Friday, December 6, 2019

How to get Perfect Asgardian Steel (God of War)

You will need to find Perfect Asgardian Steel if you want to craft some of the best Gear in God of War, but these resources are difficult to come by. So where do we even get Perfect Asgardian Steel?

The answer is that Perfect Asgardian Steel can drop from any Valkyrie enemy in the game. You get them randomly by killing them, but expect to kill a lot off them before you get one. You do however get an increased chance as you kill more, since there is a limited number of Valkyries that you can kill, and the game will give you all the Perfect Asgardian Steel in the game when you have killed all the Valkyries.

The best method to farming them is to just keep killing all the Valkyries you come across in the game, and you will likely get enough Perfect Asgardian Steel soon enough.

Should you sell Artefacts? (God of War)

When you are playing God of War, you will soon find a lot of different Artefacts all around Midgard and the other realms. If you collect an entire set, you will get a lot of XP, but you can also choose to sell these Artefacts at any point. But should you sell the Artefacts you find?

The answer is that you should always sell all the Artefacts you find at the first chance. Most of them can be sold for a nice sum of money, and they have absolutely no use to the player after you have picked them up from the ground. So sell them for a decent amount of Hacksilver when you have the chance to, and use that money on something more important than Artefacts.

You can sell your Artefacts before you complete the entire set, since the collection tab will register how many Artefacts you find, not how many you keep. So you do not need to find the entire set before you sell the Artefacts you find.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

How to launch Red Dead Redemption 2 without the Rockstar Launcher

A lot of players have been extremely frustrated with the lackluster Rockstar Launcher that is needed to play Red Dead Redemption 2, but there's a very easy fix that will allow you to play the game without using the launcher at all.

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All you need to do is to rename the "rdr2.exe" file to "gtav.exe", and the game will launch fine without the use of the launcher. This is probably not intended to work, but it really does, so change the file name and you won't have to bother with the subpar Rockstar Launcher anymore, and can just enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2 without all the issues from the launcher.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to fix the "there has been an error communicating with franchise server" error in Planet Zoo

Some players who tries to start at new save in Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo get the "there has been an error communicating with franchise server" error. The bug part about this error is that these users are actually connected to the internet, so there is something else that is causing this problem. This prevents them from being able to actually play the game, which is very frustrating, but luckily for us there is a very easy fix for this error.

All you need to do to fix the error is to give your company another name. The bug comes as a result of the company name you are trying being the same as a name you used for a beta save, so the game bugs out a bit. So just try another name, and you will most likely be able to create a new Franchise Mode save in Planet Zoo without any more problems or errors.

How to get Sugary Soul Shards (World of Warcraft)

Sugary Soul Shards are a consumable item that gives the entire world a dark tint, while also turning the sky purple. It gives a very ethereal look, and each Sugary Soul Shard buffs the player for 5 minutes.

You can likely only get the Sugary Soul Shards during the 15 Year Anniversary for World of Warcraft, and right now we do not know if they will return in the coming anniversaries.

Anyway, you can get the Sugary Soul Shards by purchasing them from a vendor called Waiter. He is found in Caverns of Time, just next to Chromie and the Chronocrystals there. He will only be there for the 15 year Anniversary, and will disappear when this event is over. They cost 5g per stack of 5, so effectively 1g each.

Them item does not seem to be limited to the event, meaning that you can likely stack up on them if you want to, and use them after the event is over. You just won't be able to buy any new ones.

How to walk around in the park as if you were a guest (Planet Zoo)

Have you ever wanted to walk around in your zoological park just like if you were a guest in it in Planet Zoo? While this is not something that is readily available in the game, it's actually possible to do this by using a "cheat code". Cheat codes in Planet Zoo works by having you rename a staff member, and their name is the cheat you want to use.

So if you want to just lock down the camera and walk around in the park as a guest, rename any staff member to "tegidcam", save their name change, and you are ready to go! Just change their name back again to something else when you are done with this new perspective of your zoo.

Will Planet Zoo be released for Mac?

Mac players are wondering if they will ever be able to build a zoo in Planet Zoo just like Windows players are, but right now there is no official word on the matter.

Despite the developer not having said anything, it seems very unlikely that they will ever release a Mac version of the game. The reason for this is that they have removed all Mac support from their previous titles just a little while ago, so it seems likely that they have chosen to focus completely on making the game for Windows.

This means that a Mac version of Planet Zoo is possible, but extremely unlikely.

Bugfix for when Planet Zoo freezes right after launching

Some players experience a bug where the entire game freezes just after they launch the game, essentially preventing them from even playing at all. This is obviously super annoying when you are excited to play Planet Zoo, but luckily there's a pretty simple fix for the problem.

