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How to regenerate your universe (Portal Knights)

You can regenerate your universe in Portal Knights at any point if you want to reset it. Doing this will remove any change you have done to any island, reset all quests, and reset all resources that are found on the islands. That means that you can loot everything again, and mine islands that have already been mined extensively.

So there are both benefits and negative consequences to regenerating your universe, but it's actually very easy to do. In order to regenerate it, go to the main universe selection screen, press the Settings option there, and click on Save Data Details. This screen allows you to chose the Regenerate option, which will first present you with a warning (that you should read), and of course allow you to regenerate your world.

The only things you will not lose by regenerating your universe are things and changes to your "Home Island", and the unlocked portals. So make sure to store all your valuable items on your Home Island before regenerating your universe.

Guide to unlocking all Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Keyblades have become a big icon for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and there are a total of 16 different Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. You cannot obtain all 17 of these on a single save file tough, but you should be able to obtain 14 of them if you don't own any of the pre-order unique Keyblades.

In this guide you will learn the location and method of unlocking all the 14 different Keyblades, as well as the 3 pre-order Keyblades. Whenever you get a Keyblade, it starts at level 0, so make sure to also learn how to upgrade your Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3.

All the different Keyblades have special stats and special, unique abilities tied to that particular Keyblade, so it is often very useful to get as many as possible, then play with your three favorites.

How to get the Kingdom Key Keyblade

The Kingdom Key Keyblade is the default weapon for Sora when you begin the game. So you can't miss obtaining this one. It's unique abilities are Treasure Magnet, and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Midnight Blue Keyblade

Midnight Blue is only obtained as a pre-order bonus for the PS4 console. This means that you cannot get it without having preoredered the game, or get the code in another way.

The abilities of Midnight Blue are Blizzard Boost, and Blizzaza.

How to get the Dawn til Dusk Keyblade

Only customers who pre-ordered their game from Amazon can get Dawn til Dusk, and it can only be unlocked by using the special code that was sent out with Amazon orders. The abilities for this Keyblade are Firanga, and Firanga Up

How to get the Phantom Green Keyblade

Phantom Green is the third and final pre-order exclusive Keyblade, and this one is given to players who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One, either from the Microsoft Store, or from a physical copy of the game. The special abilities are Thundaga and Thundaga Up.

How to get the Hero's Origin Keyblade

You obtain the Hero's Origin Keyblade when you complete the story in Olymmpus. This is likeley the first Keyblade you get beside special ones. Its special abilities are Defender and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Shooting Star Keyblade

Shooting Star is the second Keyblade you are awarded in the game, and you complete Twilight Town early in the game. This is the second world. Its special abilities are Treasure Magnet, and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Favorite Deputy Keyblade

You get the Favorite Deputy Keyblade once you complete the Toy Box World missions. Its abilities are Lucky Strike and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Happy Gear Keyblade

After completing the story missions on Monstropolis, you get the Happy Gear keyblade. This keyblade has the Focus Convertor special ability.

How to get the Nano Gear Keyblade

The Nano Gear Keyblade is given to you when you complete the story in San Fransokyo. This keyblade has the Stun Protection ability.

How to get the Ever After Keyblade

You get the Ever After keyblade once you complete Kingdom of Corona. Its special abilities are Leaf Bracer and Aeroza.

How to get the Crystal Snow Keyblade

Unlock the Crystal Snow Keyblade by completing the missions in the Arendelle World. Its ability is Freeze Protection

How to get the Starlight Keyblade

There are two ways to obtain the Starlight Keyblade; you either get it from defeating members of Organisation XIII in the Keyblade Graveyard, or you get it from completing Classic Kingdom in Union Cross. The ability of Starlight is MP Haste, which can be a very useful ability to have.

How to get the Wheel of Fate Keyblade

You get the Wheel of Fate by completing the story in The Caribbean. The special ability for this keyblade is Waterza.

How to get the Hunny Spout Keyblade

You get the Hunny Spout when you finish the 100 Acre Woods story. Its special ability is Harvest.

How to get the Grand Chef Keyblade

You can get the Grand Chef keyblade by leveling up your rank in Little Chef's Bistro to level 5. This is done by getting an Excellent rating for every single dish in the menu, with the exception of the Special Menu from the Flantastic 7. You get Excellent rating by timing the cooking mini game perfectly, and it will take some practice to get. 

When you get the Excellent rating on every dish, you will get a small cutscene that gives you the Grand Chef keyblade. 

The special ability for the Grand Chef is Wizard's Ruse, and Chef Extraordinaire

How to get the Ultima Weapon Keyblade

Ultima Weapon is probably the best Keyblade in the game, and you get this by synthesizing it instead of just being given it from doing the story. However, synthesizing it is much more difficult than you would have guessed, and the first step is to get the recipe.

You get the recipe by collecting all the 58 different synthesis materials, which can be tracked as a Moogle Challenge in the Moogle Shop.

Once you have the recipe, all you need to synthesize it is the following:
- 7 Orichalcum+.
- 2 Wellspring Crystal.
- 2 Lucid Crystal.
- 2 Pulsing Crystal.

The 7 Orichalcum+ requires a lot of effort to get tough, so check out our guide to get all 7 Orichalcum+. 

The special abilities of Ultima Weapon is Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, and Situation Boost, so it's a great keyblade! 

How to get the Classic Notes Keyblade

You can get the Classic Notes keyblade by finding and playing all the 23 Classic Kingdom Mini Games. Once you do this, you will be awarded the Classic Notes keyblade, with the special ability MP Haste

How to get The Secret of the First Pyramids bonus mission (Assassin's Creed: Origins)

The Secret of the First Pyramids is a mid-length quest chain in Assassin's Creed: Origins that is doable at level 23+. It used to come as a pre-order bonus for anyone who pre-ordered Assassin's Creed: Origin prior to its release, but has since been made available to everyone else.

If you want to play this quest chain, but didn't pre-order the game, all you have to do is to head over to the UbiClub. You can access this from the main menu before loading your game file. You must pay 40 Ubiclub points to unlock it, which should be very easy to get. If you don't already have that, just check out the challenges for Assassin's Creed: Origins, and complete a few of them to get the 40 Ubiclub points you need. These are not points you have to buy with real money!

So that's how to get the The Secret of the First Pyramids quest-chain in Assassin's Creed: Origins, even if you didn't pre-order. Have fun with it!

How to upgrade your house (Stardew Valley)

You start the game with a rather small farmhouse in Stardew Valley, but it's possible to upgrade this to eventually become very big, with several different rooms, including a kitchen, a room for children, and a cellar.

In order to upgrade your house in Stardew Valley, go to Robin the carpenter and talk with her when she is in her shop. This will give you the option to open a "Upgrade House" menu. Click on this, and she will tell you the cost to upgrade your house.

The first upgrade adds a big kitchen, and cost the following:
- 10,000g
- 450x Wood

The second upgrade adds two more rooms; one for your children, and one that's empty. It cost the following:
- 50,000g.
- 150x Hardwood.

The third and final upgrade adds a cellar under your house, and here you can store casks to increase the quality of things like alcohols and cheeses.  It cost the following:
- 100,000g.

And that's all the upgrades you can purchase. You can also get an additional room for your spouse, which will happen automatically when you marry a character in the game.

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Top crops to plant for profit (Farm Together)

There are lots of different crops in Farm Together, and some of them are much more profitable to plant compared to others. In this guide we want to provide you with a list of all the crops that give you the most profit when farming, measured as gold profit per hour. This means that we also take the cost of buying the crop into account when calculating the cost, since this can change the result quite a bit.

The gold per hour rate is a great measurement when you want to really get a lot of gold in the game, but the crops with the highest profit will also require you to play the game continuously. So these crops might not be the best choice for casual players.

We have already written about the crops that give you the most XP per minute in Farm Together, and as you can see by browsing both guides, they have a huge overlap. So you won't have to decide between getting XP or gold, and you can instead have it both at the same time.

Anyway, let's get on with the list of the crops that give the most gold per hour!

#1: Melon - 5 gold profit per minute

Each Melon cost 1,000 gold to buy, and sell for 1,050, netting you a 50 gold profit per plant. They do give you a profit of 5 gold per minute, the highest of any crop in the game. The downside to the Melon is that it only takes 10 minutes to grow to full size, so you can't really take any breaks when planting and harvesting this crop.

You need to be at least level 15 to be able to plant Melons.

Melon also gives the best XP per hour rate, so it's overall an amazing crop to grow!

#2: Yellow Zucchini - 4.67 gold per minute

The Yellow Zucchini is unlocked at level 12, and can be bought for 850 gold per plant. After 15 minutes you can sell it for 920 gold, giving you a profit of 70 gold, or 4.67 gold per minute per plant. It's just a bit lower than the Melon, but since it takes a bit longer, it can often be worth it for some players.

#3: Broccoli - 3.33 gold profit per minute

The Broccoli takes a little longer to harvest compare to the other two above, but gives a decent 3.33 gold profit per minute. It takes a full hour to grow, and can only be purchased at level 30+. The cost of a single Broccoli seed is 5,000 gold, and they can be sold for 5,200 gold an hour later.

#4: Leek - 2.22 gold profit per minute

Leek is in the top 5 list, and takes 45 minutes to grow. It gives 2.22 gold profit per minute, so it's a big bump down from the other ones on the list, and we recommend planting Broccoli instead of Leek if you want an option that is longer than the 15 minutes of the Yellow Zucchini or 10 minutes for the Melons. The plus to the Leek tough is that it can be used at level 16, and it's much cheaper than the Broccoli. It only cost 1,250 gold to buy, and will sell for 1,350 gold 45 minutes later.

