Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to get The Retch (Path of Exile)

The Retch is a unique rustic sash from the Talisman League, and can be obtained by using the following vendor recipe:

1x Orb of Fusing
1x Feastbind
1x Faminebind

Both Featbind and Faminebind are also two unique belts from the Talisman League, so you cannot get them from drops by playing regularly.

However, during the Legacy League, both of these can drop from any level 20+ area when a Talisman Leaguestone is active.

It is also possible to get the belts from Divination Cards. The following div cards can give you Faminebind and Feastbind with a bit of luck:

1) Time-Lost Relic; drops from Excavation Map. Gives a random league-specific item.
2) The Wretched; drops from a lot of different maps. Gives you a random unique belt. This tends to be pretty expensive, since this card can also give you Headhunter.
3) Jack in the Box; drops from a variety of areas. Awards a random unique item, so it has a small chance of giving either of these belts as well.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

How to zoom in for precise shooting (Yooka-Laylee)

If you are trying to shoot stuff in Yooka-Laylee, you might run into some accuracy troubles unless you know how to zoom in. With a controller, simply press in the left analogue stick to enter zoom, and press it once again to leave the zooming interface.

If you are using mouse and keyboard, the Tab button will take you to zoom mode. And once again, reclick it to exit the zoom mode.

This should hopefully make some of the puzzles a bit easier, because they can be a pain if you don't know how to zoom!

How to farm Drillneck (Path of Exile)

Drillneck is a quiver that is very powerful for a lot of different builds in Path of Exile. It can drop from pretty much any mob from around level 35+, but it is also possible to farm it by finding Divniation Cards.

The div cards for Drillneck is called The Fletcher, and can only drop from a Unique mob called Ironpoint the Forsaken on Cruel and Merciless difficulty (and also from Lieutenant of the Bow in Lab). You need a total of 8 of these to get a Drillneck. Ironpoint the Forsaken is located in The Climb in Act 1, and luckily he is pretty close to the waypoint.

To farm The Fletcher, use the waypoint to The Climb, run until you find him, kill him, TP back and go again. It is far from the most exciting grind, but the cards are not very rare, so you will get it pretty fast.

It is important to remember that The Fletcher only awards a corrupted Drillneck, so if you want an uncorrupted one, you need to have luck and get it as a random drop. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

How to farm The Doctor Divination Card (Path of Exile)

The Doctor is one of the most expensive Divination Cards in Path of Exile, and a set of 8 can be exchanges for Headhunter, arguably the best belt for most builds. This means that The Doctor is also really expensive, and you can easily get a full set of items needed for some decent builds for a single card.

The drop locations for The Doctor is as following:
- Spider Forest (tier 10 map)
- Burial Chambers (tier 11 map)
It can also drop in the Shaped versions of these maps.

When farming for it, people generally tend to farm Spider Forest. It is currently one of the best places to farm experience, as well as The Doctor. The drop rate is probably the same for regular Spider Forest, but the mobs will be 5 lower levels, making them pretty bad for leveling up past 80+.

Burial Chambers tend to have a pretty messy layout compared to Spider Forest, so there's not really any benefit to running that one.

It is not really a good strategy for farming this card, except for running hundreds of Spider Forest maps and hope for the best. The card is extremely rare, and most people will farm for many hours without ever seeing one of them drop at all. Most players report that they get 1 card in roughly 150-200 maps, so be prepared to farm a lot!

How to find and unlock all worlds (Yooka-Laylee)

Finding all the Grand Tomes needed to unlock new world in Yooka-Laylee can be pretty frustrating at certain points, and if you've given up on finding them yourself, you are in the right place. Below is a guide to the location of each and every of the 5 Grand Tomes, which all opens up a new level in the game.

Once you find a Grand Tome, you need to spend Pagies to unlock and expand them, but most levels don't really require many Pagies to unlock, so you can actually unlock all five fairly easy. Once you have unlocked all five worlds, you will get the "Open Books" achievement / trophy, as well as a tonic you can use.

