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How to begin the Battle for Azeroth content (World of Warcraft)

The Battle for Azeroth expansion pack is here, but some people have been having problems with getting started on the content. So in this post you will learn how to begin your journey in Kul Tiras or Zandalar!

First things first, make sure you have bought the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack. You will obviously not be able to begin playing it without this. The next step is to make sure your character is level 110. I think most people have done these two, but I just needed to throw it out there.

Completing the requirements to begin BfA content

Before you can physically go to either Kul Tiras or Zandalar, you will need to have completed the Battle for Lordaeron scenario on the character you want to unlock BfA content with. This scenario begins with a pop-up quest for all eligible characters, and you do the entire thing in Stormwind Docks or in Orgrimmar (depending on your faction of course). This scenario is pretty quick, and any level 110 character can get the quest to do it after BfA has launched (you needed to do the Darkshore quest line prior to BfA launch before you could do this).

Once you have completed the Battle for Lordaeron scenario, a new pop-up quest will take you to meet Magni Bronzebeard in Silithus, which will give you your Artifact necklace. Just follow this small quest chain, and your character will soon be transported to Kul Tiras if you play Alliance, or Zandalar if you play Horde.

If you do not get the quest to go to Silithus to get your Artifact, relog your character. If you still don't get it (but are sure that you did the scenario), go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar where the quest will be forced to pop up for all eligible characters.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tortollan Seekers reputation guide (World of Warcraft)

The Tortollan Seekers faction is one of only two neutral factions in Battle for Azeroth (the other being Champions of Azeroth), and it consists of Tortollan NPCs scattered all around Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

Getting reputation with the Tortollan Seekers

The Tortollan Seekers are mainly a World Quest faction, so they don't really have their own quest line that gives you a starting point for the reputation. This means that you can begin to earn reputation at level 120 when the World Quests are unlocked.

The Tortollan Seekers World Quests are spread all over the six zones in Zandalar and Kul Tiras, and they give 75 reputation per completion. Just like the other factions, the Tortollan Seekers can be the daily Emissary faction, so completing 4 World Quests for them during this 72 hour period will give you an additional 1,500 reputation as well as a bag that can contain gear or other cool stuff.

There is a Contract available for the Tortollan Seekers called Contract: Tortollan Seekers, and you can use this to get 10 reputation each time you complete a World Quest, even if it's not related to this faction at all. Here's a guide to understanding the BfA reputation Contracts.

Occasionally you will get acess to a Tortollan Seekers mission on the Mission Table, and each of these will give you 150 reputation.

Tortollan Seekers rewards

The quartermaster and Emissary turn-in is different for Horde and Alliance, and it is found in Collector Kojo at Scalerader Post, eastern Zuldazar (Horde) or Seeker's Vista, Stormsong Valley (Alliance).

Battle for Azeroth reputation Contracts explained (World of Warcraft)

Contracts are a new type of item that was added in the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack. These are basically on-use consumables that gives you a permanent buff. This means you only need to buy one to get the effect for your character, but you will of course need to buy a new one if you want to change.

When you have the buff from having used a Contract, you will get 10 extra reputation with the chosen faction each time you complete a World Quest. It can be absolutely any level 120 World Quest (so no use going back to the Broken Isles), so it's a nice way to farm rep with a specific faction without having to wait for their World Quests to pop up. It's still very slow though, since you need to do 100 WQs for only 1,000 rep. 

Each contract is tied to one of the Battle for Azeroth factions, and all of them (except for 7th Legion for Alliance, and The Honorbound for Horde) has a Contract for their faction. This leaves us with the following 8 Contrats:

Neutral factions:

Contract: Champions of Azeroth
Contract: Tortollan Seekers

Alliance factions:

Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty
Contract: Order of Embers
Contract: Storm's Wake

Horde factions:

Contract: Zandalari Empire
Contract: Talanji's Expedition
Contract: Voldunai

Crafting a reputation contract

You need Inscription BfA level 95 for Rank 1, 105 for Rank 2, and 115 for Rank 3 to create any of the reputation contracts. It's a nice way to level up Inscription, since this is likely to be an item that will be valuable and sell a lot.