#5: Raspberry - 2.08 gold profit per minute

You unlock the Raspberries at level 22, and this crop can be bought for 3,500 gold. After two hours you are able to sell the harvest for 3,750 gold each, netting you a profit of 2.08 gold per minute. They are not by any means the most profitable crop, but they are a great option if you think you will have to spend a few hours away from the game.

Don't follow this list when you are stepping away from the game

Whenever you leave the game for a certain time, don't follow this guide blindly and plant Melons before you leave. This is because they only take 5 minutes to fully grow, and while they give an amazing gold per hour rate, they are not really going to make you rich if you don't harvest and replant often.

So if you are going to bed or to work or something like that, consider planting some crops that take longer to grow, such as Sunflowers, pineapples, or artichokes. These are not as good when looking at the per hour rate, but you will get back to the game and be able to get a lot of money right away.

Planting these crops requires you to have a rough idea of when you will be returning to the game again, since it's terribly boring to be stuck at home and wanting to play the game, but you can't really do it since you have to wait several hours for your crops to be ready.

The top 5 crops to plant to get XP (Farm Together)

Whenever you plant or harvest a crop in Farm Together, you get a certain amount of Experience Points that eventually leads you to level up. In this guide we want to share the best 5 crops for getting XP, calculated per minute of play time.

#1: Melon

The Melon gives you a total of 16 XP for both plating and harvesting, and due to it only taking 10 minutes to grow, it gives 1.60 XP per minute, which is much more than any other crop in the game. You can plant the Melon at level 15+, so make sure to plant a lot of Melons if you want to level up fast.

The only downside is that since it only takes ten minutes for it to grow, you need to both harvest and plant more very often to get the most benefit from it. 

#2: Broccoli

Broccoli gets the second spot on the list, with an efficiency of 1.03 XP per minute. It's obviously a lot lower than the Melon, but you also get to take it a little more chill with this, since it take a full hour for it to grow. Broccoli is unlocked at level 30+.

#3: Yellow Zucchini

Yellow Zucchini gives a total of 0.53 XP per minute, and is unlocked at level 12. You get 2 XP for planting it, and 6 XP for harvesting it. It takes 15 minutes for it to grow, so it's a bit less labor extensive than the Melons, but also give a much worse return on XP per hour.

#4: Leek

Leek takes the fourth spot on the list, with 0.44 XP per minute. You unlock this vegetable at level 16, get 8 XP for planting it, and 12 XP for harvesting it. It takes 45 minutes for it to grow to a full size.

#5: Raspberry

The raspberry gives 0.42 XP per minute, and is unlocked at level 22. A full plant plus harvest give you 50 XP. It takes two hours for it to grow to full size, so it's also the crop on the list that takes the longest to grow.

How to hire farmhands (Farm Together)

Farmhands are amazing in Farm Together, and when you hire a farmhand, they will work on a 13x13 square area on your farm. In this area they will tend to any crop that is planted there, as well as tend to picking trees, watering flowers, feed animals, and harvest flowers that are ready.

In order to get farmhands, you first need to reach level 20 to build the Farmhand building. You can buy this by pressing space to open the shop, and just scroll down to the Farmhand building.

You buy farmhands per hour, and the price is 2x Tickets per hour. You can only hire each farmhand for 4 hours at a time, which is real life time that only counts when you actually play the game. So you won't have to worry about them very often.

How to grind Lums to get the one million Lum character (Rayman Legends)

Lums are kind of a currency in Rayman Legends, and you can collect Lums in order to unlock new playable characters. These does not really have any better stats or anything like that, and it's just for personal preference when playing, but it's fun to work towards unlocking all the characters.

If you want to unlock every single character, then you will need a total of 1,000,000 / one millions Lums, which will take a long time to get. Even players who have 100 %'ed the game still haven't always gotten the 1,000,000 Lum unlockable character when they complete it.

Grinding out the Lums you miss will mostly be tied to doing Online Challenges. There are two ways to do this;

1) Just do all the Daily and Weekly challenges.
Try to always aim for getting a Gold or Diamond trophy for both Daily challenges every day, and the same for the weekly challenges every week. Every time these resets, you get a huge chunk of Lums, and you typically get to a million after doing this every day for three to four weeks, depending on how many Lums you already have.

2) Find challenges that give you a lot of Lums and grind it out.
Somme of the Online Challenges give a very decent amount of Lums per run, and a 5 minute run can give you 500-1,000 Lums. The problem is that these challenges changes daily and weekly, so we can't really recommend any special runs over others. So just play it every once in a while, and you will surely notice it when you get a nice amount of Lums per run. When you find this, just grind it for as long as you can, and hopefully you will have time to grind it out before the challenge changes again.

How to save the game (My Time at Portia)

My Time at Portia is a great game, but it can be a bit tricky to understand exactly how you save the game. There is no save points or even quick save features, and instead you have to save by going to bed. Every time you go to sleep, the game saves, and you can exit if you feel like it.

It is currently impossible to save mid-day, and you must head to your bed to save. However, it's possible to go to bed at any time, so you can save your progress even if it's early in the morning by going to bed when you want to.

How to get Fluorite (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Fluorite is a great material to collect in Kingdom Hearts, since it it needed to upgrade your Keyblades. You need to use 1 x Fluorite to level up your Keyblades from level 0 to level 3, so you need to have a total of 3x Fluorite per Keyblade you want to level up.

Since there are 16 different Keyblades in the game, you will need 48 Flourite in total. So let's learn how to get Fluorite in Kingdom Hearts 3, so that you can upgrade all your Keyblades without any issues.

There are currently three consistent methods to get Fluoride in Kingdom Hearts 3:

1) Buy it from the Moogle Shop for 500 Munny per Fluorite. 
If you got some spare money, then the easiest way to get extra Flourite is to just buy it from any Moogle Shop in the game. Each Fluorite cost 500 Munny, so it adds up if you need a lot of it, but it's definitely not a too high price.

They are not avaliable to purchase until you have beaten a few worlds in the game, so you can't do this right away, but it's a great option if you come across a new Keyblade later in the game and want to get some more Fluorite easily.

2) Shoot asteroids in space with your Gummi Ship.
When you are flying in space with your Gummi Ship, asteroids will occasionally appear. Shoot these down, and they have a chance to drop a Fluoridt. This is a great method for farming them, but it takes a good while to get all 48 you need.

3) Search Treasure Chests in Olympus. 
After have you cleared the Twilight Town, you can return to Olympus to open all the Treasure chests there. Many of these have a very high chance of containing a Fluorite, so this is a quick and easy way to farming them.

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How to save the game (Stardew Valley)

It's always important to remember to save your game, and saving your game in Stardew Valley is actually pretty different from most other games. There is no quicksave feature or even save points that you need to interact with, and instead you need to head to your bed to save.

Whenever you go to bed in Stardew Valley, it counts as the day being over, and it will first tally all the money you made that day. After this screen tough, it will save the game, and you can tell this by a small green notification text saying so in the bottom of your screen.

There is currently no way to save the game during days, so you need to end the day to save. This can be annoying if you are in the middle of something and need to save and quit quickly, but that's the way it is. So that's how you save in Stardew Valley. Hopefully you won't ever miss any progress in the future now that you know how to save the game.

How to start a New Game Plus (Kingdom Hearts 3)

A New Game Plus mode has become pretty commonplace among most game franchises. Once the players beat the main game, they can begin from the start again without having to loose all their equipment, but it also presents new challenges.

The NG+ mode is pretty much either loved or ignored, so it's sad to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 does not have a New Game Plus mode. It is currently not possible to create a NG+ save, but you can of course create a brand new save if you want to begin from the start again.

It might be possible that Square Enix will update the game with a New Game Plus mode at a later date, but nothing has been announced about this just yet. However, we can cross our fingers that they will eventually release it as part of a DLC or simply as a patch.

How to see how much HP the enemies have (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Fighting enemies without having any idea about how much or how little health points they have left can be very frustrating, but it's absolutely possible to know this in Kingdom Hearts 3. In order to be able to do this you will need to activate the Scan ability. This allows Sora to scan enemies during combat and tell how much health they have left.

In order to activate Scan, go to the ability menu and chose Scan to be one of the active abilities for Sora. This will consume some AP, but it's worth it in our opinion.

You will not get an exact number, but instead you can see a green bar at the top right of the screen. You can see that the bar will turn from green to dark brown when you deal damage to the enemy, so you get a good idea of how long it will take to beat it.

Some bosses have more than just a single health bar, and this will be indicated by a number of green boxes underneath the green health bar. Once you drain the entire bar, one of these boxes will disappear, and the green bar will be full again. Keep attacking the boss until you have removed all the green boxes and then depleted the entire green bar to beat it.

How to double jump (Kingdom Hearts 3)

The double jump ability is definitely nice to use when you need to reach platforms that are just out of reach for your regular jumps, or just when you want to reach higher places more easily. You can get the double jump ability in Kingdom Hearts 3 any time after your reach Arendelle / the Frozen World, and it is not possible to get the ability before this point.

Anyway, once you defeat the boss in Arandelle, you get the ability called Doubleflight, which is essentially a double jump. At this point head to the ability menus and equip it. When it's equipped, just tap B or Circle depending on your console while in the air for another jump.

The double jump ability can be used in combat as well as when platforming, and it can actually be very useful when fighting lots of enemies at the same time. So don't forget to use it to get out of sticky situations when fighting many enemies.

How to level up your Keyblades (Kingdom Hearts 3)

In addition to leveling up your characters in Kingdom Hearts 3, you should also level up your Keyblades along with them. Leveling up the Keyblades might not be as important as the characters themselves, but each new level for the Keyblades gives you additional Strength or Magic, so it's definitely worth doing it. Certain levels will also imbue your Keyblade with new abilities as well.