World 1 / Tribalstack Tropics:

Pagies Requires: 1

I bet most people found this themselves without any trouble, but if you didn't, go up the ramp on the right side of the statue in the first room of Hivory Towers. This square room will have another steep slope you need to roll up, and the Grand Tome will be in the middle of this next room.

World 2 / Glitterglaze Glacier:

Pagies Requires: 3

Start at the main room in Hivory Towers next to the large golden statue. On the left side there will be a small platform leading to a slope going upwards. About halfway up you need to use the rolling ability to climb the slope. Follow this until you reach the top, and use buddy-slam on the switch to open the door.

This door leads to the first quiz in the game, and you need to correctly answer up to 10 questions without getting 3 of them wrong. Don't worry if you fail, you can attempt it as many times as you want. Upon beating the quiz, you will have access to a new part of the Hivory Towers, and keep running straight ahead in this area until you spot some red and blue pipes and platforms. Just up there and talk to Trowzer to get a new ability. Use this new float ability to just across the gap. Once you are over, follow the path to the left, and just keep following this path until you reach the Grand Tome in the snowy patch there.

World 3 / Moodymaze Marsh:

Pagies Requires: 7

Go back to where Trowzer taught you the float ability, and look down. You will see a door that is closed, and to open it, head left. Just before you reach the door exit, turn right and head into the small opening there. In there you will find a Ice Pellet berry that you can use, so power up Yooka with this, and use this ability to open the door.

This will unlock the Archive room, and at the other end of the room you will find Trowzer gain. He will teach you to create air bubbles to walk underwater. Once you have learned this, go into the large aquarium in the middle of the room, use the air bubble ability, and then use the buddy-slam ability to press the button at the bottom of the aquarium. This opens up a door right next to Trowzer.

This door leads to the Waterworks room, and this is where many people gets stuck. Now, just jump into the water and head for the middle area. Create an air bubble to walk along the bottom and look for a jack-o-lantern. Right next to him you will find a passage that you should cross. Follow this and swim to the top. Now follow this path, and at the top of some platforms you will find the next Grand Tome.

World 4 / Capital Casino:

Pagies Requires:10

Start at the Grand Tome that leads to Moodymaze Marsh, and use the Grapple ability to just onto the catwalk left of the Grand Tome. Keep grappling until you are in a small room with three monsters, and here you will find a door that leads to the exterior of Hivory Towers. Many people have trouble finding this door because it is pretty dark there, but keep searching along the edges until you find it.

Now basically just follow the path until you come across Trowzer, and learn his new ability to become invisible. Use this to sneak past the following security camera, and keep following the path.

Shorty you will find a casino themed area with a button that you can buddy slam to open the next Grand Tome. Use the snaking ability to access the button, and the Grand tome will be unlocked.

World 5 / Galleon Galaxy:

Pagies Requires:12

Start from the Capital Casino Grand Tome, and head towards the main area of the Hivory Tower exterior. Now turn left and sneak past the security cameras there. You will soon see a glowing green river, and Trowzer will be next to this. This final ability teaches you to fly, to use this to follow the narrow path ahead. This passage is a bit long, but once you've crossed it, look for a door on the left, and you will find the final Grand Tome.

How to shape your atlas for the most efficient farming (Path of Exile)

If you want to have some Atlas efficiency at higher levels, you need to properly shape it into giving you the maps you want to run. As you have probably already realized, some maps are far more efficient than others, and by shaping the Atlas correctly, one can avoid getting bad map drops.

If you shape the Atlas into only giving you the maps you want, you will get that map drop each time a map from that tier drops. So, if you have not played any tier 11 maps except for Shaped Strand, you will only get Shaped Strand Maps from monsters if that tier drops. However, if you play on any other tier 11 map as well, any of the ones you've visited has a chance to drop.

It is very important to remember that you do not need to complete the bonus objective to unlock the spot in the Atlas. Just once going to the map will unlock it as a potential drop.