To create any of the contracts, you need the following items:
Rank 1: 18 Ultramarine Ink + 10 Crimson Ink
Rank 2: 15 Ultramarine Ink + 8 Crimson Ink
Rank 3: 12 Ultramarine Ink + 5 Crimson Ink

Champions of Azeroth reputation guide (World of Warcraft)

Champions of Azeroth is a new faction added in Battle for Azeroth, and one of the few factions that is open for both the Horde and the Alliance. Their reputation quartermaster is none other than Magni Bronzebeard, and he is located close to the wound in Silithus.

The Champions of Azeroth are a very important faction in BfA, since each new reputation level will give you bonus item levels to your Artifact Necklace Heart of Azeroth. Both Friendly, Honored, and Revered gives you an additional 15 bonus item levels, and you need to claim these by going to Silithus and doing a talking quest with Magni to get it.

Getting reputation with Champions of Azeroth 

The main way to get reputation with Champions of Azeroth is by doing World Quests. In contrast to many of the other factions in Battle for Azeroth, the Champions of Azeroth are not tied to a single zone, but can instead spawn World Quests in any zone (much like The Wardens in Legion). Basically any quest that involves Azerite will give 125 reputation with Champions of Azeroth. There are also no real quest chains that give reputation with Champions of Azeroth, so you need to get it all from other sources.

The Champions of Azeroth can also have an Emissary Quest up, where you will get an additional 1,500 reputation by completing 4 of their World Quests. Each new day will get a new random Emissary Quests, and make sure to do this before the 72 hour timer is done if you want the bonus rep (the a bonus chest with a chance for some nice gear).

You can also use the item Contract: Champions of Azeroth to get an extra 10 reputation with Champions of Azeroth any time you complete a World Quest (with any faction). This item lasts forever, but you can only have one faction contract at a time. The item is made by the profession Inscription, and can be bought on the Auction House. Keep in mind that you need to be Friendly with Champions of Azeroth to use it, so you will need to get some rep before you can use this.

A final way to get rep with Champions of Azeroth is from the Mission Table, where you do follower missions. Some of these can award the item Champion of Azeroth that gives 150 reputation. This is BoP, so you cannot farm it on alts like you could in Legion. 

Champions of Azeroth reputation rewards

In addition to giving 15 item levels to your Artifact per reputation level (except for at Exalted), the faction sells the following items:

Drape of the Azerothian Champion - ilvl 320 cloak

Drop of Azerite - Azerite Puddle pet
Shard of Azerite - Azeriti pet

Azerothian Champion's Crown - ilvl 355 cloth helm
Vest of the Azerothian Champion - ilvl 355 leather chest
Azerothian Champion's Spaulders - ilvl 355 mail shoulders
Helm of the Azerothian Champion - ilvl 355 plate helm
Champions of Azeroth Tabard

All Mole Machine Secret locations (World of Warcraft)

The Mole Machines are used for Dark Iron Dwarfs because of their racial ability "Mole Machine". This ability allows Dark Iron Dwarf players to teleport to Stormwind, Ironforge or the Dark Iron Dwarf area Shadowforge City, but there's also 16 secret location that can be collected and added to the Mole Machine.

The secret Mole Machines are hidden all around Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor, and you unlock the ability to teleport to it permanently after physically going to the location and interacting with the Mole Machine there. So visit each of the locations once, and you can teleport there with your Mole Machine as often as you want.

