Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to farm Menagerist Goblin and Rainbow Goblin (Diablo 3)

The Menagerist and the Rainbow Goblin was added to the 2.4.1 patch for Diablo 3, and are much sought after, due to their ability to drop cosmetic items.

The Menagerist goblin drops a pet 100 % of the time (until you have them all), and each pet will be a new one. There is a total of 19 pets, so you need 19 of this goblin to get all the pets.

The Rainbow Goblin opens a portal to Whimsydale, which is a brand new instance with the rare unique mob Princess Lilian. She drops a set of Cosmic wings, which can be used by your heroes. Read more about farming the Cosmic Wings in this article. This patch also added another set of wings, called the Falcon Wings, which you can read about here.

First of, the Rainbow or the Menagerist Goblin can only spawn in the world, not in the Vault or in Rifts! In the overworld, the spawn chance of the Menagerist Goblin is about 5 % and the Rainbow Goblin is around 3,5 %. This means that both of these are rarer than any other goblin, so expect to find a lot of other goblins before you find any of these. Added up, around each 12th goblin you find will be either a Rainbow or a Menagerist Goblin. Source for the spawn chance.

The fastest way to farm the Menagerist and Rainbow Goblin

So as we said, farm the goblins in the world. A lot of people like to combine the farming with bounties, but this is honestly a lot slower than farming strictly goblins.
The route below is one of the fastest, and is used by most people:
  • Tower of the damned -> Heart of the Damned
  • Tower of the Cursed
  • Core of Arreat
  • Royal Crypts
  • Cathedral 2 -> Leoric's Passage
  • Festering Woods
  • Northern Highlands
  • Southern Highlands -> Cave of the Moon Clan level 1+2
Once you've cleared all these areas, restart the game and begin from the drop again.
Also note that once you find a Rainbow Goblin and clear the portal, a new Rainbow Goblin in the same game will not spawn a new portal!  So if you clear Whimsydale, make a new game for another shot at the Cosmic Wings.

List of all dropable pets from the Menagerist Goblin

  • Blaze
  • Buddy
  • Charlotte
  • Galthrak the Unhinged
  • Grunkk
  • Haunting Hannah
  • Humbart Wessel
  • Lady Morthanlu
  • Lamb
  • Malfeasance
  • Ms. Madeleine
  • Overseer Lady Josephine
  • Queen of the Succubi
  • That Which Must Not be Named
  • The Bumble
  • The Mimic
  • The Stomach
  • Unihorn 
The pets do not drop in any order at all, so farming for a specific pet is impossible.
The patch also added the Liv Moore pet, but she is farming in a separate way. Read the guide on how to get Liv Moore.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Protips for new players (Diablo 3)

This post is aimed at new and returning Diablo 3 players, and contains lots of facts and info about the game and how to play it. Feel free to also drop any other protips in the comment field, and I will include them here in future updates.