In contrast to leveling up your characters, leveling up the Keyblades is not as simple as just defeating enemies to get experience points. Instead you must upgrade them from a special menu that is found in the Moogle Shop. So you can only level up your Keyblades when you are at a Moogle Shop.

Anyway, when you are at a Moogle Shop, click on the "Keyblade Forge" submenu to open up the menu where you can upgrade your Keyblades. Each level requires a certain set of materials, and all Keyblades require exactly the same things. However, each higher level will require more materials than before, so it takes a lot materials to get a Keyblade from level 8 to 9 than it does to get it from level 1 to level 2.

If you have the materials ready, simply press A or X depending on your console to confirm that you want to level up the Keyblade, and it's done. Nothing else is required!

Each Keyblade can be level up to level 10, and they all start at level 0.

The materials needed for each level of the Keyblades

Below is the full list of all the items you need for leveling up each level of the Keyblade.

Level 1: Fluorite x1, Wellspring Shard x2
Level 2: Fluorite x1, Wellspring Shard x3
Level 3: Fluorite x1, Wellspring Shard x4
Level 4: Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x1
Level 5: Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x1, Pulsing Stone x1
Level 6: Damascus x1, Wellspring Stone x3
Level 7: Adamantite x1, Wellspring Gem x1
Level 8: Adamantite x1, Wellspring Gem x2
Level 9: Adamantite x1, Wellspring Gem x3
Level 10: Adamantite x2, Wellspring Gem x3

How to buy items (Kingdom Hearts 3)

You get Munny every time you defeat enemies, open chests, or break boxes in Kingdom Hearts 3, and I bet you want to find out how to spend all the Munnies you have lying around at this point.

Luckily it's pretty easy to spend your Munny on items such as Potions or Ethers, on weapons, or on materials used to synthesize and upgrade items.

To buy items in Kingdom Hears 3, simply go to a Moogle Shop. These are located close to all save points, and can be seen as blue symbol on the map.

Interact with the Moogle to open the shop menu, where you can buy or sell item, or synthesize upgrades or even new items using materials that has dropped from the enemies you have killed.

How to enter Rage Form in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Rage Form in Kingdom Hearts 3 can be a blessing when you are stuck in a difficult situation. When the Rage Form is activated you get a completely new set of attacks, and even a special attacked called Risktaker. This will halve your current HP, but deal huge amount of damage. This is great for certain situations, but it's also a huge risk, since you easily get to very low health.

So, how to activate Rage Form in Kingdom Hearts 3? You cannot really control it, but it will occasionally prompt you to enter it. When you get the option to enter it during combat, select it and hit Triangle / Y to activate it.

It seems that there is a higher chance that you will be able to enter Rage Form when you are low on both HP and MP, but there is no guarantee that it will prompt even if both of these are low. So there is a bit of luck to it as well.

How to level up your Gummi Ship (Kingdom Hearts 3)

The Gummi Ship is really needed in Kingdom Hearts 3 since it allows you to travel between worlds, but in order to be able to reach your destinations, you will need to level it up along the way. The game itself does not really do a very good job of explaining how to level up your Gummi Ship, but don't worry, we got you covered!

When you level up your Gummi Ship, it gains additional benefits, including things like stronger attacks, or mini ships that will also attack enemies. It certainly makes it a lot easier to travel in the Space in Between with some extra levels on your Gummi Ship.

There are four different ways to get Experience Points for the Gummi Ship, which will eventually lead it to level up. These are as follows;

1) Collect the floating orange orbs.
You will see a lot of floating orange orbs while you travel in space, and these are in fact experience orbs. So you will want to pick up as many of these as you can, and your ship will gradually become more powerful.

2) Defeat enemies with the Gummi Ship. 
All defeated enemies also give you a certain amount of bonus EXP for your Gummi Ship, so you can essentially grind levels by flying around and killing enemies from your ship. So make sure to kill all enemy spacecrafts if you want to make your Gummi Ship more powerful!

3) Opening up Treasure Spheres. 
Treasure Spheres are located all around the space, and you should shoot these to begin a mini game that eventually unlocks them. These spheres will contain a huge chunk of EXP for your Gummi Ship, and in additional they also give you nice loot that you definitely want to pick up. So open these whenever you come across them, or go to your map to see where you can find more Treasure Spheres.

4) Win boss battles with the Gummi Ship. 

There are a few boss battles fought with the Gummi Ship, and these also give a good amount of Experience Points upon defeat. So don't be afraid to tackle some bosses to get some extra EXP for your Gummi Ship.

Guide to getting all Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the new features of Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Link Summons, and using this summons a character to fight alongside Sora for a duration. These are very nice to use for boss encounters, or if you find yourself in a tight situation where you fear you might not win the battle!

To unlock a Link Summon, you need to obtain a Heartbinder item, and once you obtain that, you are able to summon the character to fight alongside you later.

You can use a Link Summon in battle only if you have a 100 % full MP bar, so stock up on some Ethers if you need to quickly fill it. You won't have to worry about your health bar tough, since this will be refilled when you use a Link Summon, so it's great to use it when you are already at low health.

All the different Link Summons has completely different abilities, so you will naturally end up liking some of them more than others. The best way is simply to try them all a few times, and stick to the ones you like the best. Some are also better at certain situations than others, so use this to your advantage during difficult encounters.

How to unlock all five Link Summons

There are a total of 5 different Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you will get them all by playing the main story. Some of them won't be unlocked until many hours into the game tough.

Anyway, here are all the unlockable Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are some spoilers below, so don't read this if you want to know nothing about the story.

How to get Dream Eaters Link Summon

The first Link Summon you will unlock is Dream Eaters. You get this once you are given the item Dream Heartbinder by Yen Sid after completing the events in Olympus.

How to get Wreck-it-Ralph Link Summon

You will unlock Wreck-it-Ralph as a Link Summon after you bear Verum Rex in the Toy Box world, and is given the Pixel Heartbinder.

How to get Simba Link Summon

You need to get the Pride Heartbinder to summon Simba, and you get this roughly halfway trough the Monstropolis world after a mid-boss fight.

How to get Ariel Link Summon

Ariel is also given to you after you beat a mid-boss, but this time it's in The Caribbean world. About halfway trough it you get the Ocean Heartbinder, and learn how to summon Ariel.

How to get Stitch Link Summon

We all remember Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and this guy is the fifth and final Link Summon you will get. You will be awarded the Ohana Heartbinder used to summon him when you complete your first Flash Tracer course in the San Fransokyo world.

How to airstep (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Airstepping with Sora is a great way to avoid taking damage when battling in Kingdom Hearts 3, so this is a trick that you should definitely add to your skill-set.

It is easy to airstep with Sora, and all you need to do is first jump, then press the Square button on PS4 or the X button in Xbox One.

And with that in mind, you should be able to easily dodge enemy attacks while in the air.

Battle of Dazar'Alor raid entrance (World of Warcraft)

The raid instance Battle of Dazar'Alor has separate instance for the Horde and the Alliance, since they kind of tell their own story of the raid. Both entrances are super accessible for tough.

The Alliance entrance to Dazar'Alor is on the docks in Bolarus, not far away from where you sign up for Island Expeditions.

The Horde entrance to Dazar'Alor is next to Zacalo in Zuldazar.

So both factions can enter the raid instance from their own hubs, making it the easiest raid to enter!

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How to replay tutorials in Kingdom Hearts 3

There is a lot of different things to keep track on in a game as complex as Kingdom Hearts 3, especially for those who have not played the other games in the franchise. Fortunately for us there are lots of tutorials that will pop us as you discover something new to do in the game, but even with these you might end up getting confused.

When this happens, it is great to know how to replay the tutorials in Kingdom Hearts 3. All tutorials that you have unlocked will be available in an own menu found under the "Game Help" menu from the pause menu. You will find the tutorial spread out in this menu, separated into smaller categories such as "Combat" or "Movement". This makes it easy to find the tutorial you are looking for.

You won't need to do anything to get the tutorials in this menu, and they will automatically show up there after you have gotten them for the first time in the game.

How to change the difficulty setting (Kingdom Hearts 3)

There are three different difficulty settings for Kingdom Heart 3; Easy, Standard, and Proud. The last one is a real challenge, even for fans of the franchise, so it's not that strange that some people might be wondering how to lower the difficulty setting in Kingdom Hearts 3. It goes the other way around too, and people who have played on Easy might feel like it's just too easy, and want to make it a bit more challenging for themselves. So, how to change the difficulty setting in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Unfortunately it's impossible to change the difficulty setting of Kingdom Hearts 3 for a save you have already played on. You have to decide the difficulty mode when you begin a new save, and there is currently impossible to change this after you have selected one of the three.

This means that you will have to start a new game if you want to play on another difficulty setting. This obviously stops a lot of people from changing it, since they don't want to lose their progress, but it's the only way to do it.

We can only hope that a patch adds in the ability to change the difficulty mode in Kingdom Hearts 3 at a later date, because it can be very frustrating to be stuck on the wrong difficult for a game that is as long as this.

How to restore your MP (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Each and every spell in Kingdom Hearts 3 uses the resource MP (Mana Points), so if you want to heal yourself with Cure, deal some fire damage with Fire, or want to buff your party, you will need to spend MP to accomplish this. If you spend it all, you won't even be able to cast any more spells, but luckily it is possible to restore your MP. There are three methods on how to restore your MP in Kingdom Hearts:

The first method is to use an MP restoring item. These are called Ethers, and will restore a certain amount of MP per Ether used. You can also use an item called the Elixir, which will fully restore your MP, as well as all your health. So the latter one is a good choice if you are about to die, and have little MP left to restore your health.

