your pickaxe, weapons and equipment. You will eventually come across hundreds of Bones in your game, but they can be a bit difficult to get your hands on, especially before you have bought and unlocked many islands.

There are two methods to getting Bones in Forager, and you should pick method #2 if you are able to. If not, stick with the first method.

Getting Bones by Digging (Method #1)

Before you unlock any islands with Skeletons on them, your best method is to dig them up from the ground with you shovel. You will mostly only get Sand and occasionally Coal, but every once in a while you can get lucky and get a Bone.

You should always look for cracks and crater on the ground, beause these are rare digging spots, and have a very high chance to contain a Bone or another rarer item. A lot of people report having found 3-4 Bones early in the game by digging all these spots. These cracks can be a bit difficult to see, so take a look at the screenshot below to get an idea of what they look like.

The crack that contains a rare item (and in this case a Bone) is a few grids directly in front of the character. 

Getting Bones by killing Skeletons (Method #2)

Once you unlock the Graveyard Biome, getting Bones is a piece of cake. This type of biome is located to the left of the starting island, so it can be easy to get there is you work towards it from the beginning.

On this biome you will find graveyards which you can destroy with your pickaxe. Once a graveyard is destroyed, a Skeleton will spawn, and this enemy will drop one or more Bones upon death. So just keep destroying those graveyards and kill the Skeletons, and you will have more Bones than you need very quickly.

Buy the Bones at the Market (Method #3)

This final method requires a fair bit of luck, but it's definitely possible. The Market has a chance to sell any item in the game, and the Bones seem to be for sale pretty often. They only cost 4 Coins each to buy, so you can get a lot of Bones if they spawn on the Market.

I recommend just checking the Market every ten minutes and pick up all of them if they spawn. This won't be enough to upgrade all your items, but it will allow you to upgrade the most important ones.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to make Bottled Oil in Forager

There are many different materials in Forager, and here is how you make Bottled Oil in the game. This material can be a bit confusing to understand, but it's easy to set up a nice production line when you understand how you can produce Bottled Oil.

Bottled Oil is very important in the game, and you will most likely need hundreds, if not thousands of it during your late game progression. This is because you need a lot of Bottled Oil to produce plastic, which is one of the main crafting component for the end-game.

Getting the Off-Shore Drill required to make Bottled Oil

The key to getting Bottled Oil in Forager is to unlock the skill called "Drilling". This skill is around the left top corner of the skill tree, and once you have this, you can create a building called the "Off-Shore Drill". The cost 5 x Steel and 20 x Brick to produce, and you will probably only need a few of them, depending on how serious you are about maximizing your production of Bottled Oil.

The Off-Shore Drill will need to be placed on an empty 5x5 grid in water, so you might need to search a bit before finding a suitable location. Now just build it like and building, and it's ready to start production.

Making Bottled Oil with the Off-Shore Drill

When the Off-Shore Drill is ready to go, beging to produce Bottled Oil by using 1x Bottle to create 1x Bottled Oil, so make sure to keep producing a steady amount of Bottled to fill up with oil. There is not need for other materials, and all the building does is to fill the bottle with oil really.

It takes a little while to produce even a single Bottled Oil, so you might need to get 2-3 Off-Shore Drills if you want to make Plastic at a decent pace.

How to get Golden Eggs (Forager)

When playing Forager, you will quickly find out that you need a few Golden Eggs to complete the game. You will need at least 1 for the Foraging Bundle, as well as another 1 for a quest in the desert biome. Many people think these simply have a chance of spawning instead of regular eggs when you interact with chickens, but that's not entirely correct, and you will likely not get any golden eggs simply by interacting with hundreds of chickens.

Here's how to get golden eggs in Forager: feed any chicken with the Animal Feed item. This is produced by using 2x Flower + 2x Jelly + 2x Poop at the Mill. Create this and feed it to a chicken, and it will have a chance of giving you a golden egg instead of a regular one.

The drop rate for golden eggs is still pretty low, so you might need to create a lot of Animal Feed items before you get it, since these are consumables. So remember to not sell all that Poop you eventually find in your game, and save it to produce Animal Feed instead. It can be a bit of a hassle to get the golden eggs in Forager, but just keep making Animal Feed, and you will eventually get lucky.