- Creating a seasonal hero will unlock the Adventure Mode automatically. You regularly need to beat the Story Mode to unlock this mode.
- Adventure Mode lets you do rifts and bounties.
- Rifts have higher chance of dropping legendary items, and also drop keys for Greater Rifts.
- Greater Rifts is an infinite progression system where you have to beat a rift and the boss within a 15 minute timeframe. Completing this successfully gives you a chance to upgrade legendary gems.
- Bounties award special materials that can be used to craft legendary items and used for recipes at Kanai's Cube.
- Using a Puzzle Ring at Kanai's Cube will open a portal to The Vault - an instance that contains a lot of goblins, an insane amount of gold (especially at lower levels) and a boss that drops at least two legendary items.
- The difficulty system gives you more XP and higher legendary drop chance for each difficulty level.
- The stash is shared across all heroes at the same game mode, for a total of four (normal softcore, normal hardcore, seasonal normal and seasonal hardcore).
- Once you reach max level the XP you gain is awarded towards your Paragon Level. Each new Paragon Level lets you add a point towards a stat.
- There is an infinite amount of Paragon Levels, but each level takes more time than the last one. At 800 and up all new levels gives you +5 points to either your main offensive stat, or +5 towards Vitality.
- Seasons comes with a Season Journey. These are kind of like achievements that you can complete, and gives you rewards such as a 6 piece set for your hero, as well as vanity items such as portrait frames, pets, pennants etc.
- There are still items in the game that has yet to be found by a player, such as the Fallen Pennant.
- Pressing F1 on your keyboard opens the cosmetic tab that allows you to equip pets, pennants, portrait frames and wings.
- Once you have reach level 70 you should work towards getting a set of Legendary Items. The set bonuses are extremely powerful, and are mandatory to be able to clear high level Greater Rifts.
- Each class set also has a Set Dungeon. Completing all of this with any class awards a set of vanity wings that can be equipped.
- There is not a lot of online play at lower levels, but once you hit max level, there will always be a lot of other players in the public games.
- Save at least one of your nice Legendary Items for Kanai's Cube. These can be used as a passive bonus once the cube has been unlocked.
- Always do the bonus act when doing a bounty, as a new act will be the bonus act once the current bonus act has been completed. The bonus act awards twice the amount of caches / loot.
- Gems can be upgraded for more powerful gems at the jeweler. Each new tier of gems require 3 of the previous tier.
- Greater Rift bosses drop Legendary Gems which can be slotted onto the two rings and the amulet. These are very powerful, and can be upgraded by running Greater Rifts.
- You can get plans for your Blacksmith from doing bounties, and from Odious Collector (a goblin type).
- Vanity pets pick up gold automatically. They can be gotten from menagerist goblin, or from other drops (such as the Liv Moore pet).
- If you find a weapon with a socket at low level, use a ruby or emerald gem in it to increase your damage by a lot! 
- Hover over your friend tab in the bottom right corner, and you can open the community tab. Here you can join different communities, such as vanity items hunters, achievement hunters, greater rift groups etc. 

How to get the Liv Moore pet (Diablo 3)

Patch 2.4.1 added lots of non-combat pets, including the Liv Moore pet. This pet is based on the character with the same name in the iZombie television series, and is dropped by a unique mob named Ravi Liliywhite.
Ravi Liliwhite is found in Weeping Hollow in Act 1, and spawns in Adventure Mode. He might also spawn in Quest Mode, but that has not been confirmed. He can spawn anywhere in the Weeping Hollow map, so if you are farming for the pet, search all of it before you create a new game.
The mob Ravi Liliwhite has a really low (about 1 %) chance of spawning, so it is extremely rare. This means that you will need to create new games and search Weeping Hollow a lot of times before he will spawn. Once he has spawned, he can be killed very easily, and will drop Liv Moore 100 % of the time. So the spawn is rare, but the pet is guaranteed to drop.

The best way to farm for the Liv Moore pet is to have a fast-moving class that can rush the whole map in around one minute. Search all the mobs there, and restart a new game if Ravi Liliwhite has not spawned. There really isn't any more tricks to it, so good luck with the farming!

The same patch also added 19 more pets which all drop from the Menagerist goblin. Read how to farm the Menagerist Goblin for pets here

How to tame a Fel Wolf as a hunter pet (World of Warcraft)

Patch 6.2 in World of Warcraft added tameable Felbound Wolves to the game, found in Tanaan Jungle. They are not a straight-forward tame like most other pets, but requires an item that is dropped from a level 100 elite that is designed to challenge hunters.
A lot of hunters will find this challenge difficult, but remember that it's possible to get help from a friend or two. Just note that the item that drops and let you tame a Fel Wolf is just lootable by one person, so if you are more hunters that cooperate, you need to kill it multiple times. However, the spawn time is only around 5 minutes, so it should not take too long.

Obtain the item that lets you tame a Fel Wolf

Right, lets start with the actual guide. First head to the marsh area south of Fang'rila in Tanaan Jungle. Here you will find a mob named Fel Rangari Anaara. She is a level 100 elite with almost 5 million health, and a lot of unique spells that will make sure you know your way around the hunter arsenal. What you need to do is use your spells to counter hers, so prepare Bestial Wrath, Tranquilizing Shot, Flare and Counter Shot in order to stop her. Most players will need a few attempts before getting her down, especially if they play solo, so keep practicing, and you will get her eventually.

She will drop a Vial of Fel Cleansing upon death, and as said above, only one person can loot this per kill.