The easiest way to get them all is to install the two addons TomTom and Paste, and add the following macro:

/way The Hinterlands 13.44, 46.72
/way Blackrock Mountain 33.23, 25.10
/way Blasted Lands 62.00, 12.81
/way Un'Goro Crater 52.95, 55.92
/way Southern Barrens 39.10, 9.32
/way Mount Hyjal 57.20, 77.10
/way Blade's Edge Mountains 72.49, 17.63
/way Shadowmoon valley:Outland 50.75, 35.29
/way Icecrown 77.00, 18.67
/way Dragonblight 45.32, 49.90
/way Valley of the Four Winds 31.49, 73.61
/way Kun-Lai Summit 57.70, 62.81
/way Gorgrond 46.69, 38.69
/way Nagrand:Draenor 65.76, 8.27
/way Highmountain:Broken Isles 44.66, 72.90
/way Broken Shore:Broken Isles 71.73, 48.06

After using this macro, just fly to the locations the TomTom add-on tells you to, and you will unlock them all.

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How to unlock the Lightforged Draenei Allied Race (World of Warcraft)

The Lightforged Draenei is a playable race that joins the Alliance as an Allied Race. This means that you can play as one, but you have to unlock them before this becomes an option. Unlocking them is not that difficult by itself, but the prerequisites are actually a bit of a hurdle if you didn't play much during the Legion expansion pack.

So, to unlock the Lightforged Draenei, you will need the following three things:

1) Have purchased Battle for Azeroth on your account.

2) Have completed the "You Are Now Prepared!" achievement. You unlock this by doing the Argus campaign quest chain. This part should not take long on a level 120 character, but the mobs can be a bit difficult for fresh level 110 characters though. The entire quest chain will take an hour or two.

3) Be exalted with the Army of the Light faction. This faction has its base on the Vindicaar, and most of the World Quests on Argus will give reputation with this faction.

You can also get rep by doing follower missions that awards the item Army of the Light Insignia, or do other reputation missions and hope you get a Greater Army of the Light Insignia. If you have a few characters, then this will definitely help speed up the process.

Lightforged Draenei recruitment scenario

Once you have completed the three steps above, go to the Stormwind Embassy and begin the quest chain where the Lightforged Draenei joins the Alliance. The quest chain itself is pretty short, and you should be done in less than 30 minutes. Upon completing it, you will also get the Lightforged Felcrusher mount to use on any of your Alliance characters.

How to unlock the Nightborne Allied Race (World of Warcraft)

The Nightborne Elves of Suramar are available as a playable Allied Race as a member of the Horde, but you do need to unlock them before you can create a Nightborne character. To do this, you will need to complete a recruitment scenario that begins in Orgrimmar, but you need to also fulfill the following requirements before you can begin this:

1) Have Battle for Azeroth purchased on your account.

2) Complete the "Insurrection" achievement. This achievement is unlocked once you complete the rather long quest chain in Suramar. Be prepared to spend a least three or four hour on it the first time you do it, because there are lots and lots of quests to do.

3) Be exalted with The Nightfallen. You will get a lot of reputation from doing all the story quests in Suramar, but you will most likely need to do some World Quests as well. Make sure to do the Emissary quests if they are available, and just clear as many World Quests in Suramar as possible, and you will get it soon enough.

You can do follower missions on all your characters as well, and look for missions that give you  Nightfall Insignia, and bonus rolls that give you Greater Nightfallen Insignia. These can be mailed to other characters on the same account, so it's' a quick way to get some extra reputation.

The Nightborne recruitment scenario

Once you have completed the requirements above, head over to Orgrimmar to begin the recruitment scenario at the embassy. It is a short chest chain that ends with a scenario, and it does not take much longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Upon delivering the scenario quest, you will unlock the Nightborne as a playable Allied Race on your account, and get the Nightborne Manasaber mount that can be used by all Horde characters.

How to get the Highmountain Thunderhoof mount (World of Warcraft)

The Highmountain Thunderhoof mount is obtained by completing the Highmountain Tribe recruitment scenario. Once you complete this quest you will get the mount, which is usable on any Horde-character. The recruitment scenario itself begins in Orgrimmar, and is both fast and easy to complete, but you need to fulfill the following three requirements first:

1) Have Battle for Azeroth purchased on your account.

