Lighthouses in Forager explained - how to use Lighthouses to make millions of Coins

The Lighthouse is probably the best building in Forager, and it's very easy to make a set-up with Lighthouses to make a huge amount of Coins (and Experience if you got the Capitalist skill). Each Lighhouse provides an AoE buff from where it is placed, increasing the resources gathered in this areas by 50 %. This might not sound like a lot, but the beauty of it is that they stack exponentially!

This means that you can surround an island with Lighthouses to get a multiplying effect, and with this you can find thousands of resource items by doing things like digging with your shovel or spawning some Skeletons that you can kill.

Spawning Skeletons with a Skeleton Rod is the easiest way to get Coins and Experience, and a few minutes worth of spawning and killing Skeletons will get you thousands and thousands of Bones. You should have all the upgrades to your Rods to that you can hold downt he mouse button to constantly summon more Skeletons, or else your efficiency will suffer a lot.

Likewise digging with your Shovel will give you thousands of Coal, Sand, gems, Plastic and other rare items! This is probably less effective than summoning and killing Skeletons, but it's a great method to get materials needed for crafting stuff. You will want to best Shovel you can get in order to get more rare items and a bigger radius for your digging.

You can farm any resource with the Lighthouse buffs, so feel free to get an animal there and give it Animal Feed to get thousands of Fibers, Meat, Eggs or Poop. The buildings won't be affected by the Lighthouses though, so there is no use in making any building to produce things there. 

This is what a decent Lighthouse farm looks like, but there's still room for improvements for this. 

With a good set-up, you can potentially get millions of resources in matter of minutes, and this is by far the best and easiest way to become a millionaire or a billionaire in the game.

PS. A lot of people seem to have trouble building the Lighthouses, and the problem tend to be that they try to place it on the ground. The Lighthouses can only be built in water, so try that, and you will likely get it to work.

We also can't recommend a perfect spot to set up the Lighthouse farm, since all games randomly generates the islands, so the perfect spot will be different for everyone. Just look for an area where you can get down at least 8+ Lighthouses to get a good set-up, but the more the better.

How to get Lighthouses

In order to get the Lighthouses, you need the skill called "Optics" located directly two blocks to the right of the "Economy" skill that you can start with at level 1. With this skill you can use Steel, Bricks and Glass to make Lighthouses, and just like the rest of the buildings in Forager, the cost will exponentially grow as you make more buildings.

The Lighthouses are a building, so build them just like any other building, and they will be permanently placed where you put them. You can see their area of effect by looking at the area that get shaded, and when you have multiple, the shade will be stronger. So with a decent set up, the entire screen will be shaded almost purple like you can see in the screenshot above. 

You can actually remove the shade if you wish by using this guide, but this will make it much more difficult to place more Lighthouses in the future, since you won't know which area will be affected or not.