Reputation Guide: The Court of Farondis (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Court of Farondis is a faction located in the zone Azsuna in World of Warcraft Legion. Most quests in this zone is tied with The Court of Farondis, so the main way to gain reputation is by doing quests here. By completing the whole zone, you should hit 0/12 000 Honored with The Court of Farondis, and the rest of the reputation you have to get trough the following methods:

1) Do World Quests tied to Azsuna. Check the World Quest map every day and look for quests that are tied with Azsuna or The Court of Farondis. All of these will give you reputation. In order to check which factions the quest awards rep with, simply hover over the quest with your mouse.

2) Also do all the Wardens World Quests that are in Azsuna. These will give you reputation with both the Wardens and the Court of Farondis.

3) Complete the dungeon Eye of Azsuna. Upon killing the endboss you will be awarded with +250 reputation with The Court of Farondis. This can be done as many times as you want, making it a decent way to farm the reputation.

4) Do the Kirin Tor Emissary Quests. Upon completing four of these you can pick an item reward that will increase your rep with a certain faction. So just pick the reward for The Court of Farondis to get a sweet +1 500 reputation!

5) The Kirin Tor also gives World Quests, and make sure you do all the Kirin Tor World Quests in Azsuna to get the reputation with The Court of Farondis.

The Court of Farondis rewards

All the rewards can be purchased from Veridis Fallon in the Crumbled Palace in Azsuna. Below are all the reputation rewards.


Rank 3 Pattern: Silkweave Pantaloons (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Hood (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Gloves (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Robe (tailoring)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: High Botanist Telám (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Trilliax (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Skorpyron (Inscription)


Treasure Map: Azsuna
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Azsuna for 1 hour.

Enchanted Stone Whistle


Court Scribe
Teaches you how to summon this companion

Boon of the Gemfinder

Permanently enchants shoulders with Gemfinding enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Found Sacks of Gems from the corpses of their enemies.

Beginners Guide to Dimensional Rifting
Teleport to a Ley-line point in Azsuna to try and find one of the lessons.

Gaudy Cadet´s Scarf
Back (for all classes)
820 ilvl


Once-Fashionable Nar´thalas Leggings
Cloth – Legs
850 ilvl

Court of Farondis Tabard


  1. i just ran the eye of Azshara and no reputation was gained by any boss in the dungeon


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