Guide to unlocking all Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Keyblades have become a big icon for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and there are a total of 16 different Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. You cannot obtain all 17 of these on a single save file tough, but you should be able to obtain 14 of them if you don't own any of the pre-order unique Keyblades.

In this guide you will learn the location and method of unlocking all the 14 different Keyblades, as well as the 3 pre-order Keyblades. Whenever you get a Keyblade, it starts at level 0, so make sure to also learn how to upgrade your Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3.

All the different Keyblades have special stats and special, unique abilities tied to that particular Keyblade, so it is often very useful to get as many as possible, then play with your three favorites.

How to get the Kingdom Key Keyblade

The Kingdom Key Keyblade is the default weapon for Sora when you begin the game. So you can't miss obtaining this one. It's unique abilities are Treasure Magnet, and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Midnight Blue Keyblade

Midnight Blue is only obtained as a pre-order bonus for the PS4 console. This means that you cannot get it without having preoredered the game, or get the code in another way.

The abilities of Midnight Blue are Blizzard Boost, and Blizzaza.

How to get the Dawn til Dusk Keyblade

Only customers who pre-ordered their game from Amazon can get Dawn til Dusk, and it can only be unlocked by using the special code that was sent out with Amazon orders. The abilities for this Keyblade are Firanga, and Firanga Up

How to get the Phantom Green Keyblade

Phantom Green is the third and final pre-order exclusive Keyblade, and this one is given to players who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One, either from the Microsoft Store, or from a physical copy of the game. The special abilities are Thundaga and Thundaga Up.

How to get the Hero's Origin Keyblade

You obtain the Hero's Origin Keyblade when you complete the story in Olymmpus. This is likeley the first Keyblade you get beside special ones. Its special abilities are Defender and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Shooting Star Keyblade

Shooting Star is the second Keyblade you are awarded in the game, and you complete Twilight Town early in the game. This is the second world. Its special abilities are Treasure Magnet, and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Favorite Deputy Keyblade

You get the Favorite Deputy Keyblade once you complete the Toy Box World missions. Its abilities are Lucky Strike and Formchange Extender.

How to get the Happy Gear Keyblade

After completing the story missions on Monstropolis, you get the Happy Gear keyblade. This keyblade has the Focus Convertor special ability.

How to get the Nano Gear Keyblade

The Nano Gear Keyblade is given to you when you complete the story in San Fransokyo. This keyblade has the Stun Protection ability.

How to get the Ever After Keyblade

You get the Ever After keyblade once you complete Kingdom of Corona. Its special abilities are Leaf Bracer and Aeroza.

How to get the Crystal Snow Keyblade

Unlock the Crystal Snow Keyblade by completing the missions in the Arendelle World. Its ability is Freeze Protection

How to get the Starlight Keyblade

There are two ways to obtain the Starlight Keyblade; you either get it from defeating members of Organisation XIII in the Keyblade Graveyard, or you get it from completing Classic Kingdom in Union Cross. The ability of Starlight is MP Haste, which can be a very useful ability to have.

How to get the Wheel of Fate Keyblade

You get the Wheel of Fate by completing the story in The Caribbean. The special ability for this keyblade is Waterza.

How to get the Hunny Spout Keyblade

You get the Hunny Spout when you finish the 100 Acre Woods story. Its special ability is Harvest.

How to get the Grand Chef Keyblade

You can get the Grand Chef keyblade by leveling up your rank in Little Chef's Bistro to level 5. This is done by getting an Excellent rating for every single dish in the menu, with the exception of the Special Menu from the Flantastic 7. You get Excellent rating by timing the cooking mini game perfectly, and it will take some practice to get. 

When you get the Excellent rating on every dish, you will get a small cutscene that gives you the Grand Chef keyblade. 

The special ability for the Grand Chef is Wizard's Ruse, and Chef Extraordinaire

How to get the Ultima Weapon Keyblade

Ultima Weapon is probably the best Keyblade in the game, and you get this by synthesizing it instead of just being given it from doing the story. However, synthesizing it is much more difficult than you would have guessed, and the first step is to get the recipe.

You get the recipe by collecting all the 58 different synthesis materials, which can be tracked as a Moogle Challenge in the Moogle Shop.

Once you have the recipe, all you need to synthesize it is the following:
- 7 Orichalcum+.
- 2 Wellspring Crystal.
- 2 Lucid Crystal.
- 2 Pulsing Crystal.

The 7 Orichalcum+ requires a lot of effort to get tough, so check out our guide to get all 7 Orichalcum+. 

The special abilities of Ultima Weapon is Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, and Situation Boost, so it's a great keyblade! 

How to get the Classic Notes Keyblade

You can get the Classic Notes keyblade by finding and playing all the 23 Classic Kingdom Mini Games. Once you do this, you will be awarded the Classic Notes keyblade, with the special ability MP Haste