Finding the Felbound Wolf

Now that you have the vial, head to the Temple of Sha’naar in the southwestern part of the map. Here you can find the Felbound Wolves. Just target one of them and use the vial, and it will stop attacking you, and become tameable in the next minute.
You should probably make sure that you are alone in the area, because other players can still kill the wolf, and players of the other faction can obviously attack you if you are on a PvP realm. Some wolves are asleep away from the pack (and therefore most players) and can still be tamed with the vial, so these are a good candidate for taming.

How to craft and tame an Iron Juggernaut as a hunter pet (World of Warcraft)

In patch 7.0 and onward, hunters are able to create and tame an Iron Juggernaut by finding parts in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid instance. It comes in four different colors (blue, teal, grey and green), but you can only find enough mats to get one each week. If you want all four colors you need to clear the raid four times on different resets.

Goblins and gnomes can tame the Iron Juggernaut hunter pet without anything special, but other races need to use the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix which is created by engineers.

Most of the raid can be soloed at max level, except for Galakras which needs another player. So you need a friend, but preferable not a hunter, since the crafting items only will drop once, so only one person can get them. The parts drop in any difficulty, so if you play with another hunter, you can do both normal and heroic mode to make sure both of you get it. However, each player can only get one set of mats each week!

How to get the parts for creating the Iron Juggernaut

Start the raid by killing Immerseus, the Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride, and then Galakras. Head to Iron Juggernaut and loot Pile of Juggernaut Parts. Now kill the Dark Shaman and head towards the underground area. Here you will find the Green Color Bucket in the southwestern hut. After looting this kill General Nazgrim, and go to kill Malkorok. The Green Paint Bucket is in the Wolf Den right part him.
Now head to Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Siegecrafter Blackfuse will drop Blackfuse's Power Core, which is the very last item you need in order to craft your first Iron Juggernaut!
If you want the teal or grey color, keep going. The teal color bucket is found in the western corner of the Spoils of Pandria encounter. If you want the grey one, keep clearing the instance, and look for the grey paint bucket in the stack of crates in the tunnel between Paragons of the Klaxxi and Garrosh's room.

Tame the Iron Juggernaut

So now you have all the parts to create the Iron Juggernaut, and you craft it by right-clicking on the paint bucket you wish to use. This will create a Deactivated (Color) Juggernaut, and this can be summoned by another right-click.
The Iron Juggernatur will be neutral, and other hunters can probably steal-tame it, so you might want to be somewhere safe like inside an instance or in your garrison. It's really easy to tame, but you should use Aspect of the Turtle to be completely sure that you tame it.
The items are of course consumed on use, so if you want another color you need to do one more run in SoO next week. Since you can get all the paint bucket in a single run the next one should be shorter, since you don't need to clear anything after Siegecrafter Blackfuse this time.

Please use the comment section if you got any questions about the Iron Juggernauts!

How to get the Glinean Raven as easy as possible (World of Warcraft)

The Glinean Raven is a much sought after battle pet, even though it is really easy to obtain. The problem is that only worgen players can get this, so this leaves most people out of being able to get it. However, if you get it on any worgen character, any character can use it, even horde players.

To get the Glinean Raven you need to visit a Battle Pet trainer with a worgen, and these are found in Goldshire, Stormwind, Dolanaar and Darkshore.

If you don't already have a worgen, the fastest way to get this is by creating a worgen Death Knight. The quest line to be "released" from the non-optinal quests are a lot faster than those from the worgen starter zone, and once you have finished the DK starting quests you will be teleported to Stormwind, so you don't even need to travel any further to get the pet.

It is not required to keep the worgen after you have learned the pet, so feel free to delete it.

Some people have tried to make this faster by summoning low level worgens to Stormwind, but you need to complete the introductory quests to be able to interact with the Pet Battle Trainer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to get Windshear (Skyrim)

Windshear is a sword in Skyrim that has a chance to knockback enemies that you attack, but due to a bug, the weapon will use the knockback on each attack, so it is regarded as one of the best weapons in the whole game. This is perfect for fighting hard enemies with, especially dragons and boss-like mobs.

In order to be able to get Windshear you need to have completed most of the Dark Brotherhood storyline, as you need to be able to enter the ship (called The Katariah) which is used for the very last mission. If you've already finished the storyline, don't worry, the ship will still be there for you.

