Why does the Shrines cost so much to build? (Forager)

A lot of people seem to get insanely high prices for the Shrines in Forager, requires hundreds of Royal Steel and thousands of Crystals for even a single Shrine. Like most of the buildings in Forager, making more buildings gets progressively more expensive, and the Shrine is just like that, so it gets expensive after you own a lot of them.

There is one big difference between the Shrines and the regular buildings, because the Shrines will always get more expensive, while you can reduce the cost of the other buildings by destroying them. So if you build ten Shrines, destroy them and want to build more, expect to buy a high sum of resources for it.

The reason behind this is that many players exploited the Shrines by building them, using the buff, then destroying them to get their resources back. This allowed them to build a new Shrine without the cooldown period on the buff, essentially allowing them to get unlimited buffs from it! This lead to a change where the price of the Shrines will keep rising to prevent this behavior.

What can you do if you already destroyed a lot of Shrines?

Unfortunately there's really nothing to do, because it's impossible to lower the cost of making a new Shrine. So just save up to build one, and make sure to not destroy it ever again. The only way to get a lower cost for making new Shrines is to create a new save file.