These items can obviously be used in combat, but you can also use them outside of combat to make sure that you have some extra MP going in to battle. The items can be used from the item menu, or they can be assigned to a button if you want to use them quickly.

A second method for regenerating your MP is to defeat enemies. Each time you kill a bad guy, they will drop both green and blue orbs that you can pick up. The green ones will regenerate your health, while the blue one will restore some MP. So if you are able to kill a few enemies without having to spend MP, chances are that you will be able to restore a fair amount of it.

A third way to restore your MP is to just wait 30 seconds when it's empty. When you have waited 30 seconds after using a spell, your MP gauge will turn pink, and naturally regenerate over time. However, if you use a spell, it will turn blue again, and you will need to wait another 30 seconds before it begins to regenerate naturally.

How to synthesize items, weapons, and upgrades for your Keyblades (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Synthesizing items is a big part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and this allows you to not only create amazing weapons, but also to create useful items like healing items that will serve your nicely while playing the game. The basis of the item synthesizing is to kill enemies and get loot from them, then use this loot to create the item you want.

Most enemies in the game drops some sort of synthesizing material, but some materials are much rarer than others. If you want to synthesize the best items for late-game playing, then you will need a lot of rare items that will take you quite a while to get your hands on.

Anyway, here's how to synthesize items in Kingdom Hearts 3. First off, head to a Moogle Shop and interact with this. These shops are found close to all save points in the game, so you will encounter them frequently. If that's not enough, look for a blue symbol on the map to locate them.

You should have an option to synthesize items in the Moogle Shop drop-down menu. This gives you a list of all the items you are able to synthesize, so just locate the recipe you want, see if you have all the ingredients, and click to synthesize the item! It's actually very easy to synthesize new items in Kingdom Hearts 3, as long as you have all the materials needed.

You can even synthesize upgrades for your Keyblades, which is a great way to spend any excess materials you come across.

And that's all there is to synthesizing items in Kingdom Hearts 3!

How to swim underwater (Kingdom Hearts 3)

There are certain areas in Kingdom Hearts 3 where you can swim in the water, and even dive underwater. You won't really need to swim at all until you reach the Pirates of the Caribbean world, and at this place you will definitely need to both swim and dive a lot.

To swim, simply go in the water. Luckily your character won't just sink to the bottom, and you will instead swim. Control just like you would on ground.

You can also easily dive in Kingdom Hearts 3 by pressing L2/LT (depending on console) when you are in water. Hold this button down to swim further down, and press R2/RT to ascend when you feel like going up to the surface again.

When you are underwater, the Circle/B button will make Sora swim faster, which is nice when you plan on swimming more than just a few meters. When holding down this button, use the Up and Down button on the D-Pad to ascend or descend fast.

You do not have to worry about an oxygen meter or anything like that in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you can stay underwater for as long as you want to. You can even fight underwater, and you will have kind of different attacks when attacking underwater. There are some restrictions to which magic spells you can use while underwater, so try out your favorites to find out.

Kingdom Heats 3 max level explained

Have you ever wondered what the maximum level in Kingdom Hears 3 is? All your characters gain experience points that eventually leads them to leveling up, but when does it stop? As a matter of fact, the max level cap for Kingdom Hears 3 is level 99. Once you reach level 99, no further progress can be made, but you can still level up your Keyblade if you need to. The Keyblades can reach level 10, but it will take a good while to get them to that point.

Leveling up in Kingdom Hears 3 is primarily done by defeating enemies, and even tough the game is very long, it's unlikely that you will be able to hit level 99 before finishing the main story line. So be prepared to do some extra grinding if you want to hit that magic number!

How to rewatch cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3

There are lots of stunning cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3, and some of these are definitely worth seeing a second or third time. Luckily for you, you won't need to head over to YouTube to rewatch them, because it is possible to rewatch any cutscene that you have already unlocked in Kingdom Hearts 3.

In order to re-watch cutscenes, go to the main menu and chose the "Theater" option. There are so many different categories that the cutscenes have been categorized into chapters, so go to the one you want to re-watch and select it.

How to find and open Treasure Spheres (Kingdom Hearts 3)

The Treasure Spheres in Kingdom Hears 3, and you definitely want to keep an eye out for them. Not only do they give you a huge chunk of Experience Points, they will also occasionally give you parts for your Gummi Ship, or even weapons. They can be a bit tricky tough, and the first thing you need to do is finding the Treasure Spheres.

Treasure Spheres look like gold-glowing balls that float in the air, and can only be found in the Space in Between. There are scattered all around, and there are two ways to get them; either play around and randomly find some, or go to the main menu and open up the map to look for them. They will all pop up on the map in the Space in Between, so they are easy to hunt for.

Once you find a Treasure Sphere, interact with it by shooting it to begin playing a mini-game. Only when you win this mini game do you get to open the sphere. You win the mini-game by shooting the segments that run between the energy lines. Keep doing this until each connector is in its place, and you will get to open the Treasure Sphere.

That's all there is to finding and opening Treasure Spheres in Kingdom Hearts 3! It's definitely not that difficult, and absolutely worth doing when you come across them.

How to get more Ability Points (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Ability Points (AP) are very useful in both Kingdom Hears 3 as well as the previous games in the series, and they allow you to assign abilities to your loadout. More powerful abilities requires more Ability Points, so you will definitely want to get a lot of AP.

There are currently three ways to get more Ability Points in Kingdom Hears 3, and they are as following:

1) Level up to get Ability Points.

You will occasionally get  extra Ability Points when you level up your characters, so you will get some extra AP naturally by just playing the game and leveling up. However, you won't get AP every single time you level up.

2) Use AP Boost.

The AP Boosts are a consumable item that can increase the Ability Point of the character you use it on. This item can sometimes be found in treasure chests around the in the game, but they are quite rare.

When you get an AP Boost, you can only use it on a single character to permanently increase the Ability Points by 1. However, you can save them for later if you want to.

3) Use The Skill Ring.

The Skill Ring is an accessory that can be worn by the characters, and will increase their AP while using the ring. This ring can be purchased at the Moogle Shop, so stop by this place if you want to increase your Ability Points.

The extra Ability Points from using Skills Rings is only temporary, and you will lose the extra AP once you change to use another ring instead. 

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How to redeem your pre-order bonuses in Kingdom Hearts 3

There are several different versions of Kingdom Hearts 3 that all comes with different in-game goodies DLCs, such as console custom keyblades, or the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade. So how do we redeem the pre-order bonuses in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The answer depends a bit on where and how you pre-ordered the game. If you pre-ordered it from the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace digitally, then the pre-order bonus items should be digitally delivered to you automatically, and you don't need to do anything at all. Just check your inventory once you have gotten into the game.

If you bough the game physically, you will need to redeem the bonus items manually. The exact method depends on your console, so skip to the one you have below.

How to redeem your pre-order bonuses in Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One

Open the Xbox Marketplace, and select "Redeem code". Just type in the code that is found in your game box, and the pre-order bonuses will be tied to your Xbox account, and can be used the next time you start Kingdom Hearts 3.

How to redeem your pre-order bonuses in Kingdom Hearts 3 on Playstation 4

Open up the Playstation Store from the main home screen. Now click on the redeem code that is located at the bottom of the game, and insert the code that is located the in game box. Once this is done the bonuses are tied to your Playstation account permanently.

How to save the game in Kingdom Hearts 3

There is no quicksave or autosave feature in Kingdom Hearts 3, so if you want to save your progress in the game, you have to locate one of the old-fashioned save points. These are green, glowing circles scattered all around the world, and they typically appear pretty often when you progress in the main game. Anyway, just interact with these to open up the save menu and save your game.

The good thing about the save points compared to autosaves is that they also refill your health and MP.

All save points in Kingdom Hearts 3 are permanent, so you don't have to worry about any of them disappearing like they did in the previous games in the series.

Guide to all Arathi Highlands Warfront mount drops (Including map!) (World of Warcraft)

The level 120 Warfront version of Arathi highlands is filled to the brim with rare mobs, and a lot of these drop unique items, including pets, toys, and even mounts. In this guide we are going to show you where all the rare mobs that drop mounts are, making it very easy for you to farm these on all your alts.

Each rare mob can be killed once per warfront cycle, and they reset when your faction captures the Warfront zone. This means that you have a chance to get the mounts every 2 weeks (roughly), and each rare mob has a 10 % chance to drop the mount. So the drop rate is not that terrible, especially if you got 4-5 level 120 alts already.

There are a total of 6 rare mobs that drop mounts, but two of these are faction specific, so you can only get five mounts if you only play a single faction. Anyway, below is a map of all the rare mobs that drop the mounts, and make sure to read below if you want more information about each rare mob.

How to find Beastrider Kama - drops Swift Albino Raptor

Beastrider Kama is located in Witherbark Village, and is guarded by two adds. This rare mob is pretty easily soloable, and drop the Swift Albino Raptor for either faction.

How to find Skullripper - drops Skullripper

Skullripper is a big raptor that drops a mount called Skullripper (I guess he drops himself?). This is the only saddle-less raptor in the entire game, so it's a very cool mount. Skullripper requires a group of 4-5 people to kill, and it will be very difficult to kill him alone. He is found roaming around north of Go'Shek Farm. 

How to find Nimar the Slayer - drops Witherbark Direwing

Nimar the Slayer is roaming around in the Witherbark Village, and has a chance to drop the Witherbark Direwing upon being killed. He is soloable.

