How to unlock Industrial Sabotage missions (Deep Rock Galactic)

Industrial Sabotage missions were added to Deep Rock Galactic in the Season 01: Rival Incursion patch, and is a completely new mission type that can spawn alongside other mission in the game. In contrast to all other mission types, you must unlock the Industrial Sabotage missions before you are able to play them. 

So, how do you actually unlock the Industrial Sabotage missions in Deep Rock Galactic? 

In order to unlock Industrial Sabotage missions, head to the Assignment Board and accept the assignment called Spec Ops: Sabotage Training. This assignment will have you do three missions, which should be fairly easy. Complete all three, and the new Industrial Sabotage missions will be unlocked. 

After you have completed the Spec Ops: Sabotage Training assignment, Industrial Sabotage missions will begin to randomly spawn on the map just like any other mission type. You can now start these and complete them at any time.