2) Complete the story achievement in Highmountain called Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Basically you need to do all story quests in Highmountain, and most people will get this while leveling up.

3) Be exalted with Highmountain Tribe. Do lots and lots of World Quest, and don't ever skip out on a Highmountain Emissary quest, and you will get this pretty fast.

Once you have done this, head to Orgrimmar to do the quests and get your Highmountain Thunderhoof mount.

How to unlock Highmountain Tauren Allied Race (World of Warcraft)

The Highmountain Taurens are a playable Allied Race for the Horde that can be unlocked by completing a recruitment scenario that begins in Orgrimmar.

Requirements to unlock Highmountain Taurens:

- Have the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack purchased.

- Complete the achievement "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", which is awarded once you complete the main storyline in Highmountain. This should only take a few hours, and most people have already done this as part of their leveling from 100 to 110.

- Be exalted with the Highmountain Tribe. This takes a little while if you are completely new, and the best way to get reputation is by doing the following three things:

1) Complete all quests in the Highmountain zone.
2) Do World Quests in High Mountain.
3) Complete follower missions that award Highmountain Tribe Insignia. Alternatively do other reputation follower missions as well if you can get over 100 % success chance, since this will give you a chance of getting the Greater Highmountain Tribe Insignia. The first one gives 250 rep, while the greater one gives 1,500 rep, so it's often worth the gamle.

The Highmountain Tauren recruitment scenario

Once you have completed the above requirements, head over to Orgrimmar to begin the recruitment quest. This will show you why and how the Highmountain Tribe wants to join the Horde, and this small quest chain should not take much longer than 20 minutes to finish.

Once you deliver the scenario quest you will be able to create new Highmountain Tauren characters, and your Horde characters will also get the Highmountain Thunderhoof mount.

How to get the Sharkbait mount (World of Warcraft)

Sharkbait is a new Mythic dungeon mount in World of Warcraft that can drop from Harlan Sweete, the endboss of Freehold. Freehold is a new 5-man dungeon with four bosses, and the endboss will have roughly 1 % chance to drop Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers when defeated on Mythic difficulty.

Since it only drops on Mythic difficulty, you will only get one shot at this mount each week. You can do the dungeon on any key difficulty as well, but this will not improve the chances of getting the mount.

In addition to dropping from the endboss of Freehold, it can also be looted from the weekly Mythic chest called Challenger's Cache. No one knows exactly how rare it is to loot from this chest, but estimations have put it at around 1 % here as well.

Love collecting mounts? Then check out the guide to all Battle for Azeroth mounts!

Guide to all Battle for Azeroth mounts (World of Warcraft)

Welcome to the complete guide to all new Battle for Azeroth mounts. In this post we are going to give you a small guide on how to get all of these new mounts, and if you need further instructions, then just click on the name of the mount to get taken to a complete guide that will give more detailed instructions.

Keep in mind that a lot of this was written during the BfA beta testing, so some of the information might change once Battle for Azeroth is live. We will do out best to keep this as updated as possible, but some of the info might be a bit wrong during the first few days after release.

If you have any additional info, or found anything that is wrong or changed, then please let us know in the comment section, and we will do our best to update the guide as soon as possible.

Mythic Dungeon mount drops (3):

There are several Mythic-only Dungeon drop mounts in Battle for Azeroth, and all of these require you to do the dungeon on Mythic difficulty to drop. The key level does not matter. All the mounts are tied to a specific boss in the dungeons, but all of them can also drop the the weekly chest called the Challenger's Cache. It does not matter which Mythic you ran when it comes to this chest, and you can get either of the mounts. The drop rate is around 1 %.

Underrot Crawg drops from Unbound Abomination, the endboss of the Underrot.

Tomb Stalker drops from King Dazar, the final boss of King's Rest.