The solution to the bug where the game freezes upon launching is to set compatibility mode to Windows 7. This emulates the game to launch in Windows 7 instead of the current OS you are using, which will usually make the bug go away.

What the different types of staff are for in Planet Zoo

There are a total of 4 different type of staff that you can employ in Planet Zoo, and they are all essential to have if you want to run a successful zoo. In this post we are going to be taking a closer look at what each of the different type of staff actually does in your park.

The Caretakers are the type of staff that are involved in cleaning the park and making sure that there is no litter around, that the toilets are clean and stuff like that. In addition they can help transporting animals between facilities and habitats.

The Zookeepers are working directly with the animals by feeding them, refilling their water containers and cleaning their living areas. If you forget to hire any zookeepers, your animals will get very unhappy very quickly when they have no one to feed them.

The Mechanics are responsible for all the mechanical stuff in your park, which is a lot more than it might look like. These guys are responsible for making sure that your Water Facilities and Power Facilities are running smoothly, and these will break down if you don't have Mechanics to check up on them somewhat frequently. If they do break down, you will also need Mechanics to fix them again.

The last type of staff are the Veterinarians. These work on treating illnesses and injuries that animals get, help capture escaped animals, and can research animals that are in the zoo to improve the food and supplements that you give them, or improve the breeding successes of your animals.

All the four different types of staff are important in their own way, and it is close to impossible to run a zoo without having all four types present in your park.

Zookeepers are not feeding the animals - how to fix this bug in Planet Zoo

There's a bug in Planet Zoo where Zookeeper simply refuse to give food to the animals. This obviously has huge consequences, because the animals will first become very unhappy, and eventually they will die from starvation.

Keep in mind that while some players are getting the bug where the zookeepers won't feed the animals, other users have done something wrong that prevents the zookeepers from actually doing their job. Have you made sure that the staff have access to a Staff Room? If not, that might be why they refuse to feed the animals.

Some users will experience that the zookeepers refuse to feed the animals no matter what, and unfortunately this is a known bug tied to pathfinding in the game. Basically the zookeepers get stuck trying to find a path to get into the enclosure and the feeding area. At the current time, there is simply nothing you can do to fix the bug easily, but there are some workarounds that you can use until the bug is fixed in a patch.

The only method to fix this bug is to change the layout of the enclosure to force the zookeepers to use another path to get to the feeding area. This will usually solve the bug, but it requires some effort. If it does not fix it, you might not have made a big enough change for the pathing to be changed.

How to fix the random error when making a new save in Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo

A lot of players have reported getting an error with a lot of different, random numbers whenever they try to create a new save file in the Franchise Mode in Planet Zoo for the first time. This is obviously preventing them from playing the game, but luckily there's a pretty easy fix for it.

The problem that is causing this bug is a save file from the beta version of the game, so this is only something that previous beta players should experience. What you need to do to fix this is to locate the save files for your game, then delete or rename the save files you have. This will allow you to create a fresh save, and you won't get the error the next time you boot up the Franchise Mode.

If the error is still there, try giving your Company another name. This seem to fix it for the rest of the players.

How to find the Deluxe Edition DLC of Planet Zoo Music and Wallpapers

If you bought the Deluxe Edition of Planet Zoo, you got 3 additional animals, as well as some other goodies. Some of these other goodies are Music and Wallpapers, but a lot of players are having issues with locating these. So, where do you find the Deluxe Edition Music and Wallpapers in Planet Zoo?

You actually need to find the Music from Steam. Click on the "View" tab in the upper left corner, then choose the "Music Player" from the menu. This will allow you to play the music from the game.

As for the Wallpapers, you will need to locate them within the game files. These are typically found in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\Wallpapers

But the exact location can vary depending on where you have installed Steam etc.

You can also find the music in pretty much the same place, but go to the following location instead:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\Soundtracks

How to visit other parks (Planet Zoo)

A lot of players are wondering how they can visit other parks in Planet Zoo, seeing as they will occasionally see other players in their own zoo. So, how do you visit other zoos in Planet Zoo?

The answer is that this is not something that happens actively, but it is instead a passive activity that will randomly happen without you noticing. Whenever you download something from the workshop or interact with another player, you get tied to that player's zoo, and have a small chance to visit that player. This means that this other player will occasionally see your avatar in their own zoo, but you will not notice this happening.

So unfortunately you cannot go around and visit and browse other people's zoos as you wish, so if you want to take a look at their zoo, you will need to go to the Workshop on Steam, or check them out on YouTube or Twitch.

PS. if you ever see another player visiting your own zoo, make sure to greet them in order to get 20 Conservation Credits!