Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tip: Get easy happiness and growing XP with flowers (RimWorld)

If you got any extra soil, plant flowers along all your non-essential walkways, corridors and storage rooms in order to get extra happiness and some growing experience. Each flower increase the beauty rating, and with a short harvest duration they will give your growers a lot of experience.

This is very nice for boosting happiness, but also make sure to have a few 2-3 tile gaps between the flowers to reduce risk of fire.

Also make sure to plant the flowers in a pot if you do this in the hospital, since dirt directly on the ground will increase wound infection chance for patients.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Guide: How to get the Warcraft movie transmog items (World of Warcraft)

A total of four transmog items have been released to WoW alongside the Warcraft movie, and luckily they are really easy to get. All you need to do is log in to any character between now and August 1st 2016, and you will be awarded with a Feat of Strength achievement.

Logging in with your first character awards one achievement which gives you two transmog items. To get the remaining two you need to log in to another character of the opposite faction.
Once you've logged into both you will get the achievements on your account, and in Legion the transmogs will be crosscharacter, so it does not matter which characters you get them on. 

The items you get are the following:
Replica Lion's Fang
Replica Lion's Heart

Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver
Replica Staff of Gul'dan

Do I need an active WoW subscription?

No, you do not need to have an active WoW subscription in order to get the achievements, but you do not get the items without them. You can get the achievements from a trail / below level 20 character, and the items will be mailed to you. The problem is that you won't be able to retrieve them from the postbox. But don't worry, once you have the achievement you don't need to worry, and can collect the items once you resubscribe in the future, as long as you login and get the achievements before August 1st 2016.

How to check the BMAH on all servers (World of Warcraft)

It is actually possible to check out the items that are for sale on the Black Market Auction House on every single server without even logging in to your WoW account due to a new website that brings you up-to-date information. The website is found at, and it gets updated a few times each day. It includes all the European realms, and currently there is no US counterpart.

It is possible to check the BMAH for a single realm by using a specific URL such as

This service will surely be put to good use by mount collectors who are willing to use a character transfer to another server to buy a rare mount, and now they won't even have to manually check all the realms anymore.

How to get the Harvest / Khazra / Fallen Pennant (Diablo 3)

The Harvest Pennant (also known as Khazra Pennant and Fallen Pennant) is a dropable cosmetic pennant that can be found in patch 4.2.2 of Diablo 3 for the PC version.

The pennant drops from Graw the Herald in Act 2 Stinging Winds (The Lost Caravan). To search for him, use the waypoint to Act 2 Stinging Winds. He has two possible spawn locations. The first one is directly south of the waypoint. Each time you load the game, a random event will spawn in the middle of this area. It might be the Necromancer event etc. but the one you are looking for is The Lost Caravan Event.
If it does not spawn in the south middle part of the map, go back to the waypoint and go north, then east. There will be a new, large area of the Stinging Winds here, and in the middle of this there is a new event place where the event can spawn.

Graw The Herald can only spawn in the area where the Lost Caravan spawns, so just restart the game if neither of these areas has this event. This area has a 100 % chance to spawn another unique mob called Beyatt, but Graw The Herald has a much lower spawn chance. If he spawns, he will spawn alongside Beyatt.
A quick search for the Lost Caravan event. None of the locations spawned the event this game.

The main area of The Lost Caravan. He spawns right next to my character. Unfortunately he died before I got a picture.

His spawn chance is pretty low, but once you find him, but will drop a white item called Harvest each time. This can be looted by each member of the group, and once you click on the item in your inventory, the pennant will be available from the cosmetics screen.

Graw The Herald can spawn on any difficulty, and as with all of the other cosmetic mobs and containers, difficulty does not affect spawn or drop chance at all. That means you can farm him on normal, Torment 1 or even Torment 13 if you want to have a challenge. You will unlock the Harvest Pennant on any character you play, even across seasonal and hardcore characters, so just farm him on withever character you want to.

The Harvest item that drops is just a regular white item, so be sure to check out the ground properly so you won't miss it. It does not have any type of indicator for dropping.
Harvest ready to be looted on the ground.

Harvest Pennant in the inventory. Right click to add to the cosmetic screen.

Original article 

(before Blizzard announced that the Pennant does not drop in patch 2.4.1):
This pennant has been a big mystery ever since the 2.4.1 patch in which it was added to the game, and even has three names. The original nickname it was given was the Khazra Pennant, but after a Blizzard employee hinted that it may drop from something fallen, people started calling it the Fallen Pennant. The official in-game name is however Harvest.

The exact drop place for this pennant is still unknown, but there are some clues as to where the players can find it. It has been confirmed to drop in-game, and the confirmation even included a hint as to where we can find it: "this is indeed a Fallen pennant rather than a Khazra one". Below are some of the most promosing theories as to where it can be found:

1) The most popular theory as to where we can find it, is from a unique mob named Graw the Herald. No one knows where he spawns, but dataminers found the following text string in the game: FallenShaman_A_Cosmetic_Unique_01: Graw the Herald, which "proves" that he is there. A lot of people thinks the 01 part of his name refers to him being somewhere in Act 1. If that is true, he is probably somewhere where there rarely or never are bounties, or else he would probably have been found already.

2) Another theory is that the Harvest Pennant drops from Resplendent Barrel, which is located somewhere in Act 2. Again, no one knows where this barrel is found, but it is theorized that it contains the Harvest Pennant.

3)  A reddit user thinks Graw the Herald might spawn in one of the two instances in Archives of Zolton Kulle. It might be possible, so this is another place that could be farmed.

4) Another unrelated clue may be found in the flavor text, which reads the following:
"This pennant smells of dead leaves. You should unfurl it.
The long cold winter begins, but your hard work during the harvest will keep you alive. Hopefully."
If the Harvest Pennant is confirmed to be found or some new clues or information arises, this post will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the drop location, so make sure to bookmark this page for the latest info. Also feel free to leave a comment with any theories, clues or anything else that you want other people to know about the pennant.

Harvest Pennant
Harvest Pennant.
Update June 15. th: Blizzard is surprised that no one has found it yet, but again confirms that it is possible to get. However, they will up the drop rate in a future patch. Source.

Note: this post has been heavily edited in July 2016 because of misinformation from Blizzard!