Friday, December 1, 2017

How to get a free MTX helmet (Path of Exile)

During the month of December 2017, anyone can get a free helm MTX by watching any streamer play Path of Exile on their Twitch stream.This promotion allow anyone to get a free helm, but each Path of Exile account can only get 1x free hat MTX during this time. When you win it, you get a random draw from any of the 23 hats / helmets that are part of this promotion.

What you need to do is to log in to both your Twitch account as well as your Path of Exile account on the same browser. Now head over to this webspage to link your two accounts together.

Now that you have connected Twitch and PoE, you can head over to any PoE stream to have a chance at getting the free hat / helmet. Every 5 minute after you begin to watch, a draw takes place. At this draw you have a 1 % chance to get your free helmet! This means that you can get lucky and get one after 1 minutes, or unlucky enough to have to wait 15+ hours.

The average should be between 8 and 9 hours, so be prepared to watch Ziz or any other PoE streamer for a long time. However, you can always idle it by keeping the stream running after you go to bed or something like that. You are in the draw pool as long as you are watching a streamer that is online and that is streaming PoE. The streamers can not decide to not participate, so feel free to watch whichever PoE streamer you prefer.

You get a message on your PoE account when you win, and that tells you what type of hat you won. The message looks like this:

To read more about this promotion, head over to this post on the PoE forums.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to show/hide the FPS counter on screen (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The retail version of WoW comes with a build-in FPS counter, and anyone can activate or deactivate this at anytime by pressing CTRL + R.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to get the Violet Spellwing mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Violet Spellwing is obtained from the quest "Blood of a Titan". This quest is in turn started from an item that drops when you kill Argus (The final boss of Antorus) on heroic or higher difficulty. Every member of the raid will be able to loot the item that begins the quest unless they have completed that quest already.

This means that in order to get the Violet Spellwing, you need to kill Argus on heroic difficulty.

The item that begins the quest will be removed from the loot table at Battle for Azeroth launch! If you missed the opperturnity to get then, then there's no way to get it.

How to get Wakening Essences as fast and easy as possible (World of Warcraft: Legion)

When Antorus the Burning Throne raid opened, the Wakening Essences became available for players to collect. These items act as a currency, and by getting 50 of them, you can upgrade 1 Legendary item to ilvl 1000! You are able to earn up to 175 Essences per week, so you can pretty easily upgrade 3 Legendary items per week.

In order to get the Wakening Essences, you need to do the following actions:

- Mythic+ Dungeons. you get 20 Wakening Essences from the Weekly Chest. The difficulty of the Mythic+ does not matter.

- Antorus bosses. Any boss in the Antorus raid will drop 3 to 6 Essences per boss! It does not matter if you kill the boss on LFR, normal, heroic or Mythic! Any kill give you the same amount, but you will only get Essences on the first kill on any difficulty each week.

- Emissary caches. Each Emissary cache will contain between 5 and 10 Wakening Essences. You should definitely do these every day if you want to upgrade your Legendary items!

- Daily Legion Heroic. You get 5 Wakening Essences when you complete the first Legion Heroic dungeon of the day. This totals up to 35 each week if you are able to do it every day.

- Weekly PvP Quests. If you gain 1,500 honor in either 2s, 3s or rated battleground, you get 7 Wakening Essences. This means that you get 21 additional Wakening Essences by PvPing if you do all 3.

There is no other way to obtain Wakening Essences at the moment, so most players will get just over 100 each week by playing PvE. The fastest way to grind them would be to do all the actions above daily and weekly, but casual players should stick to running Antorus on LFR difficulty while doing Emissary Quests and daily Legion Heroic dungeons.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The best strategy for farming Sightless Eyes as easy and fast as possible (World of Warcraft: Legion)

By farming a total of 20,000 Sightless Eyes, you get a permanent Ratstallion mount, so this is a grind many players are currently doing. It does not take all that long to farm 20,000 Sightless Eyes, but be prepared to spend a few hours down in the sewers.

Anyway, in order to farm the Sightless Eyes as quick as possible, you want to join a premade group using the group finder tool. Find a group where the PvP is turned off is the sewers, and kill as many rares as you manage with your group. Once someone turn on PvP again, leave the group and join a new premade farming group to farm more rares. By doing this you will have very little downtime in the farming process, and you should be able to farm the 20,000 Sightless Eyes very fast compared to grinding them out on your own.

If you are doing pet battles, then you could also go into the sewers and do this. Each battle win awards you with 75 Sightless Eyes, so this is a nice alternative strategy. It might be a bit slower, but it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Good luck!