How to find Overseer Krix - drops Lil' Donkey

Overseer Krix is a bit different from all the rare mobs listed above, because he changes his location depending on which faction controls the Warfront. He drops the same mount (Lil' Donkey) independently of which faction controls the zone, and he can even be killed by both factions at the same time. 

When the Horde controls the Warfront zone, he is located in the Alliance mines, and vice versa. He is soloable, but a bit difficult if you don't learn to dodge his attacks. 

How to find Knight-Captain Aldrin - drops Broken Highland Mustang (Horde only)

Knight-Captain Aldrin is the Horde-only rare mob that will only be avaliable when the Horde controls the Warfront zone. He is friendly towards the Alliance, so only Horde players can kill him and loot the Broken Highland Mustang he drops. This rare mob is soloable, and you can find him at Dabyrie's Farmstead. 

How to find Doomrider Helgrim - drops Highland Mustang (Alliance only)

Doomrider Helgrim will only show up of the Alliance controls the Warfront zone, and likewise only Alliance members can kill him. He is located in the Go'Shek Farm, and is followed by two adds. He is soloable, and has a chance to drop the Highland Mustang.

How to begin The Iron Maidens encounter in Blackrock Foundry (World of Warcraft)

Some players have reported issues with beginning The Iron Maidens encounter in Blackrock Foundry when soloing the raid. The problem is simply that the Iron Maidens never jump down into the arean and begins the encounter.

Luckily it's not really a bug, but it's instead just the player that have skipped some mobs. So to begin the Iron Maidens encounter, go back to the water where you jumped down and kill the mobs in the scuba suits there. Once all of these are killed, the encounter will start, and you can progress in Blackrock Foundry.

Guide to Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement - all parts explained (World of Warcraft)

The Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement is just like every meta-achievement for raids; that it, complete a special challenge for every boss, and be awarded with a mount for the trouble. There are a total of 9 achievements that must be completed, and once all nine are completed, you will be awarded with the Dazar'Alor Windreaver.

The Dazar'Alor Windreaver is the only windreaver that is available to the Alliance, so it's a very special mount for them. Luckily the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement is not that difficult if your entire raid works together to get it, and it can be completed on normal difficulty. It is also possible to get the achievements on heroic difficulty, but not on Mythic or Looking for Raid difficulties.

Anyway, you probably want to learn how you can complete the achievement and get the mount for yourself, so here's how to complete all the achievements in the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider

Raid preparations for the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement 

Before you enter the raid, you should prepare a few things.

- Raid set-up. Most set-ups work, and you can bring anywhere between 10 and 30 people. However, you should bring the following; 1 Rogue that can be used to build a snowman for the Jaina encounter, as well as stun the Lurker. In addition, make sure to bring one or two Death Knights to help out with gripping dinosaurs in "Walk the Dinosaur". Other than that, bring whatever classes you wish.

- Blingtron 4000 and Blingtron 5000 toys; so at least one person either had to have both, and two persons has to have one each. This means that you need a person with the Engineering profession in the raid.

- A player with the Singing Sunflower pet. You can get this pet by completing a "Plants versus Zombies" inspired quest chain that is located at Brazie Farmstead just southeast of the Dalaran Crater.

- A possible third tank for the We Got Spirit, How About You? achievement, so bring someone who is comfortable with doing some tanking for this encounter.

How to complete the "Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah?" achievement

The Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? is the first achievement you will be able to do in the raid, and it is tied to the Champions of Light encounter. Before you begin the encounter tough, make sure everyone in the raid that wants the achievement clicks on the Mysterious Trashpile that is located in the area right before the boss. Clicking on this transform the player into a saurid, and give you a new ability to steal a shiny coin from your enemy.

The text string for this achievement is a bit weird, and in reality you need to steal 3 coins from each enemy, totaling up to;
- 3 coins from the Crusader.
- 6 coins from Disciples, since there are two of them.
- 3 coins from the Champion of Light.

Some players have tried to only steal a total of 3 coins from the Disciples, which could be one way to interpret the text string in the achievement, but you really do need to get 3 shiny coins from each single enemy in the encounter.

Anyway, just press the extra button you gain from interacting with the Mysterious Trashpile while having targeted the enemy you want to steal a coin from, and you will get it. Just make sure to keep note of how many you have stolen in order to be sure that you get the achievement.

How to complete the "Barrel of Monkeys" achievement

The Barrel of Monkeys achievement is tied to the Grong encounter, but before you begin the encounter, your raid must locate the 6 Heavy Barrels in the room before the boss encounter. Make six people carry these into the main room where you fight with Grong, and put them down apart from each other.

Now begin the encounter when you are ready, and tank Grong next to one of the barrels. He will eventually use Deathly Slam (A) or Reverberating Slam (H), which will destroy the barrel(s) in his close proximity. Upon doing this he gains a +20 % damage buff for 30 seconds, so be prepared for that.

It's important to keep in mind that the buffs stack, so if you place all the barrels next to each other, you get a +120 % damage buff for 30 seconds, which is probably extremely difficulty to handle.

Anyway, you need to make sure he destroys all the six barrels before your raid defeats him, and then you will all get the Barrel of Monkeys achievement.

How to complete the "Hidden Dragon" achievement

The Hidden Dragon achievement is tied to the Jadefire Masters encounter in Dazar'Alor, and you don't need to do anything before beginning the encounter. However, once it begins, have a designated player look for the clickable Jade Serpent Egg that spawns somewhere in the boss area.

The player with the egg need to avoid taking damage from Phoenix Strike or Living Bomb, since both of these attacks will destroy the egg. If that happens, die and begin the encounter from start to try again.

You have to keep the egg alive until the Jadefire Master monk transform into a Jade Serpent. In this form he will eventually use Dragon's Breath, and at this point all players in the raid should stack on the person who carries the egg. This hatches the egg, but you have to also defeat the boss to gain the achievement.

How to complete the "Praise the Sunflower" achievement

The Praise the Sunflower achievement is tied to the Opulence encounter, and it's worth noting that this is the first achievement in the guide thus far this is a personal achievement; so you need to complete it by yourself, and raid members who don't pay attention can miss it.

Before you begin, remember to notify people to summon their Singing Sunflower. You technically only need one, but it's good to have a backup or two in case the person with the pet dies.

Anyway, you need to gain the Brilliant Aura to get this. At least one person in the raid needs to pick up the Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight. With this buff, this player need to stay away from all other players until they have gotten 100 stacks of Incandescence. This gives them the Grossly Incandescent buff, and at this point all players who need the achievement should go close to this person to pick up the Brilliant Aura buff. Now all you need to do is to /praise a sunflower while the buff is active, and kill the boss.

You might want to equip yourself with the following macro to make life easier:
/tar Singing Sunflower

You can easily tell in the chat if you have successfully praised the Singing Sunflower or not.

How to complete the "Walk the Dinosaur" achievement 

You can do the Walk the Dinosaur achiecement during the Conclave of the Chosen encounter, and you pretty must just need to defeat the boss while leaving one of the Ravenous Stalkers that spawn at the beginning of the encounter, alive. The raptor will fixate on a random player every 20 seconds, and the player then need to run away to kite the raptor.

The raptor does not really have a lot of health, so the challenge is more to keep it alive than anything else. The biggest problem is likely it dying because it fixates on someone on the other side of the AoE damage going on, and runs right into it. For this reason the person who gets fixated on must be quick to react to move it to a path where it won't take any damage.

Death Knights are great for this achievement, since they can use Death Grip to quickly get the raptor out of any AoE effects if it is needed. It is typically enough with a single DK to keep an eye out for this, but it won't hurt to have a backup just in case.

Anyway, everyone get the achievement if you complete the encounter with the raptor still living.

How to complete the "We Got Spirits, How About You?" achievement

The We Got Spirit, How About You? is obtainable during the King Rastakhan encounter, and it's one of the easier achievements in the meta. As the achievement text says, keep all the phantom that spawns alive.

The best and easiest strategy is to just have a third tank that aggros all the phantoms that spawns, and tank them away from the raid. Make sure to keep interrupting Grave Bolt, and other than that, just kill the boss regularly.

How to complete the "I Got Next!" achievement

You need an engineer with both Blingtron 4000 and Blingtron 5000 for this (or two different ones that have both combined). Make sure to put both of these down in the room just before you pull High Tinker Mekkatorque. This will make the Blingtron MK2 spawn at the first phase of the encounter. 

Focus on killing the Blingtron MK2 before going back to finishing off the boss, and everyone in the raid will get the achievement. 

How to complete the "De Lurker Be'loa" achievement

In order to get the De Lurker Be'loa, your raid need to summon the mob with the same name, while also fighting and defeating the Stormwall Blockade encounter. It's important to keep in mind that you do not need to defeat De Lurker Be'loa for the achievement, so the best strategy for this achievement is to get a players, preferably an Outlaw Rogue to be on lurker duty and stun the mob every time it begins to cast Hydro Blast. This will hurt your raid a lot, so always try to prevent this. 

With the Outlaw Rogue stunning De Lurker Be'loa, the rest of the raid should focus on fighting the raid encounter, and ideally not having to worry much about De Lurker Be'loa at all. 

To summon De Lurker Be'loa, click on the fish pool that is located to the left of the docks after the boss has been engaged. A player must summon the mob by interacting with the fishing pool, then dodging incoming waves and swirls for two minutes. It can be a bit tricky to summon it if you don't pay attention, but most players should be able to do it within a few attempts. 

How to complete the "Snow Fun Allowed" achievement

The final achievement in this guide is tied to the Jaina Proudmoore encounter, and you will need to both build and destroy a snowman during the Jaina encounter. 

