Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to find and use Ancient Reliquary Keys (Path of Exile)

The Ancient Reliquary Keys are only found in the Legacy Legaue, and they are used to open portals to the Ancient Reliquary. In there you will find a large chest containing one or more Legacy items. These are all items that has their original stats from before they recieved a makeover at one point in the game. Some of these Legacy Items are considered the most powerful items you can get your hands on, such as Legacy Kaom's Heart, which is worth several mirrors!

Anyway, to get the Ancient Reliquary Keys, simply play the game. They can drop at any level, from any mob, just like most currency items. Their rarity is about the same as an Exalted Orb, so they are not very common to find.

You can of course buy them from other players, and their price is around 40-50c per key. However, most items that drop in the chest are considered to be pretty bad, and you likely won't make your money back by purchasing these keys. But if you love to gamble and get some nice items, have fun!

Once you have a key put it into your Map Device to activate the portal. Only the owner of the key can open and loot the chest, so don't worry about being in a party. Once you have the portals spawned, just go to the chest in the large room to loot the Legacy item.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to get Chaos Orbs from vendors / Chaos Orb recipe (Path of Exile)

The Chaos Orb recipe is pretty useful to know, especially at beginning of new leagues when you need to get some currency to buy a decent set of gear. It requires a full set of ilvl 60+ items, which means the following:

- 1x Body armour
- 1 x 2-handed weapon or 2 x 1-handed weapons. You can use 2 x offhands or whatever, just fill up both weapon slots.
- 1 x gloves.
- 1 x boots.
- 2 x rings.
- 1 x amulet.
- 1 x belt.
- 1 x helmet.

Trade all of these in at the vendor at the same time, and the result should be a Chaos Orb. If it is a Chance Orb instead, it means that at least one of the items is lower than ilvl 60, so swap that one out for the correct one.

If all items are unidentified, the result from the trade is 2 x Chaos Orb instead of just the one. Some people prefer this double recipe, but in order to do this you might vendor some really good and valueable items.

How to find and use Leaguestones (Path of Exile)

Leaguestones are only found in the Legacy League, so you need a character in either Legacy League to be able to get them. Generally they can drop from any enemy just like all other items, and blue and yellow mobs also have a higher chance to drop them.

You will begin finding Leaguestones already at the beginning of the game, but they will be tied to a specific level bracket, so it is no need to save them until endgame.

To use them, simply right click on them while they are in your inventory. This will equip it onto your active Leaguestones (which can be accessed by clicking on H). You can have up to 3 active leaguestones at a time, and you can easily remove them from this interface the same way, if you don't want to use it now.

Each Leaguestone generally comes with 5 charges, so it will trigger in the first 5 zones you enter. Some Leaguestones have extra charges, and there is no way to increase the charges for the stones at the moment.

You can also buy and sell Leaguestones like any other item, and this can be done by going to and search for the Leaguestone you are interested in.