Before you begin, you should run all the tier 1 to tier 9 maps to unlock those. Make sure to complete the bonus objective to get as high of a bonus as you are able to.

Tier 10: Run Collonade to get a Shaper's Orb, so complete the bonus objective there. Use this Shaper's Orb on either Dunes or Mesa (depending on your preferences). Create a yellow Cartographer's Seal (Vendor Recipe: 3xJourneyman Cartographer's Sextant + 1 Orb of Scouring) to uncomplete Collonade. This will prevent further Collonade maps from dropping, as long as you don't enter it again.

Tier 11: For tier 11, pretty much everyone agrees that running Shaped Strand is the best choice. The layout is very linear, and the mob density is great. None of the other options are really worth looking into at this point. Shaped Strand was considered the best shaped tier 11 map for a long time, but after patch 3.0 this changed due to Strand getting a density nerf. Now Shaped Spider Forest or Shaped Racecourse is the best option. The latter one is the fastest in terms of experience per hour, but Spider Forest has a chance to drop The Doctor div card, potentially getting your a Headhunter.

To get Shaped tier 11, buy an Excavation Map, upgrade it to blue with a Transmute, and reroll it to only have one mod. Then use a Regal Orb to add another mod and make it yellow. Once that is done, Vaal it and hope it don't get too crazy. If you are able to complete it, go ahead and do that, but the endboss at that map is pretty difficult for a lot of builds, so don't be discouraged if you need to buy another map and hope for better rolls.

Once you complete Excavation with the bonus objective, use the Shaper's Orb on Strand to get Shaped Strand as possible map drops. Now you need a Master Cartographer's Seal to uncomplete Excavation, but this time you need 3 x Master Cartographer's Sextant + 1 Orb of Scouring, so this one is a bit more expensive to uncomplete compared to the tier 10 ones.

Tier 12: Many people choose not to run or shape any tier 12 maps, simply because any tier 12 maps that drops will be downrolled to tier 11, thus getting you more Shaped Strand maps. However, some people also enjoy running Shaped Mud Pools or Ashen Woods, so that is okay if you like those maps. To do this, run a rare corrupted Estuary Map to get the Shaper's Orb. Once that is done, uncomplete the Estuary Map with the same recipe as tier 11.

Tier 13: Most people agree that Atoll is the best use of the Shaper's Orb, so this should be the one you Shape. To get the Shaper's Orb, either go for a rare corrupted High Gardens Map, then uncomplete it with the Master Cartographer's Seal. The other option is to complete Oba's Cursed Trove. I prefer the last one, because you don't need to worry about uncompleting it. This map is Unique, so it will drop pretty rarely, and it is worth around 3 Chaos anyway, so you can just sell it and but another Shaped Strand or Atoll map for those chaoses anyway. 

Tier 14: The Shaper's Orb can be gotten from either a rare corrupted Volcano Map, Poorjoy's Asylum or Death and Taxes. Both the first two options are fine to keep completed, since they are worth a decent amount. If you plan on running Shaped Strand, you won't really see these drop anyway.

You can choose to Shape any map you want for this tier, but Coves, Reef or Overgrown Shrine are generally accepted as good choices.

Tier 15: You can get the Shaper's Orb for this tier from Overgrown Ruins (rare corrupted), The Vinktar Square (Unique) or Vaal Temple (rare corrupted). People generally agree too Shaping either Underground River or Quay for this tier, but feel free to do the one you like the best.

With this setup you should be good to run the best map for the most efficient farming. You can start out by running tier 9 maps to get a nice supply of Shaped Mesa maps and Shaped Strand Maps. These will give good experience as well as very good currency drops, depending on your luck of course. Once you run out of these, run any tier 12 or 13 until you get a refill, and start by running Mesa and Strand again.

This is generally the best setup for efficient farming, but you can change around until you get the ones you like the best. Running Shaped Strand all day can get pretty boring, so if you prefer fun over efficiency, go ahead and do a little variation.