How to Obliterate very fast and easy! (World of Warcraft: Legion)

It can be a big pain to Obliterate a lot of items, but on a lot of servers its a very profitable way to gain a lot of gold. It's also very nice for upgrading your own items, but as said above, Obliterating enough items to get 100 Obliterum Ash can take a long while. However, in this guide you will learn how to do it very fast and easy!

The first step is to download the Add-on Easy Obliterate. Install this and activate it, and this will give you a new Obliterate frame in which you can see all available items from obliteration. Now right click on all the items you do not want to obliterate, and the add on will then obliterate the rest of them! Simply click on the big Obliterate button on your screen, and it will obliterate a random item for you. You can also check a box to let the add on automatically loot the Obliterum As, so all you need to do is click one button to obliterate now!