So what you need to do is go to the ship and head towards the front of the ship. You might need to clear some enemies on the way there. Walk out on the big wooden pole in front of the ship, but be careful not to fall down. At the end of the pole Windshear will be wedged into the wood, and you can pick it up just like any item.

Now that you have one of the most powerful weapons in all of Skyrim slaying dragon should not be a problem anymore!

How to change your in-game name (Marvel Heroes)

It is possible to purchase a name change in Marvel Heroes, but there is currently not an automated system that handles it. However, it's really fast and easy, and currently costs 1,000G (which is around $10).

Firstly you need to log in to your profile at and click on "Support". This will let you create a ticket, and make sure to change the ticket type to "Paid Name Change Request". Now simply type in your new desired username in the ticket field, and it will be changed soon. It might take a little while, but it only took like 10 minutes both of the times I did it personally.

How to get the Falcon Wings (Diablo 3)

The Falcon's Wings / Falcon Wings are a set of cosmetic wings that can be farmed in Diablo 3, and unlike most other wings, you can get them from a drop. The only other wings that can be dropped in-game are the Cosmic Wings.
To get the Falcon's Wings, you need to find a chest called Mysterious Chest in Gardens of Hope Tier 1. The chest looks exactly like the regular chests that can spawn in that area, and also share spawn points with them. The spawn chance of the chest is somewhat low (somewhere around 1 % for each game loaded), so prepare to spend some time before you get the wings. Most people get their within a few hours, but it can take longer if you are really unlucky.

The general strategy for farming these wings are to teleport to Gardens of Hope Tier 1 and go north until you get to a crossing. Now go left and chest for chests until you reach the end of the level, where Rakanoth is. If you haven't found the chest, exit the game and restart. This means that each run will be really fast, but you will need a lot of runs before you find it.

Where to buy Stardew Valley merchandise (Stardew Valley)

If you are interested in buying Stardew Valley merchandise you should visit the official merchandise vendor The Yetee. The currently have the following Stardew Valley merchandise for sale:

Stardew Valley Map ($25)

Stardew Sticker Pack #1 ($10)

Joja Cola t-shirt ($17)

Stardrop Harvest t-shirt ($17)

Cave Dwellers t-shirt ($17)

These are all official merchandise, so you can be sure that ConcernedApe gets a cut of the income. 
In addition to the cost there is also a shipping cost, which is $5.5 for international t-shirt shipping, and $11.75 for international map shipping.

Redbubble also sells a few Stardew Valley merchandise items, but this is not official merchandise.

If you are looking to buy the OST of the game, it can be bought digitally at the official web store.

Get the American Dream costume for Captain America (Marvel Heroes)

The American Dream costume for Captain America is one of the costumes that are supposed to be released for the Women of Power month in March 2016, but it is already available in-game. The only way to supposedly get it is from the crafter with the recipe to craft a random new costume from three old costumes.

It is not certain if it also drops from mobs in-game, but there is a possibility that it does.

How to get the Rainbow Portrait Frame (Diablo 3)

The 2.4.1 patch in Diablo 3 added  a lot of new cosmetic items, and this guide will teach you where you can get your hands on the Rainbow Portrait Frame. The portrait frame drops from a unique mob called Sir William. He is located in Whimsyshire, and make sure you do not confuse it with Whimsydale (in which he cannot spawn).

To get to Whimsyshire (also known as the pony level) you need to use a Staff of Herding. This item can be annoying to get, but check out our Whimsyshire guide in order to learn how to farm the items for the staff.

With this item in your inventory head to The Old Ruins waupoint and head towards the Old Tristram Road. After a little walk you find the rift in the ground and the Ghost of the Cow King will spawn with a quest indicator above his head. Talk to him and you can enter Whimsyshire.

Once you are in Whimsyshire start to search for Sir William. He can spawn as a unique mob, but he is really rare, so be prepared to search for him for a while before you find him. Once you find him, he will have a 100 % drop chance on the Rainbow Portrait Frame!

