Friday, September 16, 2016

How to get Midnight's Eternal Reins (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The item Midnight's Eternal Reins teaches you how to summon Midnight, and is a new mount added in WoW patch 7.1. It drops from Attumen the Huntsman in the dungeon Return to Karazhan. Just like mose dungeon mount drops, the best way to farm it is simply by running the dungeon as much as possible, and cross your fingers. The drop chance seems to be around 1 % like most other mounts, so you need to have a bit of luck in order to get it.

It's currently not really possible to solo Attumen in the new Karazhan dungeon, so you will need to farm this with a few friends or with the Dungeon Finder.

Midnight's Eternal Reins
Midnight's Eternal Reins

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