You are able to build the snowman during the Howling Winds intermissions, where 3 different snow mounds will spawn on the ground. Some players need to run trough all three of these before going to interrupt Jaina's spell. Rogues or Demon Hunters are good picks for running in the three snow mounds, but any class can do it really. 

Anyway, the players who has ran trough the three snow mounds will need to go a barrel and stack together there, and a Frosty Snowman will spawn. This is currently immune to all damage in this state. 

At this point you need to wait until someone in the raid is targeted by the Broadside spell cast by Jaina, and this player should then run directly to the snowman to remove its buff that makes it immune to damage. Snow damage it (it should be easy to kill), and you just need to focus on finishing the encounter to complete the final achievement in the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider meta-achievement!

How to exit Alexander's Temple in "Plight of the Rebels" (Assassin's Creed: Origins)

At one point during the Plight of the Rebels quest chain in Assassin's Creed: Origins, you will find yourself in a room below Alexander's Temple. During the quest the boy you saved will ask you to find another way out of the room since he is afraid to go out in the water. It is fairly obvious where the game wants you to exit, since there is a large bookcase that blocks the exit, only blocked by a few breakable vases.

The problem is that a lot of players are unable to open the passage that is blocked by the bookcase, and when trying to move it, nothing really happens. This is a well-known problem, but it's easy to fix.

What you need to do is first to move the bookcase a few steps back. It's not perfectly aligned with the track that you need to use to move it asides, but it will be if you fully drag if back first. Once you drag it a bit back, you should be able to move it on the tracks and open the exit out of Alexander's Temple.

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How to remove rads without losing mutations (Fallout 76)

You have to get your character exposed to radiation damage in order to get mutations in Fallout 76, but what do you do when you get the mutations you want, but also want to get rid of your radiation? Generally you would use Rad-Away, but that's no good if you want to keep your mutations, since this will also remove these.

The only solution for this problem is to make your mutations permanent. This is done by investing two skill points into the perk Starched Genes. This will prevent mutations from being removed upon the character getting healed for radiation damage, so this is the method to being able to keep the mutations without having to live with a constantly high radiation damage.

How to get to Overseer Krix rare mob in Arathi Highlands (World of Warcraft)

Overseer Krix is a rare mob in the level 120 version of Arathi Highlands. This rare mob is one that you definitely want to kill, since he has a chance to drop the donkey mount Lil' Donkey. The drop rate for the donkey mount is around 10 %, so it should not be too painful to farm the mount, especially if you have a handful of level 120 characters.

As with all the other Warfront rare mobs, Overseer Krix can only be killed once per Warfront cycle, so this means that you get a shot at the mount roughly once per 12-14 days. His loot resets when your faction captures the Warfront, but in contrast to a lot of the rare mobs in the zone, you can only kill him when your own faction controls the warfront zone. Basically, if there's a portal in your main hub you can kill him and get loot, and if not you have to wait.

Where to find Overseer Krix

So, your faction controls the Warfront zone Arathi Highlands, but where is Overseer Krix located? The answer depends on whether you play Horde or Alliance.

When the Alliance controls the Arathi Highlands, Overseer Krix is located at the Horde's mines. 

When the Horde controls the Arathi Highlands, Overseer Krix is located at the Alliance's mines. 

The mines are where the opposite faction enters to get Iron for the Warfront Scenario. It should not be too difficult to find him down in the mines, since he chills out in the main entrance room. So just follow the path until you head down the two sets of stairs, and he will be waiting there.

How to enter Legion raids LFR mode solo (World of Warcraft)

Once Battle for Azeroth launched, Blizzard patched in the option for players to queue for the Looking for Raid version of Legion raids alone. This allows you to solo the entire raid if you are able to, getting all that cool transmog gear you might have missed when you played Legion.

It's very easy to get into Legion LFR raids, and just head to Dalaran. Go towards the Violet Hold and find Archmage Timear there. Speak with him to select the LFR raid you want to solo queue for, and you're good to go. You won't have to wait since you queue to play it solo, and you will be instantly teleported to the raid.

How to find portals easily (Portal Knights)

It can be a big challenge to find the portals that lead to the next island  in Portal Knights, but there is a small trick that makes this so much easier. What you need is to craft yourself an item called the Arcane Compass. This is not just a regular compass, because if you use it, lots of arrows will show up around your character, and points towards any unopened portal in this island. This allows you to find unopened portals very easily!

So with the Arcane Compass used, just follow the arrows, and they will eventually lead you to the portal. If it leads to a random spot on an island where there is nothing, chances are that it is underground. You can either go look for the cave entrance yourself, or just dig a straight path down and hope you don't eventually fall to your death in the portal room below you.

How to get an Arcane Compass

The Arcane Compass can be crafted from the Workbench lvl 2. It requires pretty basic crafting materials, and the full list of crafting materials are as following:
1x Copper Bar. Create this at the Furnace with 3x Copper Ore and 1x Coal.
1x Verdant Emerald. Find this by mining on low-level islands.
8x Blue Portal Shards. Find these by killing monsters in low-level islands.

Now craft the Arcane Compass and put it on your action bar. Use it at any point to spawn the arrows that will points towards the closest unopened portal on an island.

How to get Relics (My Time at Portia)

Relics in My Time at Portia plays an important role, and can be used to give the players buffs, or give increased friendship levels when given to the Museum. You don't find complete Relics by themselves, but you will instead find Relic Pieces that can be restored to Relics. This is done by finding all the pieces of the same relic, and bring these along with Data Discs to a Recovery Machine.

There are currently a few ways to obtain Relic Pieces;

1) Find Relic Pieces in the Abandoned Ruins

The Abandoned Ruins are the main areas for mining in My Time at Portia, and you can find both ores, Data Discs, and Relic Pieces here. All the different ruins will give you Relic Pieces, so make sure to go there even if its one of the ruins you don't generally prefer. The best method for getting Relic Pieces is to use the Relic Detector, since this item will allow you to press F to see where the Relic Pieces are located.

The Relic Detector can be upgraded to be even more useful, and this 5,000 Gol investment is great for hunting Relic Pieces.

2) Find Relic Pieces in Lucky Sacks

The travelling NPC called The Mysterious Man sells an mystery item called a Lucky Sack (as well as other items of course). Each Lucky Sack cost 1,000 Gols, and typically cotains a single random Relic Piece. However, the sack can also contain other mining-related items, so you might not find a Relic Piece every single time.

Buying Lucky Sacks from The Mysterious Man is a great way to get Relic Pieces if you got a lot of spare Gols laying around, and prefer to spend that instead of mining.

If you don't know how and where to find The Myserious Man, make sure to check out this guide!

Finding Relic Pieces in My Time at Portia

These two methods are the only ways to find Relic Pieces in My Time at Portia, and it should be pretty straight-forward how to do it by now. So just head to the Abandoned Ruins and get mining, and you will have resorted a lot of Artifacts before you know it.

How to open the door after The Illidari Council (World of Warcraft)

After you defeat The Illidari Council in The Black Temple, you will soon find out that there is a big door that prevents you from progressing further into the raid and fight the final boss, Illidan Stormrage himself. However, it's quite easy to open this door, and what you need to do is head down to the room where you fought with The Illidari Council. At this point Akama should have arrived there, and speak with him. He gives you a dialogue option to ask for his help, so do this. He will now run up the stairs and open the door for you (after a bit of RP).

And that's it! The door is open, and you are ready to fight Illidan.

How and where to find the Mysterious Man (My Time at Portia)

The Mysterious Man is a travelling salesman that will sell a variety of goods to the player, including a Lucky Sack (that has a high chance to contain a random Relic Piece), some cool and unique items, as well as the famous Wedding Ring.

In order to trade with the Mysterious Man, you first need to find him. This is easier said than done, because he is only in Portia a few days per month. He will always show up on Saturday the 27th and depart at the night between Sunday 28th and Monday 1st (of next month). This means that you can only trade with him during Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

So, where to find the Mysterious Man during these two days? He does not just rest in a fixed location, and instead spends his time in Portia travelling around the city. Luckily for us, we are able to track him on our map, so he should not be too hard to come across!

Here's his full schedule if you want to find him very easily. This applies for both Saturday and Sunday.

7:00 Arrives at Portia Harbor.
15:00 Arrives at Peach Plaza.
17:00 Arrives at Central Plaza.
18:30 Wanders from Central Plaza to his store Close to the Hazardous Ruins gate.
20:30 Arrives at Mysterious Man store. At this point it's too late to trade with him, so get to him before this time!

How to begin the Shade of Akama encounter (World of Warcraft)

Shade of Akama is the second boss in The Black Temple, and some players have reported problems with finding out how to begin the encounter. When you enter the room where Shade of Akama is located, begin it by quickly clearing out all the enemies in the room. Once this is done, Akama (the real one, not the shade) will spawn close to the entrance to the room. Speak with him to begin the encounter.

And that's how you begin the Shade of Akama encounter in The Black Temple. It's very easy once you know how.

How to get more inventory space (Resident Evil 2)

Managing the inventory in Resident Evil 2 is kind of one of the challenges of this survival horror game, but it's possible to increase the inventory space you start off with. In order to increase your inventory space in Resident Evil 2, you need to find an item called the Hip Pouch. This is a consumable item that will permanently increase your inventory space by a little (each gives you 2 additional inventory space slots).

There are a total of 6 Hip Pouches hidden in the game, and you will get a decently sized inventory space if you manage to find all six of them (+12 inventory spaces in total). Their location is the same whether you play as Claire or Leon, but they will be in a slightly different position on your second play-trough of the game.