How to solo Sinestra in The Bastion of Twilight (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Sinestra is the Heroic-only boss in The Bastion of Twilight, and can be fought after having killed Cho'gall. She can be a bit tricky to solo, but it should be very easy once you know how to deal with her.

During the first phase, you simply just need to DPS her down. This should be easy enough. Once she enters phase 2, she will spawn a lot of adds, and these needs to be kept alive. It's not a problem if you kill a few of them, but don't aim to kill them all. During this phase you should keep damaging Sinestra, but you will damage her mana instead of health.

Once her mana is very low, the two eggs at either sides of her will loose their shield, and these needs to be nuked down before she regenerates her mana. This should be very easy at level 110. However, some classes will have trouble killing both eggs, and if this is the case, then simply repeat phase 2, and kill the other egg when her mana is reaching zero.

During the final phase, she just needs to be nuked down again, so just attack her, and she will die once her health is gone.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

How to get the Beginner's Luck achievement (Path of Exile)

The achievement "Beginner's Luck" is unlocked by getting a unique item drop on the Twilight Strands, also known as the very first area in the game. The problem that makes this achievement difficult is that once you leave this area, you cannot ever get back to it, so you need to get this achievement without ever going to another area on that character.

This prevents you from going back and farming the area on a high level character, but you must instead do it on a fresh character. If you really want to farm it, the you should create 4 different level 1 characters. Log into the first one and rush to Hillock. Kill him and hope a Unique drops. When it does not, log out and try again on the next character.

It tends to take a long time to get it to drop, and most people have 4 different characters that reach level 4 by repeatedly killing Hillock. Estimates to get the achievement is between 1 and 4 hours of intense farming, but you might get lucky and get it a lot quicker.

Getting Beginner's Luck during modified races

During certain races, such as Mayhem, you can get it a whole lot easier. The Twilight Strand zone will not spawn the most difficult modifiers, but it can spawn ghosts. What you should do it to get Hillock to low health and then kite him to get haunted by five different ghosts. This will make him incredibly difficult, but you should be able to get him down with a few deaths.

Farming Hillock with 5 ghosts will make him drop a Unique item a whole lot faster, and most people will get a unique item within 2-5 kills! This makes the achievement unlockable in under 30 minutes, compared to the regular hours of farming.

How to powerlevel / boost new players to level 70 fast (Diablo 3)

If you are arriving into a new season a few days late, then you might be able to catch up a lot easier by getting a powerlevel / boost in order to reach level 70 very fast. A geared level 70 player can typically get a full party to level 70 in under an hour, and there are actually a lot of players who are willing to boost others!

If you are looking for a boost, then open the Communities page and look for a powerlevel/boost Community. There are many of them, and often there are hundreds of boosts online. Just ask nicely, and someone will usually boost you very soon.

The booster should simply open a new game on Torment 6. This is the highest Torment level a new player can use. He should then rush trough normal rifts, and 4 or 5 tend to be enough to get the new player up to level 70!

The person who receives the boost should simply be waiting at the entrance, and you will get all the XP. If the booster changes floors, use his portal to get to his current floor, or else you will not get any experience.

Remember to give a big thanks to the booster once you hit level 70!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

13th Annivarsary boss drop spreadsheet for transmog (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The 13th Anniversary for World of Warcraft is live from November 16th until November 30th, and during this time Lord Kazzak, The Four Emerald Dragons and Azuregos world bosses from vanilla WoW is live again! They all drop ilvl 900 loot that can be rolled up to ilvl 915, so it's great for gearing up alts.

It is also a unique opportunity to get your hands on some transmog gear that has been unavailable for a very long time now, and might not be dropable for a long time after they disappear on November 30th again. Below is a spreadsheet of all the transmogable loot that drops from these bosses, for those of us that wants to collect them all!

I suggest you copy-paste the below spreadsheet into a Word-document and keep track of which you you get as a drop to easily know which ones you don't have.

