Top crops to plant for profit (Farm Together)

There are lots of different crops in Farm Together, and some of them are much more profitable to plant compared to others. In this guide we want to provide you with a list of all the crops that give you the most profit when farming, measured as gold profit per hour. This means that we also take the cost of buying the crop into account when calculating the cost, since this can change the result quite a bit.

The gold per hour rate is a great measurement when you want to really get a lot of gold in the game, but the crops with the highest profit will also require you to play the game continuously. So these crops might not be the best choice for casual players.

We have already written about the crops that give you the most XP per minute in Farm Together, and as you can see by browsing both guides, they have a huge overlap. So you won't have to decide between getting XP or gold, and you can instead have it both at the same time.

Anyway, let's get on with the list of the crops that give the most gold per hour!

#1: Melon - 5 gold profit per minute

Each Melon cost 1,000 gold to buy, and sell for 1,050, netting you a 50 gold profit per plant. They do give you a profit of 5 gold per minute, the highest of any crop in the game. The downside to the Melon is that it only takes 10 minutes to grow to full size, so you can't really take any breaks when planting and harvesting this crop.

You need to be at least level 15 to be able to plant Melons.

Melon also gives the best XP per hour rate, so it's overall an amazing crop to grow!

#2: Yellow Zucchini - 4.67 gold per minute

The Yellow Zucchini is unlocked at level 12, and can be bought for 850 gold per plant. After 15 minutes you can sell it for 920 gold, giving you a profit of 70 gold, or 4.67 gold per minute per plant. It's just a bit lower than the Melon, but since it takes a bit longer, it can often be worth it for some players.

#3: Broccoli - 3.33 gold profit per minute

The Broccoli takes a little longer to harvest compare to the other two above, but gives a decent 3.33 gold profit per minute. It takes a full hour to grow, and can only be purchased at level 30+. The cost of a single Broccoli seed is 5,000 gold, and they can be sold for 5,200 gold an hour later.

#4: Leek - 2.22 gold profit per minute

Leek is in the top 5 list, and takes 45 minutes to grow. It gives 2.22 gold profit per minute, so it's a big bump down from the other ones on the list, and we recommend planting Broccoli instead of Leek if you want an option that is longer than the 15 minutes of the Yellow Zucchini or 10 minutes for the Melons. The plus to the Leek tough is that it can be used at level 16, and it's much cheaper than the Broccoli. It only cost 1,250 gold to buy, and will sell for 1,350 gold 45 minutes later.

#5: Raspberry - 2.08 gold profit per minute

You unlock the Raspberries at level 22, and this crop can be bought for 3,500 gold. After two hours you are able to sell the harvest for 3,750 gold each, netting you a profit of 2.08 gold per minute. They are not by any means the most profitable crop, but they are a great option if you think you will have to spend a few hours away from the game.

Don't follow this list when you are stepping away from the game

Whenever you leave the game for a certain time, don't follow this guide blindly and plant Melons before you leave. This is because they only take 5 minutes to fully grow, and while they give an amazing gold per hour rate, they are not really going to make you rich if you don't harvest and replant often.

So if you are going to bed or to work or something like that, consider planting some crops that take longer to grow, such as Sunflowers, pineapples, or artichokes. These are not as good when looking at the per hour rate, but you will get back to the game and be able to get a lot of money right away.

Planting these crops requires you to have a rough idea of when you will be returning to the game again, since it's terribly boring to be stuck at home and wanting to play the game, but you can't really do it since you have to wait several hours for your crops to be ready.


  1. My player level is 27... I am pretty sure jicama has a better profit, at about $200 every 10-15 mins, depending on how often you water. That might be the delirium talking though, since I've probably played over 24 hours in the last 3 days.

  2. Water Melon takes 1 Day (24 hours) to grow. It does not profit 5 gold per minute!


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