How to farm The Doctor Divination Card (Path of Exile)

The Doctor is one of the most expensive Divination Cards in Path of Exile, and a set of 8 can be exchanges for Headhunter, arguably the best belt for most builds. This means that The Doctor is also really expensive, and you can easily get a full set of items needed for some decent builds for a single card.

The drop locations for The Doctor is as following:
- Spider Forest (tier 10 map)
- Burial Chambers (tier 11 map)
It can also drop in the Shaped versions of these maps.

When farming for it, people generally tend to farm Spider Forest. It is currently one of the best places to farm experience, as well as The Doctor. The drop rate is probably the same for regular Spider Forest, but the mobs will be 5 lower levels, making them pretty bad for leveling up past 80+.

Burial Chambers tend to have a pretty messy layout compared to Spider Forest, so there's not really any benefit to running that one.

It is not really a good strategy for farming this card, except for running hundreds of Spider Forest maps and hope for the best. The card is extremely rare, and most people will farm for many hours without ever seeing one of them drop at all. Most players report that they get 1 card in roughly 150-200 maps, so be prepared to farm a lot!


  1. Outdated info. I farmed 8 cards in 9 days running Shaped Forests. Was easily worth the time spent. Ran around 350 Forests total.

    1. Your ass is outdated. Its still accurate, they just added this card to cannibal mob drop. Its not zone specific so you wasted your time running forests maps, you would do better by running springs/spider forests lmao.

    2. Also forest map is there idiot, just not shaped but it doesnt matter for card drop.

  2. This is exactly why I don't want to play anymore. Crappy playerbase on an even crappier game. Good grief.

    1. Oh really? I came from WoT. PoE player base is such a nice bunch I'm truly delighted.
      Wanna see true nastiness? Try WoT for a week.

  3. Took me 569 shaped spider forest. I ran a perfect biscos and a white socket Pariah ring. I made sure to have at least 20% pack size on the map and 20% quality, as well as 3 sac frags (non midnight), and set up sextant blocking 3 tiers deep, and ran 3 sextants on each map only looking for pack size/ extra breaches, lastly added breaches to each map.. I did a couple monstrous treasures. Investment was about 15ex includes chaos and the cost of sextants to block and use as well, would need 3ex of sextants if you needed to reshape your atlas. I think i got at least 10ex to drop and sustained cost by selling fuesings ranging 170-200 and ex.

    This was profitable. BUT!!!!!! I'm on my second run and i only have 4 cards and i got my last card about 300 maps ago, so it is random. this is patch 3.0.e .
    Things to maybe try just farm vaults-- Harder to sustain than spider forest but ex cards drop so easily
    Other thing is save any beyond spider forest and run Nemesis mod and hope for that headhunter to drop.
    Lastly i have chanced 20k belts and no headhunter

    Gl and Hf


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