Lord Kazzak:

- Blacklight Bracer (cloth)
- Fel Infused Leggings (cloth)
- Amberseal Keeper (staff)
- Doomhide Gauntlets (Leather)
- Flayed Doomguard Belt (leather)
- Eskhandar's Pelt (back)
- Infernal Headcage (mail)
- Empyrean Demolisher (1h mace)


- Snowblind Shoes (cloth)
- Cold Snap (wand)
- Fang of the Mystics (Dagger)
- Unmelting Ice Girdle (plate)
- Typhoon (2h sword)
- Crystal Adorned Crown (cloth)
- Drape of Benediction (back)

Green Dragons (shared loot):

- Gloves of Delusional Power (Cloth)
- Dragonspur Wraps (Leather)
- Ancient Corroded Leggings (Mail)
 -Dragonbone Wristguards (Plate)
- Hammer of Bestial Fury (1h mace)
- Green Dragonskin Cloak (back)
- Acid Inscribed Greaves (plate)
- Trance Stone (offhand)
- Staff of Rampant Growth (staff)


- Boots of the Endless Moor (Mail)
- Circlet of Restless Dreams (Leather)
- Polished Ironwood Crossbow (Crossbow)


- Gauntlets of the Shining Light (Plate)
- Deviate Growth Cap (Leather)
- Malignant Footguards (Mail)
- Black Bark Wristbands (Cloth)
- Dark Heart Pants (Leather)
- Belt of the Dark Bog (Cloth)


- Emerald Dragonfang (Dagger)
- Jade Inlaid Vestments (Cloth)
- Strangely Glyphed Legplates (Plate)
- Leggings of the Demented Mind (Mail)
- Acid Inscribed Pauldrons (Plate)


- Boots of Fright (Leather)
- Unnatural Leather Spaulders (Leather)
- Mendicant's Slippers (Cloth)
- Nightmare Blade (1h sword)


- The cape items seems to drop for any specc and class.
- Only one Green Dragon seem to be up each day, so use your quest log to find out which one it is.
- You can use bonus rolls on any boss, but the dragons seems most useful (when collecting xmog) because they only have 1/4 of the spawns as the other two bosses. 
-  You can loot the world bosses once per day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How to use Flight Master's Whistle on Argus (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Flight Master's Whistle is a nice way to get back to the closest Flight Master in The Broken Isles, but it's also possible to use on Argus. However, to use it on Argus you need 1 character that is revered or higher with the Argussian Reach faction. At revered you can buy the item Krokul Flute. This can be used to upgrade your Flight Master's Whistle to work on Argus as well as the Broken Shores.

Once you upgrade your whistle on one character, all other characters can also use the upgraded version on Argus. This was not the case on 7.3 launch, but was later patched in to make the game more alt-friendly.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to unlock The Netherlight Crucible (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Netherlight Crucible lets you improve the relics on your Artifact weapon, and can be unlocked by all players with the Legion expansion pack. In order to get the Netherlight Crucible you will need to do the main quest line on Argus. If you're not able to get to Argus, check out this guide.

The quest chain itself should be pretty easy to follow, and starts in Krokuun, goes to Antoran Wastes, and eventually ends in Mac'Aree where you finish it. You need to complete all areas, and cannot skip directly to the Mac'Aree one, so prepare to spend a few hours doing quests. At one point you get the quest An Offering of Shadow, and upon completing this you unlock the Netherlight Crucible.

When patch 7.3 first arrived you had to wait until the beginning of week 3 after the patch to unlock the Netherlight Crucible due to the fact that each set of quests only became avilable one week after the previous one, but all quests are now permanently unlocked on all realms, so there's no need to worry about this anymore.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

How to slay non-tribial demons in Argus extremely fast! Rewards Bleakhoof Ruinstrider mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Killing any non-trivial demon in Krokuun, Mac'Aree, and the Antoran Wastes in Argus helps you work towards a set of achievements that ultimately requires you to kill a total of 5,000 of these. For killing 2,000 you get awarded with "...And Chew Mana Buns" achievement that gives you a mount called Bleakhoof Ruinstrider. At 5,000 demons you get "And We're All Out of Mana Buns" and the title Demonslayer, so it's worth farming it!

Slaying a total of 5,000 might seem like something that takes a long time, but lucikly it's really easy and fast if you use a certain method. What you need to do is go to Krokuun 60.00, 78.00 (/way Krokuun 60.00, 78.00) and kill the demons there. Stand close to the two green portals there, and kill any demon that comes out from it.

You can easily solo farm 1,000+ per hour, but if you want it even faster open up Premade Groups and look for groups for this. You can do it in a raid group with 40 people, and you don't even need to hit each demon to get the credit! With 40 people at this spot getting 5,000 demons will be very fast, and done in around an hour or so.

Once you're done head over to a mailbox where your brand new mount os waiting for you!

