How to find mysterious alien artifacts / Error cubes (Deep Rock Galactic)

The mysterious alien artifacts are needed to unlock an achievement or trophy in Deep Rock Galactic, but it is not exactly clear what these are or how you find them. But we got you covered, so in this article we will be looking closer at the mysterious alien artifacts, and tell you how to find them. 

The mysterious alien artifacts in Deep Rock Galactic are called ERR://23¤Y%/ in-game (yes, really), and are referred to as Error cubes. The have a 3.84% chance of spawning on a mission when you start one, so they are very rare. You can find them by digging in spots with gray spikes sticking out of the rock (see the image below). 

Start digging in the spots like the one in the screenshot above to find an error cube / mysterious alien artifact. When you find it, bring it back to the MULE to deposit it. While you carry it, you will have a 25 % reduced movement speed and will be unable to sprint. 

As mentioned above, the error cube is extremely rare, so it will take you a long time to find all the 5 needed for the trophy / achievement. It can spawn in any mission on any planetary region. 

The error cube does not have a use other than being an easter egg. It will give everyone in the party 4000 XP each when someone deposits it to the MULE. 

The trophy that requires you to find 5 mysterious alien artifacts is called "What Are These Things?".