Sharkbait drops from Harlan Sweete, the endboss of Freehold.

Reputation mounts (6 for Horde, 6 for Alliance):

These mounts require you to reach a certain reputation level to buy. Just like in Legion, the main way to get rep with these factions is by doing the story quests, then followed by doing World Quests and Emissaries. Once you buy and learn the mount, then any character (within the faction restriction) can use it.

Horde reputation mounts

Alabaster Hyena: Can be bough for 10,000 gold from Goader Jena in Vul'dun once you are exalted with Voldunai. Read Voldunai reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Expedition Bloodswarmer: Buy the Reins of the Expedition Bloodswarmer from Provisioner Lija in Nazmir once you have Talanji's Expedition - Exalted. The mount costs 10,000 gold. Read Talanji's Expedition reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Cobalt Pterrordax: You can buy the Reins of the Cobalt Pterrordax from Natal'hakata in Zuldazar once you have reached Exalted with Zandalari Empire. It costs 10,000g. Read Zandalari Empire reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Armored Ebony Pterrordax: You can buy the Reins of the Armored Ebony Pterrordax from Natal'hakata in Zuldazar once you have reached Exalted with Zandalari Empire.

Armored Albino Pterrordax: You can buy the Reins of the Armored Albino Pterrordax from Natal'hakata in Zuldazar once you have reached Exalted with Zandalari Empire.

Armored Orange Pterrordax: You can buy the Reins of the Armored Orange Pterrordax from Natal'hakata in Zuldazar once you have reached Exalted with Zandalari Empire.

Alliance reputation mounts

Admiralty Stallion: The Reins of the Admiralty Stallion requires Proudmoore Admiralty - Exalted, and can be bought for 10,000 gold from Provisioner Fray in Tiragarde Sound once you have the required reputation. Read Proudmoore Admiralty reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Dapple Gray Horse: Requires Storm's Wake - Exalted, and at this point you can buy Reins of the Dapple Gray from Sister Lilyana in Stormsong Valley for 10,000 gold. Read Storm's Wake reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Smoky Charger: The Reins of the Smoky Charger can be bough from Quartermaster Alcorn in Drustvar once you are exalted with Order of the Embers, for a total of 10,000 gold. Read Order of the Embers reputation guide for more info on getting the reputation you need.

Proudmoore Sea Scout: Reins of the Proudmoore Sea Scout requires Proudmoore Admiralty - Exalted. Cost is currently unknown.

Stormsong Coastwatcher: Reins of the Stormsong Coastwatcherrequires Storm's Wake - Exalted. Cost is currently unknown.

Dusky Waycrest Gryphon: Reins of the Dusky Waycrest Gryphon requires Order of Embers - Exalted. Cost is currently unknown.

Zone random drop mounts (5):

The random drop mounts can drop from a huge pool of mounts, meaning that they can be pretty tricky to farm. Most of them are tied to an entire zone, so either farm in this zone, or hope that you get lucky during a World Quest.

Dune Scavenger: You get the Dune Scavenger by finding the item Captured Dune Scavenger from any mob in the entire Vol'dun zone.

Leaping Veinseeker: Find the item Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster from any mob in the Nazmir zone.

Nazjatar Blood Serpent: This mount can drop from any mob in Stormdong Valley.

Terrified Pack Mule: You get the Terrified Pack Mule by finding the item Chewed-On Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule, which can drop from any mob in Drustvar.

Goldmane: Goldmane's Reins can drop from any mob in Stormsong Valley. It seems to be Bind on Equip, so it can currently be put on the auction house!

Warfront / rare spawn mounts (6 in total, 4 neutral, 2 faction specific):

The Warfront mounts are tied to rare spawns in Arathi Highlands that can only be killed if your faction wins a Warfront. Each rare mob can drop loot once per day, so you can only kill them once daily for a chance for the mounts.