Guide to all dropable mounts on Argus - with pictures and how to look for them as easy as possible! (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Patch 7.3 added a lot of new mounts to the game, and many of these are dropable mounts that are found on Argus. Most of them are tied to the rare spawns that you can loot once per day, so there's no use in farming them multiple times per day. However, you do get loot once per day per character, so feel free to kill them with any alts you might have laying around.

A few more general guidelines for the rares before we get into the different mounts: they do spawn fairly quickly if they are up. Most rare spawns on Argus are up for between 3 and 12 hours before despawning for a certain amount of time, so don't worry if you don't manage to hit it before a group kills it; you will get a new chance in a few minutes. This also means that if a rare is not up within a few minutes, you better not spend your time waiting; instead do something else and check back in 3+ hours. The drop rate seems to be around 2.5 % for each daily kill, and there's a total of 4 dropable mounts, so you will get a new once pretty often if you got a few alts that do the rotation.

Checking for the rare spawns is actually really fast, and should really just take between 5 and 10 minutes for a complete route.

Below you will find a map for each zone, with numbers on them. Check the numbers against the table below to see the name of the rare + what mount it drops. Happy mount farming!

Mac'Aree rares that drop mounts

1: Skreeg the Devourer - Acid Belcher
2: Kaara the Pale - Fel-Spotted Egg
3: Venomtail Skyfin - Lambent Mana Ray
4: Sabuul - Fel-Spotted Egg
5: Wranger Kravos- Maddened Chaosrunner

3 of them are pretty close to each other, but you've got to do some traveling to get to Skreeg. Wrangler Kravos should only be a short ride from the other 3, which are quick to check.

Antoran Wastes rares that drop mounts

1: Blistermaw - Crimson Slavermaw
2: Varga - Fel-Spotted Egg
3: Houndmaster Kerrax - Vile Fiend

All of these are also really close to each other, so checking if they're all up should only take a few minutes.

Krokuun rares that drop mounts

1: Naroua <King of the Forest> - Fel-Spotted Egg

Only one rare mob that drops the egg here, but it could be worth to check if you are doing a world quest or an invasion point close to it.

What's in the Fel-Spotted Egg?

As you can see from the tables above, 4 of the rares drop a Fel-Spotted Egg instead of a mount. This egg has a 5 day timer, so you have to wait for 5 days after looting it before it will open, but once it's hatched you have a chance to get one of the following:

- Scintillating Mana Ray
- Felglow Mana Ray
- Vibrant Mana Ray
- Darkspore Mana Ray

It can also crack into a few pets, or simply thrash. You can get a mount you already own, so getting all four requires a good amount of luck. The drop chance of the eggs are around 25 %, and in contrast to the previous eggs that functioned like these, you can indeed have more than one at a time! So don't stop killing them just because you already have one in your inventory, because there's no limit to how many you can keep at the same time.

Any rare can drop Biletooth Gnasher

In addition to the drops above, any rare spawn can drop a Biletooth Gnasher! This mount is probably the most common of them all, considering most people end up killing a lot of rare spawns each day. However, it looks really cool, so make sure to keep an eye for for any other rare if you want to get this mount.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to get the Crimson Slavermaw mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Crimson Slavermaw mount is a new dropable mount added to WoW in patch 7.3, and the mount have a chance to drop from the rare mob Blistermaw in Antoran Wastes (in Argus). You can kill this rare mob once per day with each of your characters and still have a chance to get the mount, so the best way to farm it is to kill it with as many alts as possible.

To find Blistermaw, use this TomTom command: /way Antoran wastes 61.7 37.2 Blistermaw

At certain times Blistermaw will be up as a World Quest, and during this time he will spawn very frequently, making it really easy to farm him on all your alts. 

How to get to Argus for the first time (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Argus became playable for all players in the 7.3 patch of WoW, but some players are reporting problems getting to Argus in the first place. Most players will automatically get the quest The Hand of the Fate quest when they log onto a character after the patch, but some do not.

If you are one of the players who do not automatically get the quest, what you need to do is to complete the Broken Shore Intro scenario. This can be done by talking with Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran (alternatively by opening the Adventure Guide and accept it from there), and does not take too long. After this has been completed, you will get the quest required to go to Argus, and you can begin your new Argus adventures!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to get the Underlight Emerald - an alternative tint for the Underlight Angler (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Patch 7.3 added the item Underlight Emerald which changes the color tint of the Fishing Artifact from the regular blueish ting into a green tint. The fishing pole itself does not really change a lot, but it is a cool little change for the fishing players out there.