It's also a small chance for the Chickens to drop Golden Eggs without the use of Animal Feed, but this is extremely rare.

What is the use for Golden Eggs?

You don't really need a lot of Golden Eggs in the game, but as mentioned above, you will need a few to complete the bundle sets and complete a quest chain in the desert biome. However, once you have done these two things, you might not really ever need to run around and feed Animal Feed to the chickens anymore.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Is it worth getting the Unique Collection Tab? (Path of Exile)

The newly introduced Unique Item Collection Tab in Path of Exile allows you to store one of each unique item in a single tab. This allows you to potentially storeover 900 different items in this single tab, but most players are unlikely to get anywhere close to that number.

The Unique Collection Tab cost 140 points in the shop, which means that it cost about $14 to buy. If you want to keep a lot of different unique items, then it might be a good choice, but you will still need other stash tabs to keep multiple versions of the same unique item.

If you are abou collecting uniques, then it's a great deal, because most people will find 5-10 stash tabs will unique collections per league. However, if you typically just vendor all of them anyway, then this stash tab is unlikely to be worth it for you.

How to get more stash tabs (Path of Exile)

When you begin playing Path of Exile, you have access to only 4 regular Stash Tabs with 144 grids each. While these will hold a lot of items, they probably won't be anywhere close to enough if you intend to play the game regularly and want to keep all your currency, backup gear, maps, Div cards etc. So how do you get more stash tabs? Below if everything you need to know about getting more Stash Tabs in Path of Exile.

The only way to get more stash tabs is to buy them as a microtransaction, and a regular stash tab cost 30 points each, meaning the price is $3 per tab, while Premium Stash Tabs cost 40 points / $4 each.

The Stash Tabs go on sale over the weekend every third week, so you can always buy them buring a sale if you got some patience. During these sales the normal stash tabs cost 20 points / $, while the premium ones cost 30 points / $3.

There are also stash tab bundles for sale that sell you six premium or non-premium for a reduced price where you pay 5 tabs worth of points for 6 tabs.  These bundles are also on sale during the stash tab sales weekend, so make sure to buy them during this time.

There is no way to earn or get more stash tab simply by playing the game, so you will need to spend real money on getting these.

This information is the same for both PC, Xbox One and PS4, but the exact prices might be a little bit different in the console currencies.

How having more stash tabs affect new seasons and different leagues

When you begin playing in a new season, all your stash tabs will be empty, so when you buy 1 stash tab you essentially get more tabs; one of each league. So you won't have to choose where to use your newly bought stash tab, since they will be ready to be used anywhere.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

How to get the Mechagon Peacekeeper mount (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

The Mechagon Peacekeeper is a new mount added in patch 8.2 of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and it is tied to the new Mechagon content in this patch.

The mount drops from a boss called HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit found within the "Operation: Mechagon" Mythic-only dungeon. The HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit is the 4th boss, so it's roughly at the halfway point in the dungeon.

Like the other mounts that can drop from Mythic dungeons in World of Warcraft, it seems to have about 1 % drop chance, so you will need a bit of luck to get your hands on this spider mount. Only one player can loot the mount once it drops, but it is tradeable, so you can give it to whomever in the group you want to.

Can you get Mechagon Peacekeeper on Mythic +?

The Operation: Mechagon dungeon does not originally launch with Mythic+ difficulty, but that will be released a while after its main release. The mount is confirmed to be able to drop in Mythic+ difficulty, but we still don't have any words on if it will drop on Heroic difficulty once the dungeon becomes available on Heroic as well.

How to get the Rusty Mechanocrawler (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

The Rusty Mechanocrawler is a new mount added in patch 8.2 of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. It is tied to the Mechagon zone, and it currently seems that it drops from the Anarchnoid Harvester rare mob found just outside of Bondo's Yard in Mechagon (coordinates: 52.42 , 40.87).

There are some theories that it can also drop from other rare mobs in the zone, but this is not confirmed just yet. We will just have to wait a bit and see, and this guide will be updated once we get confirmation or debunking information about this. If you had this drop from any other source, please let us know in the comment section below.

Like other rare mobs in BfA, you can kill them once per day for a chance of obtaining loot from them, so be expected to try to kill Anarchnoid Harvester once every day if you want to farm this mount.