And once again, make sure not to confuse Whimsyshire with Whimsydale, where the latter one opens from killing Rainbow Goblins. These can not contain Sir William and the portrait frame, but can spawn Princess Lilian which gives you a set of wings!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Guide: Complete Curses! and Stars Align conquests (Diablo 3)

The conquest Curses! and Stars Align requires you to "Kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event on Torment X" in normal or hardcore mode, where Stars Align can be completed in hardcore only. These conquests can seem daunting, but are actually pretty easy to complete with the right setup.

Most classes with strong AoE builds are able to complete this solo, but UE and M6 Demons Hunters and wol monks are the easiest. These can clear this without any special gear, and probably only need around paragon level 200-300.

If you lack strong AoE, use the achievement hunter or conquest communities to find a group to complete it. It's extremely easy with a full four player group, and if you want to be 100 % sure to get it, invite at least one Demon Hunter to the group.

The hard part is however to get a Cursed Chest which is capable to spawning over 350 mobs. There is only one possibility in the game, namely the "The Cursed Peat" in Paths of the Drowned in act 5. This Cursed Chest is exteremly rare, so expect to spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour in order to look for it. The fastest way to find it is by constantly creating new games until you get The Cursed Peatbounty in Paths of the Drowned in act 5. Creating a new game to check for this event should only take 15-20 seconds each, but the bounty is very rare, so you need to create a lot of games.

Once you get the bounty, invite three people and clear the area. Once you click one the chest the timer begins, and make sure to start the area damage at once.

How to get the Cosmic Wings (Diablo 3)

The Cosmic Wings is a newly added vanity item that can be obtained from Princess Lilian in Whimsydale. The wings were added to the game in patch 2.4.1, and can be used by any character after they have been obtained, even by hardcore or seasonal characters.


To get the Cosmic Wings, you need to kill a unique mob in Whimsydale called Princess Lilian. They have a 100 % drop chance, but the real problem is getting her to spawn.

In order to find Whimsydale, you first need to kill a Rainbow Goblin. These can spawn in any place in adventure mode, except in rifts and in the vault. They are somewhat rare, so expect to find a lot of goblins before you find a Rainbow Goblin. Upon death, these will spawn a portal to Whimsydale, and in this instance Princess Lilian can spawn. She has a very low spawn chance, so you will probably need to open a lot of rainbow portals before you find her and get your Cosmic Wings.

After an instance of Whimsydale has been cleared, a new Rainbow Goblin will not open a new portal, so make sure to reset your game if you want to farm the goblins for portals. 

Also note that Whimsydale and Whimsyshire are two completely different instances, and you can not get Princess Lillian to spawn in the Whimsyshire instance. Only portals opened by the Rainbow Goblin has a chance to spawn Princess Lilian.

For a guide on how to farm the Rainbow Goblins as fast as possible, check out this guide

If you want another set of wings, or find these to unreliable to farm, patch 2.4.1 also added another set called the Falcon Wings. These are a lot easier to farm, so check them out. 

How to get a pennant (Diablo 3)

Pennants in Diablo 3 are cosmetic-only items that you can carry on the back of your character. Once you unlock a pennant, it is useable by any character in either normal, seasonal or hardcore mode.
There are currently 5 different sources for obtaining pennants, but more pennants and pennant sources will probably be added in new patches.

1) Ascendant Pennants:

These pennants are awarded for completing all set dungeons with any class. Each complete class will give you one pennant, which means a total of six pennants.

2) Mastery Pennants:

These pennants are awarded for getting the Mastery rank in all of the set dungeons of a certain class. As with the Ascendant Pennants, there are one for each class.

3) Pre-order, event and Collector's Edition Pennants: 

There are currently three pennants of this category, the Heroes of the Storm Pennant which is awarded for reaching level 12 in HoTS, The Blizzcon 2015 Pennant and the Grimpola Warsong Pennant (awarded for pre-ordering the Digital Delux or Collector's Edition of Warlords of Draenor.

4) Seasonal Pennants:

Some Season rewards include pennants, and currently there are two of these. The Season 3 Pennant which was awarded for playing in season 3, and the Samhain which was awarded for completing the season journey in season 6.

5) Other Pennants:

There is a pennant known as Harvest which is available in-game, but no one has yet to obtain one. It might be dropped by a mob named Graw the Herald, but that is only a theory at the moment. You can read more about possible drop locations for Harvest by clicking here.