How to save the game (Resident Evil 2)

Resident Evil 2 uses a type of autosave system, but these are few and far between. You should definitely not rely too heavily on the autosaving, and if you want to play the game without a constant fear of loosing all your current progress, finding out how to save in Resident Evil 2 is important.

Like many survival games, you cannot just open the main menu and save any time you like. Instead what you need to do is to find a typewriter. These typewriters function like a save point, so interact with this typewriter to open up the save menu. This gives you the ability to save on one of several slots, and if you play on Standard or Assisted difficulty, you should save as often as you find a typewriter.

If you play on Hardcore difficulty, it get's a bit more tricky. However, here's how to save your game on hardcore difficulty in Resident Evil 2. Before you are able to interact with the typewriter, you need to find an item called Ink Ribbon. These consumable items are scattered all around the game, so you will need to just search boxes and keep your eyes open for them as you play the game. They are kind of rare, so don't expect to be able to save on every typewriter.

Saving in hardcore mode in Resident Evil 2 consumes 1 x Ink Ribbon, so you will need to constantly find more of them if you want to further save your progress. Anyway, that's how you save your game in Resident Evil. Good luck!

How to make 30 % more Gols from commissions and the Story Missions (My Time at Portia)

Commissions and story commissions are a great way to get Gols in My Time At Portia, but did you know that it's possible to get an extra 30 % Gols from every single commission you complete, including story commissions?

With an added 30 %, the Gol rewards adds up very fast, and it's not too difficult to get a permanent 30 % increase in Gol rewards. You will need to do two things to get the increase:

1) Get level 4 of the skill "Commerce Hot Shot". This is located in the Social skill tree, and it's worth picking up early if you want to get more Gols. The four ranks in this skill alone will increase your Gols earned from commissions by 20 %.

2) Get to maximum friendship level with Antoine. This allows you to get an additional + 10 % Gols from finishing commissions, and it stacks with the Commerce Hot Shot skill above, giving you a total of + 30 %.

You get a gradual increase from becoming friends with Antoine; at Buddy you get + 3%, at Friend you get + 6%, and at Lover you get + 10%. These to not stack, and only the "final" level actually counts. So you get + 10 %, not + 19%.

If you want to get easy friendship level with Antoine, please check out our full guide to all NPC gifting in My Time at Portia. This is a full list of all the things you should be giving to all the different characters if you want to befriend them and get their bonuses. However, if you just want to get up your friendship level with Antoine, the following items are the best to give him: Small Satchel, Sapphire Ring, Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad, and Roses.

Out of these, Fruit Salad is probably the easiest to make, and you get the recipe for it randomly by using the Cooking Set to create food.

Friday, January 25, 2019

How to get the Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun (Resident Evil 2)

The Samurai Edge Handgun is one of the best weapons to take out zombies, but it's even better to get the "Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun" that, as the name implies, never run out of ammo!

Getting the Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun can be very difficult, so be prepared for that before getting too invested with it. Odds are that most players won't be able to get it unless they invest a lot of time getting good at the game. This is because you need to finish the game with an S rank to get it.

Getting an S rank for your entire playtrough is actually quite difficult, and if you play on Standard difficulty, it means that you must finish the entire game from start of finish in under four hours. However, this only applies for your first run! In your second, and all following runs, you will need to beat the entire game in under 3 hours in Standard mode.

If you manage to do this, you get the famous S rank, and you will be awarded with the Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun.

You will be able to tell if you did it, because you will be greeted with a message in the main menu after you complete it. It will tell you that you unlocked the Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun, and at that point all your saves will have this gun with the unlimited ammo in an item box.

How to get the Club Key (Resident Evil 2)

The Club Key in Resident Evil 2 is a large silver key, and it is one of the four "card themed" keys you will need to find in order to progress trough the main game.

The first step in getting the Club Key is to find Ben in the cells of the Police Department. He will ask you to head to the kennel to access the sewers, to head that way. Remember to grab the crowbar next to him first tough. When you find the manhole that leads you to the sewers, go in and make your way trough thit. At one point you will reach a locked door near the Septic Pool, but boost Ada through the vent and take control of her.

After entering this room, follow the little girl that runs away from Ada until you reach the Cesspool Tank. Kill all the zombies here, and drop down until you find a box, shortly followed by two more boxes. Line these up to a straight line and head back where you entered the room. Press the control panel with the green button, and this will flood the room. Now use the boxes you lined up to walk across the flooded room and grab the Club Key!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to use the sounds and soundtrack from the original PS1 game (Resident Evil 2)

Resident Evil 2 (2019) is a remake of a game of the same name that was released back in 1998. The updated version is great, but some fans might miss the original soundtrack and sound effects that used to be found in the original. If not because they were superior, they might scratch an itch of nostalgia for some.

Anyway, it's absolutely possible to change from the updated soundtrack and sound effect back to the originals in the 2019 release of the game. Unfortunately you have to own either the Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition to be able to to this.

So if you have either of these versions, go to the main menu (Options on PS4 / Esc on PC / Menu on Xbox 1) Click on "Choose Audio" and scroll far down. This menu will give you the option to use the class soundtrack and the classic sound effects.

If you change your mind later and want to revert back, simply return to this menu and select the remaked soundtrack again. You can change it at any point while playing, so it's far from a permanent choice.

How to summon hard mode bosses (Portal Knights)

After you have beaten all the bosses and completed the main story in Portal Knights, the next challenge that waits for you are the hard mode bosses. These are level 35 versions of the regular bosses, and they are both much more difficult, has a lot more health points, deal more damage, and are generally very demanding to kill.

It is advised to be level 30 with somewhat good gear before you even begin to tackle the hard more bosses, because even the first of the three hard mode bosses will give you a challenge. Even at level 30, the bosses have a 5 level advantage over you.

All the hard mode bosses can drop a lot of cool stuff, including pets, Recipes, weapons, equipment and rare building materials.

Anyway, in order to summon the hard mode bosses you will need an item. Each boss has its own item that you need to craft in order to summon it, and the following three items allow you to summon the three hard mode bosses:

1) How to summon the Ancient Evil Electro Worm (hard mode version of the Ancient Worm)

The Ancient Evil Electro Worm is the first of the hardbosses, and you need to craft an item called the Relic of Thunder to summon him. But before you can do that you will need to get the Recipe for the Relic of Thunder, which is a rare drop from the Ancient Worm - the non-hard mode version of the boss. This should be easy to farm since the boss is only level 10, but you will need a bit of luck to get the Recipe.

Once you have the Recipe for the Relic of Thunder, craft it at the Alchemy Table for 4 x Energy Crystals and 16 x Electro Quartz. This creates the one-time use Relic of Thunder. Use this to create/spawn an event that pops up on the map with its own island. Go to this island to fight the Ancient Evil Electro Worm.

2) How to summon the Arctic Dragon Countess (hard mode version of the Dragon Queen)

In order to be able to fight the Arctic Dragon Countess, you need to craft and use a Relic of Frost. But first you need the Recipe, which is a rare drop from the Dragon Queen. When you have the Recipe, collect and bring 4 x Energy Crystals and 16 x Sea Sapphire to the Alchemy Table to craft a Relic of Frost.

Use the Relic of Frost to spawn an event with an event island that allows you to fight the Arctic Dragon Countess.

3) How to summon the King of Light (hard mode version of the Hollow King)

Begin by grinding the Recipe for Relic of Light from the Hollow King. When you obtain that, get 16 x Sun Diamonds and 4 x Energy Crystals to the Alchemy Table.

This allows you to craft the Relic of Light, a consumable item that begins an event with its own island. Go to this to fight the King of Light, the third and final hard mode boss.

How to create a Steem Monsters account

One of the most unique features about Steem Monsters is that this game runs entirely on a blockchain instead of using traditional servers. This means that you don't really need a "Steem Monsters account", but can instead just use any account on the Steem blockchain (a "Steem account"). This means that you can obtain the account from any Dapp that gives away or sell Steem accounts, and you don't need to get it directly from Steem Monsters.

That said, one of the easiest ways to get a Steem Monsters account is to create one from the Steem Monsters website. On the main website, click on the "Get in the game" banner to be taken to the account registration menu, and you will be promted to buy a Starter Set for $10. You will need to buy this Starter Set even if you have a Steem account from another location, so you might as well buy it directly.

During the process of buying the Starter Set, you will be asked if you have a Steem account already. If you don't, now is the time to create one. Steem Monsters will create it for you as part of this process, and it will be ready to use right after you have bought the Starter Set.

You can buy the Steem Monsters Starter Set and account with pretty much any crypto, with a Promo Code that they give away every once in a while, or with credit card. The last option is great for those of you who don't really know much about blokchains yet.

How to redeem pre-order bonuses (Resident Evil 2)

There are some pre-order goodies to enjoy for anyone who pre-ordered Resident Evil 2, including:
- The Arklay Sheriff costume for Leon.
- The Military costume for Claire.
- The Noir costume for Claire.
- The Noir costume for Leon.
- The Elza Walker costume for Claire.
- Samurai Edge - Albert Model handgun.

As you see, there are 5 costumes as well as a single weapon as the pre-order bonus, so how do you actually redeem these?

The answer is that you don't actually need to redeem them at all. If you play a game with the pre-order license attached to it, the bonuses will already be in your game. So there is no need to write down a code or anything like that.

To find the costumes, go to the Menu after you have loaded a game, and select the Costumes menu. Now just click on the costume you want to use, and it's ready to go.

As for the Samurai Edge handgun, go to any item box in the game, and it will be there. Just loot it and play with it as you like.

How to change the difficulty (Resident Evil 2)

There are three different difficulty modes in Resident Evil 2; Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore. You select the difficulty you desire when you begin a new save file, but how do you deal with it if you change your mind later?