In order to get the Underlight Emerald you need to complete the achievement "Fisherfriends of the Isles". This achievement requires you to get Best Friend "reputation" with 6 different Broken Shore fishermen. Each fisherman takes about 3 hours to get from Neutral into Best Friend, so the grind is not too bad compared to some of the other fishing grinds.

Don't have max fishing yet? Read how to level up fishing easy with the Ancient Vrykul Rings

Unlocking the Fisherfriends of the Isles achievement

Each Broken Shore zone has one fisherman, and only one of these can spawn each day. Every day a new random fisherman will appear, but you won't ever find two at the same time. The fishermen are as follows:

Impus on the Broken Shore.
Sha'leth in Suramar.
Corbyn in Stormheim.
Ilyssia of the Waters in Azsuna.
Keeper Raynea in Val'sharah.
Akule Riverhorn in Highmountain.

All of these are pretty much like Margoss, and in order to get the item you need to turn in to them you only need to be standing really close to them, so there's no need for a special item like with Margoss. You get a buff when you are close enough, so make sure that the Something's Fishy buff is on your buff bar.

If you haven't heard of Margoss yet, check out this guide to learn how to get him to Best Friend and buy a mount from him!

Once you get into the area and have the buff, you are able to fish up unique fish that you can deliver to the fisherman. Each fish gives you 75 rep, but you can increase this with +rep buffs such as the one from Darkmoon Faire. The fisherman also sell some Toys and pets if you're interested in that stuff.

You unlock the achievement once all six fisherman are at Best Friend reputation, and the Underlight Emerald will be mailed to you instantly! Good luck.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Reputation guide: Army of the Light (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Army of the Light is a brand new faction that is found in Argus in patch 7.3 of World of Warcraft, and acts at the main World Quest faction in the area.

The main way to gain reputation with the Army of the Light is by doing World Quests in Argus, and expect them to take roughly as long as the other Legion factions to hit exalted. You also get some normal one-time quests that will give you a certain amount of rep with them while questing in Argus, so you don't have to begin from 0/3,000 Friendly. And just like the other factions, the Army of the Light has Emissary Quests as well, so make sure to do these for a nice rep boost.

At Exalted you can purchase the Lightforged Warframe mount from their faction vendor, but it costs a total of 500,000 gold! However, there's also a few mounts that do not cost any gold, and the Gleaming Footlockers you get from the Paragon reputation rewards from the faction can actually give you the follow 3 mounts:

- Avenging Felcrusher.
- Blessed Felcrusher.
- Glorious Felcrusher.

These all use the fel Elekk model, and look really cool!

How to get the Lightforged Warframe mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Lightforged Warframe is a new mount that was added to WoW in patch 7.3.This mount can be purchased for the hefty amount of 500,000 gold from the Army of the Light vendor named Vindicator Jaelaana. You must be exalted with the Army of the Light faction in order to be able to buy it, so you better go out and do those World Quests if you want it.

How to get the Bleakhoof Ruinstrider mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Bleakhoof Ruinstrider got added to WoW in patch 7.3, and to get this mount you need to complete the achievement "...And Chew Mana Buns". This achievement can be completed by slaying a total of 2,000 non-trivial demons in the new patch 7.3 zones. Getting this will probably take a good while, but it is a nice reward to work towards while doing World Quests in the areas.

How to get the Darkmoon Dirigible mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Darkmoon Dirigible was added to World of Warcraft in patch 7.3, and can be obtained by being purchased from Lhara for 1,000 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Once you've got all the tickets you need, you can buy it from her and use it on any character.

1,000 prize tickets might seem like an awful lot, but remember that they are bound to account, so you can do the daily quests on all your different characters and send the Darkmoon Prize Tickets over to your main. With this method you should be able to get it in as little as two Darkmoon Faire cycles.

How to get Beachhead Harbinger maps (Path of Exile)

The Beachhead map is a unique Harbinger Map that takes you to an area called The Beachhead. This area will have lots of Harbingers, and is considered the main boss area of the Harbinger League.

There are a total of 3 "different" Beachhead maps, one for each map color. The White Beachhead Map is tier 5, the Yellow is tier 10, and the Red Beachhead Map is tier 15.

In order to get a Beachhead map you must upgrade maps using the Harbinger's Orb. You can get this by trading or collecting Harbinger's Shard from killing Harbingers in the game. Each time you upgrade a map it has a 20 % chance to turn into a Beachhead Map of the same color. This means that tier 1-5 will be made into White maps, tier 6-10 into Yellow and Tier 11+ into Red Beachhead Maps.