Highland Mustang is an Alliance-only mount that drops from Doomrider Helgrim in Go'Shek Farm. He is friendly to horde, so only members of the Alliance can kill him.
Coordinates: /way Arathi Highlands 53.97 56.96 Doomrider Helgrim

Broken Highland Mustang is the Horde version of the Highland Mustang, and drops from Knight-Captain Aldrin. He is friendly to the Alliance, so only Horde players will be able to kill this rare. He is located in Dabyrie's Farmstead.
Coordinates: /way Arathi Highlands 49.27 40.05 Knight-Captain Aldrin

Lil' Donkey is a drop from Overseer Krix in the Drywhisker Mine.
Coordinates: /way Arathi Highlands 33.44 36.94 Overseer Krix Cave Entrance
/way Arathi Highlands 33.04 37.49 Overseer Krix

Witherbark Direwing is a drop from Nimar the Slayer in the Witherbark Village.

Skullripper drops from the rare mob with the same name, found north of Go'shek Farm.
Coordinates: /way Arathi Highlands 57.15 45.75 Skullrippe

Swift Albino Raptor drops from Beastrider Kama in Witherbark Village.
Coordinates: /way Arathi Highlands 67.06 65.89 Beastrider Kama


Island Expedition mounts (5):

The Island Expeditions have some nice rewards, including 5 unique mounts. All of these (along with many pets, toys and transmogs) can be obtained randomly when you win an Island Expedition, so unless something changes, the best strategy to getting them is to farm as many Island Expeditions as possible and hope for the best.

The following five mounts can be obtained by doing Island Expeditions:

- Twilight Avenger.

- Squawks.

- Surf Jelly.

- Qinsho's Eternal Hound.

- Craghorn Chasm-Leaper.

Raid and dungeon mounts (2): 

Bloodgorged Crawg: This mount is a reward for completing "Glory of the Uldir Raider". This meta-achievement require a raid group to defeat the various bosses of Uldir with a special strategy. See the mount guide for detailed instructions on each achievement in the meta-achievement.

Obsidian Krolusk: The Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk will be awarded to players who complete the meta-achievement "Glory of the Warthorn Hero". To get this you will need to defeat a lot of different dungeon bosses on Mythic difficult with some type of twist, as described in the achievements. See the mount guide for the strategies needed for each boss.

Allied Race mounts (8 in total; 4 for each faction):

All the Allied Race mounts will unlock for all characters of that faction when you complete the recruitment scenario for the Allied Race. So just complete the requirements, do the recruitment scenario, and you get the mount.

Alliance Allied Race mounts

The Dark Iron Core Hound mount is obtained from the Dark Iron Dwarf recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock Dark Iron Dwarfs.

The Lightforged Felcrusher is obtained from the Lightforged Draenei recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock the Lightforged Draenei.

The Starcursed Voidstrider is obtained from the Void Elf recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock the Void Elves.

The Kul Tiran war-horse is obtained from the Kul Tiran recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock the Kul Tiran humans. 

Horde Allied Race mounts

The Zandalari Direhorn mount is obtained from the Zandalari trolls recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock Zandalari trolls.

The Mag'har Direwolf mount is obtained from the Mag'har recruitment scenario.  Click to read how to unlock Mag'har orcs.

The Highmountain Thunderhoof is obtained from the Highmountain Tauren recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock the Highmountain taurens.

The Nightborne Manasaber is obtained from the Nightborne recruitment scenario. Click to read how to unlock the Nightborne.

Battle for Azeroth Pre-event mounts (2):

There are two Battle for Azeroth Pre-event mounts: the Teldrassil Hippogryph mount for Alliance characters, and the Undercity Plaguebat mount for Horde Characters. These two can only be obtained during the final two weeks of the Pre-event, meaning you have to get them between August 1st and August 14th.