Hopefully you didn't find the game too easy, because it's actually impossible to change the difficulty to a higher version. You either have to stick with the difficulty you chose, or begin a new save on a more difficult difficulty.

However, if you want to make it easier, then you are able to!

Here's how to change the difficulty in Resident Evil 2 if you want to make it easier

The method to change the difficulty to be easier in Resident Evil 2 is to die a whole lot of times! After a certain amount of deaths, the game will ask you if you want to lower the difficulty during the "Game Over" screen. If you play on hardcore, it will ask you if you want to lower it to Standard, and it will ask you to lower it to Assisted if you die a lot on a Standard difficulty game file. You can go from Hardcore to Assisted as well, but you have to first lower it to Standard, then die many times again until the game ask you once more to lower the difficulty.

There is no fixed number before the option pop up, but it should not take too long if you die repeatedly to get the option.

As mentioned above, it is impossible to increase the difficulty of the game, so this is a permanent choice. You can't lower it for a while and then turn it up again later, but you must instead create a new save file if you want to make it more difficult.

How to find Golden ice Brutes (Fortnite)

The Ice Legion invaded Fortnite during the Ice Storm event, bringing a lot of new things to the game. One of these things are the Golden Ice Brutes that many players aim to find and kill as part of their challenges, but it's easier said than done to find these guys.

There are three types of enemies in The Ice Legion; zombie-like Ice Fiends, long and thin Ice Wraiths, and the bulky Ice Brutes. The latter one is the one you want, and you can easily tell it apart from the other two mobs by it's large and bulky body size.

All the enemies of The Ice Legion spawns from one of the big Ice Crystals that are shattered all around the maps, so you want to seek out these. Now pray to the RNG gods, because any Ice Brute has a small chance to spawn as a Golden Ice Brute instead.

The Golden Ice Brutes drop better loot than the regular Ice Brutes, but they also require more damage taken before they die. Otherwise they behave exactly the same as the Ice Brutes.

You pretty much need a little bit of luck to find the Golden Ice Brutes, but it won't be too difficult to do if you play a lot close to the Ice Crystals that spawn enemies from The Ice Legion. Good luck!

How to equip and change costumes and outfits (Resident Evil 2)

Resident Evil 2 comes with a range of different costumes, and it's easy to change them any time you feel like it. Some costumes are unlocked by playing the game, such as getting the Alternative Costume by completing the main scenario. Other costumes are tied to DLCs, pre-orders etc., and are only available if you get them this way. 

Anyway, if you have a costume to equip, click on Options (Esc or the keyboard) and select "Costumes" from the menu. This gives you a list of all the costumes you have unlocked, and simply just choose from any of these. Both Claire and Leon can equip costumes.

If you want to go back to normal, choose the "Normal" costume to play without any costumes at all.

You can change your costume at any point in the game, as long as you can access the menu. So don't feel obliged to wear a certain costume, and just change when you feel like it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How to get the Azureshell Krolusk mount (World of Warcraft)

The Azureshell Krolusk is an Alliance-only mount that is tied to Warfront participation. This mount was added in path 8.1 of World of Warcraft, and the only way to get it is to buy it for 200 x 7th Legion Service Medals.

You must get all 200 7th Legion Service Medals on a single character since you cannot trade these between your characters.

When you have 200 x 7th Legion Service Medals, buy the mount from Provisioner Stoutforge. When you learn it, it can be used by any Alliance character on your Blizzard account.

How to get 200 7th Legion Service Medals

You get 7th Legion Service Medals in four different ways right now:

1) Complete the Warfront win quest. Each Warfront cycle each of your characters will get a quest to win the Warfront, and this quest awards 15 x 7th Legion Service Medals along with a piece of high ilvl gear.

2) Win Faction Assaults. These will happen roughly once per day (or more like every 18 hours), and "winning" on by doing 4 World Quests followed by a short regular quest gives you 5 x 7th Legion Service Medals.

3) Complete Warfront zone World Quests. When the Alliance controls a Warfront zone, you get access to 5 World Quests that reset daily. Each of these award one Service Medal each, so you can get 5 x 7th Legion Service Medals per day per zone that the Alliance controls.

4) Open 7th Legion Paragon Caches. After you reach Exalted with the 7th Legion, you begin to gain Paragon Reputation, which gives you a Paragon Cache after every 10k rep obtained with them. This cache includes some nice stuff, including 25x 7th legion Service Medals. You won't get these too often tough, but they are a nice bonus when you get one.

As you can see, there are not many sources of the 7th Legion Service Medals, and most of them are gated behind daily or weekly cycles, making it difficult to grind all the 200 Service Medals needed in a short time. I would expect that most people use between 2 and 3 weeks of daily or close to daily farming to get this mount, so be prepared to spend some time on getting the Azureshell Krolusk.

How to get a pet to follow you (Portal Knights)

There are lots of cool pets in Portal Knights, and any of these can be attached to your character. When you do this, the pet will follow you around when you play the game, giving you a cute companion.

The pets don't do any damage or help you out in any way, so feel free to use whichever pet you think looks the best alongside your character.

In order to have a pet follow you, first make sure it is in your inventory and not in a chest somewhere. Now head to the equipment screen where you change your gear, and look to the bottom left corner. There is a small, kind of hidden pet slot there. Just click on this and you get to choose between all the pets in your inventory. Equip the pet you want to follow you, and it will be moved from your inventory to the pet equipment slot, where it will stay until you either remove it or replace it with another pet.

How to get your own Recovery Machine (My Time At Portia)

The Recovery Machine in My Time at Portia allows you to restore Relics, which you must do if you want to donate it to the Museum. You begin the game by using the Recovery Machine at the Research Center, but you are also able to get one for yourself later in the game.

In order to get your own Recovery Machine, you will need to have donated at least 10 different Relics, Fish, or Artwork to the Museum. Once you reach a total of 10 items donated, you will get the Recovery Machine as a reward. At this point you can place it in your home to make it much easier to restore the Relics you find.

There are currently no other ways to obtain your own Recovery Machine, so you better get Relic hunting if you want to have this station for yourself.

All Museum Donation rewards in My Time At Portia

You can donate Relics, Artwork, and Fish to the Museum in My Time at Portia to get unique rewards that you won't be able to get anywhere else in the game. In order to donate items, go to the Museum and talk with Merlin, and interact with open places where you can place the items you want to donate.

Each item can only be donated once, so it's actually a bit difficult to get the rewards that require the most items donated.

All rewards from donating items to the Museum in My Time at Portia

3: Small Waste Bin.
5: Magician's Hat.
10: Recovery Machine
20: Colorful Hat.
30: Safety Box.
40: Cushioned Couch and Party Table.
50: Marble Flower Bed.

How to get the Cooking Set (My Time At Portia)

The Cooking Set allows players to cook raw materials into food in My Time At Portia, and it's a great crafting station to have. Unfortunately a lot of players don't really understand how to get this because the Blueprint can be a bit tricky to obtain, but it's actually pretty easy when you know how.

The Cooking Set is obtained by crafting it at the Assembly Station, and the materials are as follows:
- 6 x Stone Brick. These are crafted from 8 x Stones at the Stone Furnace.
- 1 x Iron Pan. Craft this item by combining 5x Rubber Fruit with 5x Iron Bar at the Level 2 Worktable.
- 3 x Marble Plank. This is created by using 3 x Marble at the Civil Cutter.

Once you have crafted it, simply place it where you want to have it, and begin experimenting on making food.

Obtaining the Blueprint for the Cooking Set

Before you can craft the Cooking Set, you must obtain the Blueprint. Getting this can be a little tricky if you don't know how to do it.

The Blueprint is obtained by donating Data Discs to Petra at the Research Center. You will get the Blueprint exactly 3 days after donating 5 x Data Discs for the first time, and at this point you can make the Cooking set any time you want.

It's important to donate exactly 5 Data Discs, and not choose the 10x or 20x options, since these give other rewards.

How to get the Bloodthirsty Dreadwing mount (World of Warcraft)

The Bloodthirsty Dreadwing mount is a Horde-only mount added in World of Warcraft path 8.1. This unique bat can be purchased for 750 x Honorbound Service Medals from Provisioner Mukra in Dazar'Alor.

In order to get this, you will need to obtain all 750 Honorbound Service Medals on the same character, then buy the mount from Provisioner Mukra. When you learn it, any character Horde can use it tough, as long as they are level 20+ of course.

The Honorbound Service Medals you need are tied to Warfront content, and there are currently four main ways to get these service medals:
1) Win a Warfront. Each new Warfront cycle will give you a quest to complete that Warfront. This quest gives you an item, as well as 15 x Honorbound Service Medals. Since it's tied to each Warfront cycle, you can only get this quest roughly every 2 weeks.
2) Participate in Faction Assaults. These pop up on the map pretty much every day, and you can "win" these by completing four World Quests, then do a short quest. Each of these give you 5 Honorbound Service Medals, potentially giving you 5 Service Medals daily.
3) Complete Warfront World Quests. When the Horde controls any Warfront zones, all level 120 Horde characters will get 5 World Quest in each controlled Warfront zone. These reset daily, so you can get 5x Honorbound Service Medals from each controlled zone per day.
4) Complete Honorbound Paragon Reputation. Every 10k reputation after having already gotten Exalted awards you with a Honorbound Paragon Cache. This includes some great items, as well as 20 x Honorbound Service Medals, so they are well worth the time it takes to farm extra rep!

As you can see, getting 750 Service Medals can take a while, even if you do all the possible things every day. So expect to spend at least a few months to grind for this, unless you are willing to log into the game at crazy times to complete all the Faction Assaults.