If you are buying Beachhead maps from, make sure it is the correct tier, because the Red ones are worth a lot more than the other ones.

How to get the Lucid Nightmare mount (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Lucid Nightmare is a new mount added to World of Warcraft in patch 7.3. It is a "puzzle mount" just like the Riddler's Mind Worm and the Fathom Dweller mount that requires you to solve a long series of puzzles in order to obtain. Just like these mounts, getting the Lucid Nightmare mount by yourself is an almost impossible task, but if you follow this guide then it should be easy enough.

This guide is made so that it should be easy to follow the step-by-step guide. However, if you for some reason get stuck, just leave a comment below, and I'll try my best to help you out.

Step 1) Go to Curiosities & Moore in Dalaran

The Curiosities & Moore in Dalaran is just next to the A Hero's Welcome / the Alliance base in Dalaran. Head upstairs and click on the Inconspicuous Note that lies on the table in the main room. This note provides the first clue of the puzzle, and reads as following:

"It begins in the 2104059.
With a most pleasing sign.
(These letters will not always rhyme.)"

Step 2) Head to Ulduar

Now take the Portal to Wyrmrest Temple and head towards the raid instance Ulduar in the northern part of Storm Peaks. Enter the instance and go to the north-western corner where you fight XT-002 Deconstructor. Kill the bosses leading up to him and XT-002 Deconstructor himself, and look for a Rusty Lever in the pile of scrap parts.

This can be clicked on to spawn a 20x20 grid of lights on the room. These can be clicked on, and you have level to click on a certain pattern in order to progress to the next step of the puzzle.

It is pretty difficult to explain which lights to click on, so follow this picture. Clicking on all of them can be a bit time consuming, so prepare for that.

By doing this you get to activate another note, this time it reads the following:

"1000 years imprisoned.
Surely it wears on the mind."
This refers to C'thun in AQ40, so head to Silithus and enter the instance.

Step 3) Ahn'qiraj

When you are in AQ40, kill bosses and get to the end of the raid instance. At the end of the instance you will find a clickable Mind larva that needs to be interacted with. Upon doing this you will begin to play a minigame of Bejewled.

To win you need to a certain score, but there's no visible score, so you just have to keep playing until you get it. There is no good strategy for this, but just keep playing and you will most likely win fairly soon!

Once you win, another note will spawn:
"Deeper than deep.
Awaits your seat."

Step 4) Deepholm & Shadoweave mask

For the next part, we either want a tailor to help us out, or to head to the Auction House. For the next part you will need a Shadoweave Mask, and these are most likely very expensive to buy at the moment. However, if you got a tailor you only need to get your hands on 2 Bolts of Mageweave, 8 Shadow Silk and 2 Heavy Silken Thread, and you're good to go. The recipe can be dropped from any Dark Iron Dwarves in Searing Gorge, and should be fairly common.

When you have this, go to Deepholm and head south (/way 58 25 Crumbling Depths). At this location you will find a fissure (/way 63.76 22.51 Dark Fissure) that you can click on. Drop into the fissure to continue.

You will encounter a Dingy Plaque at the beginning of the Deep Cavern that reads the following:

This is simply an anagram for "Racksum Greep is the key", which points us to the NPC Racksum Greep in Ratchet in Northern Barrens. Luckily we don't need to go there, because his clue for the puzzle is that he wears the Shadoweave Mask, so no need to go there. Now equip the mask and interact with the skull, and a new note will appear in front of the chair:

"Where the shaded delegate may appear."

Step 5) Gnomeregan

This note is a reference to the Dark Iron Ambassador in Gnomeregan, so this is where you should head next. Follow the red lines in the image below:

 This will lead you to the 10 levers, and above these a small interactable button called "Instructions" will be clickable. This gives the following message:

"01110111 00100 10010110 10101
11110111 01100 01111111 01000
011010111001011010010110 10111101
11001 00111111 10010 01001001
10000 011010010110100111010110
01011011 11110 11110001 11111
11100000 00010 11111111 01000
10110111 10101 01111111 00001
10101110 11111 00110000 01000



If you decode this you get a reference to 3 battle pet abilities: "Falling Murloc", "Mighty Charge" and "Eye Beam". However, this does not really matter to us. What you need to do is use the following two macros to set the consoles to 1222176597:
Up: /script SelectGossipOption(1)
Down: /script SelectGossipOption(2)

You can of course do it without the macros, but that will take a much longer time. Doing this spawns another note that reads:

"Games and toys are left behind.
When you awaken screaming."