Obtaining them is actually pretty simple, and requires you to complete a faction-specific quest chain that takes you to the northern part of Kalimdor. The quest begins automatically upon logging in to a level 110 character, so just follow it, and you will get the mount at the end of the quest chain.

Other Battle for Azeroth mounts (7):

Darkforge Ram: The Darkforge Ram is only useable by Dark Iron Dwarf Paladins, and these get the mount automatically when they create a new Dark Iron Dwarf.

Frostshard Infernal: The item Biting Frostshard Core teaches you this mount, and to get it you must complete the achievement "No Stable Big Enough", requiring you to have 350 different mounts usable by a single character.

Frenzied Feltalon: Awarded when completing the achievement "A Horde of Hoofbeasts", which require you to have 400 different mounts usable by a single character.

Pureheart Courser: Awarded from completing the achievement "100 Exalted Reputations". Battle for Azeroth adds a lot of new reputations, but it will still be very difficult to get enough exalted reputations to get this mount.

Mighty Caravan Brutosaur: The Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur is an interesting mount, and even has a remote Auction House! With this mount you will no longer need to go to a major city to use the Auction House, but it's not like everyone will be getting this mount. You can purchase it from Tricky Nick in Tiragarde Sound as Alliance, or from Talutu in Zuldazar as Horde. The price is 5,000,000 gold though!

Palehide Direhorn: The Reins of the Palehide Direhorn is sold by Tricky Nick in Tiragarde Sound as Alliance, or from Talutu in Zuldazar as Horde (same the for the The Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur), for 500,000 gold.

The Hivemind: The Hivemind is likely tied to a secret (much like Lucid Nightmare), but no one has solved the riddle yet, so you either need to wait, or go ahead and try to be the one who figures it out!

Battle for Azeroth PvP mounts (2):

Conquerer's Scythemaw: The Conquerer's Scythemaw is obtained by completing the achievement "Conqueror of Azeroth". This is a meta-achievement tied to various objectives that can only be completed with War Mode.

Prestigious Bloodforged Courser: This mount is awarded to players who reach Prestige Level 500. This requires a total of 4,400,000 Honor, so be prepared to play a lot of PvP to get this mount.

Battle for Azeroth profession mounts (2):

Great Sea Ray: The Great Sea Ray is an aquatic mount that can be fished up randomly when fishing in any Battle for Azeroth zone. You do not need to fish in a pool to get it, so there is no way to really farm this except for just fishing anywhere.

Mecha-Mogul Mk2: The Mecha-Mogul Mk2 is an engineering mount that can be made with mats from the Battle for Azeroth expansion. See the mount guide for full info on all the mats and how to get them. This mount is also BoE, so you can buy it of the Auction House instead of crafting it yourself if you want to.

BfA Vicious War Mounts (2 Horde + 2 Alliance):

The Battle for Azeroth Vicious War Mounts can be purchased for 1 x Vicious Saddle in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. The following new mounts are added in Battle for Azeroth:

- Vicious War Riverbeast. Alliance only.

- Vicious War Dark Hound. Horde only.

- Vicious War Clefthoof. Horde only.

- Vicious War Basilisk. Alliance only.

The get a Vicious Saddle, you will need to win either 100 3vs3 Rated Arena Matches or 40 Rated Battleground Matches within a single PvP season. You can only get one of these mounts each season, but you are free to buy whichever one you prefer.

How to get the Starcursed Voidstrider mount (World of Warcraft)

The Starcursed Voidstrider is an Alliance-only mount that can be obtained by completing the Void Elf recruitment scenario. The recruitment scenario itself is pretty straight forward, but you also need to complete the following requirements before you can begin it:

- Be level 110.

- Complete the "You are now prepared!" achievement. This requires you do complete all of the Argus campaign.

- Reach Exalted with Argussian Reach. This is a faction located on Argus, and you will need to do a lot of World Quests to get to exalted with them.

Once you have completed these requirements, head to  Stormwind Embassy to begin the recruitment scenario.