How to turn off AoE effects (shade) from building in Forager

Every building in Forager that has an Area of Effect (AoE) will have a type of shade to indicate exactly which area will be affected by the buff from the building. This includes Lighthouses, Mining Rods, Power Plants and more, and this shade can actually become pretty annoying if you stack buildings close to each other, sine the shade will become deeper when you do this.

But it's actually possible to remove the entire shade / AoE indication from buildings, and here's how you do it. First locate the folder "%Localappdata%/Forager" in "My Documents/User/" or something like that (this can vary depending on your PC configuration). When you find it, look for a file called secretOptions.ini and open this with Notepad or another text editor. Now search for an option called "showbuildingaoe=1" and change this to 0 instead of 1. This will remove the AoE shade from all buildings when you open the game again!

The downside to removing the shade is that you have no idea how far the effect from the building reaches, so you will need to make educated guesses for that if you want to place a new building after removing the shade.

As you can see, a Lighthouse farm will give you a deep shade!


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