Step 6) Val'sharah

This clue takes ut to  Ash'theran in Val'Sharah (/way Val'sharah 66 36.5). Here you will find a Nightmare Tumor that can be clicked on. This will spawn a mini game where the objective is to turn all the lines blue by clicking on the dots. This can be a bit difficult, but it should be doable in a few tries. By completing this a new note will spawn:

"What you seek is buried within."

Step 7) Kun-Lai Summit & The Endless Halls

Use the following TomTom Macro to get to the Tomb of Secrets in Kun-Lai Summit: /way Kun-Lai Summit 53.4 49. There will be an urn at the base of a Mogu statue there, and this urn can be interacted with. Doing this will give you a warning, and you obviously need to accept this. 

This teleports you to an area called "Endless Halls", and you need to figure out how to get out of there. This can be pretty challenging, since most rooms look exactly like each other. The best method to complete this is to draw a map (by hand or in Paint).

The Endless Halls have areas with orbs that give you a buff, and you need to find a rune for the corresponding buff (example: red orb = red rune etc.). There are a total of 5 runes you need to click on (red, blue, purple, green and yellow), and once you've got all five done you will get teleported to a room with the next note:

"The way is now open.
To the greatest secret never told.
A fitting end to your journey."

Step 8) The Forgotten Crypt

You might be thinking about giving up by now, but this is actually the final step in the journey to get your Lucid Nightmare. Just head to the forgotten Crypts, an area just next to Karazhan (/way Deadwind Pass 39.85 73.6). This is a large area that have never been used for anything until now, but this area has the Puzzler's Desire treasure chest that contains the mount! 
It might be a bit challenging to get to The Pit of Criminals where the treasure chest is located, but keep descending down into the crypts and you will get there eventually. At one point you need to swim underwater to find a secret passage, but once you've found that you are just a minute away from your new mount! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to put your items up for sale on (Path of Exile)

The website is very good for finding, buying and selling items in Path of Exile, and most people who trades uses this website for finding and posting items.

The easiest way to list your items on is to buy a Premium Stash tab. This allows you to make the stash tab public. After it's public you can right click on any item in the tab to add a price tag to it. This lists the item for sale on with the price tag you put on it. Now anyone can search for the item there and whisper you if they want to buy it.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to get The Retch (Path of Exile)

The Retch is a unique rustic sash from the Talisman League, and can be obtained by using the following vendor recipe:

1x Orb of Fusing
1x Feastbind
1x Faminebind

Both Featbind and Faminebind are also two unique belts from the Talisman League, so you cannot get them from drops by playing regularly.

However, during the Legacy League, both of these can drop from any level 20+ area when a Talisman Leaguestone is active.

It is also possible to get the belts from Divination Cards. The following div cards can give you Faminebind and Feastbind with a bit of luck:

1) Time-Lost Relic; drops from Excavation Map. Gives a random league-specific item.
2) The Wretched; drops from a lot of different maps. Gives you a random unique belt. This tends to be pretty expensive, since this card can also give you Headhunter.
3) Jack in the Box; drops from a variety of areas. Awards a random unique item, so it has a small chance of giving either of these belts as well.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

How to zoom in for precise shooting (Yooka-Laylee)

If you are trying to shoot stuff in Yooka-Laylee, you might run into some accuracy troubles unless you know how to zoom in. With a controller, simply press in the left analogue stick to enter zoom, and press it once again to leave the zooming interface.

If you are using mouse and keyboard, the Tab button will take you to zoom mode. And once again, reclick it to exit the zoom mode.

This should hopefully make some of the puzzles a bit easier, because they can be a pain if you don't know how to zoom!

How to farm Drillneck (Path of Exile)

Drillneck is a quiver that is very powerful for a lot of different builds in Path of Exile. It can drop from pretty much any mob from around level 35+, but it is also possible to farm it by finding Divniation Cards.

The div cards for Drillneck is called The Fletcher, and can only drop from a Unique mob called Ironpoint the Forsaken on Cruel and Merciless difficulty (and also from Lieutenant of the Bow in Lab). You need a total of 8 of these to get a Drillneck. Ironpoint the Forsaken is located in The Climb in Act 1, and luckily he is pretty close to the waypoint.

To farm The Fletcher, use the waypoint to The Climb, run until you find him, kill him, TP back and go again. It is far from the most exciting grind, but the cards are not very rare, so you will get it pretty fast.

It is important to remember that The Fletcher only awards a corrupted Drillneck, so if you want an uncorrupted one, you need to have luck and get it as a random drop. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

How to farm The Doctor Divination Card (Path of Exile)

The Doctor is one of the most expensive Divination Cards in Path of Exile, and a set of 8 can be exchanges for Headhunter, arguably the best belt for most builds. This means that The Doctor is also really expensive, and you can easily get a full set of items needed for some decent builds for a single card.

The drop locations for The Doctor is as following:
- Spider Forest (tier 10 map)
- Burial Chambers (tier 11 map)
It can also drop in the Shaped versions of these maps.

When farming for it, people generally tend to farm Spider Forest. It is currently one of the best places to farm experience, as well as The Doctor. The drop rate is probably the same for regular Spider Forest, but the mobs will be 5 lower levels, making them pretty bad for leveling up past 80+.

Burial Chambers tend to have a pretty messy layout compared to Spider Forest, so there's not really any benefit to running that one.

It is not really a good strategy for farming this card, except for running hundreds of Spider Forest maps and hope for the best. The card is extremely rare, and most people will farm for many hours without ever seeing one of them drop at all. Most players report that they get 1 card in roughly 150-200 maps, so be prepared to farm a lot!

How to find and unlock all worlds (Yooka-Laylee)

Finding all the Grand Tomes needed to unlock new world in Yooka-Laylee can be pretty frustrating at certain points, and if you've given up on finding them yourself, you are in the right place. Below is a guide to the location of each and every of the 5 Grand Tomes, which all opens up a new level in the game.

Once you find a Grand Tome, you need to spend Pagies to unlock and expand them, but most levels don't really require many Pagies to unlock, so you can actually unlock all five fairly easy. Once you have unlocked all five worlds, you will get the "Open Books" achievement / trophy, as well as a tonic you can use.

World 1 / Tribalstack Tropics:

Pagies Requires: 1

I bet most people found this themselves without any trouble, but if you didn't, go up the ramp on the right side of the statue in the first room of Hivory Towers. This square room will have another steep slope you need to roll up, and the Grand Tome will be in the middle of this next room.

World 2 / Glitterglaze Glacier:

Pagies Requires: 3

Start at the main room in Hivory Towers next to the large golden statue. On the left side there will be a small platform leading to a slope going upwards. About halfway up you need to use the rolling ability to climb the slope. Follow this until you reach the top, and use buddy-slam on the switch to open the door.

This door leads to the first quiz in the game, and you need to correctly answer up to 10 questions without getting 3 of them wrong. Don't worry if you fail, you can attempt it as many times as you want. Upon beating the quiz, you will have access to a new part of the Hivory Towers, and keep running straight ahead in this area until you spot some red and blue pipes and platforms. Just up there and talk to Trowzer to get a new ability. Use this new float ability to just across the gap. Once you are over, follow the path to the left, and just keep following this path until you reach the Grand Tome in the snowy patch there.

World 3 / Moodymaze Marsh:

Pagies Requires: 7

Go back to where Trowzer taught you the float ability, and look down. You will see a door that is closed, and to open it, head left. Just before you reach the door exit, turn right and head into the small opening there. In there you will find a Ice Pellet berry that you can use, so power up Yooka with this, and use this ability to open the door.

This will unlock the Archive room, and at the other end of the room you will find Trowzer gain. He will teach you to create air bubbles to walk underwater. Once you have learned this, go into the large aquarium in the middle of the room, use the air bubble ability, and then use the buddy-slam ability to press the button at the bottom of the aquarium. This opens up a door right next to Trowzer.

This door leads to the Waterworks room, and this is where many people gets stuck. Now, just jump into the water and head for the middle area. Create an air bubble to walk along the bottom and look for a jack-o-lantern. Right next to him you will find a passage that you should cross. Follow this and swim to the top. Now follow this path, and at the top of some platforms you will find the next Grand Tome.

World 4 / Capital Casino:

Pagies Requires:10

Start at the Grand Tome that leads to Moodymaze Marsh, and use the Grapple ability to just onto the catwalk left of the Grand Tome. Keep grappling until you are in a small room with three monsters, and here you will find a door that leads to the exterior of Hivory Towers. Many people have trouble finding this door because it is pretty dark there, but keep searching along the edges until you find it.

Now basically just follow the path until you come across Trowzer, and learn his new ability to become invisible. Use this to sneak past the following security camera, and keep following the path.

Shorty you will find a casino themed area with a button that you can buddy slam to open the next Grand Tome. Use the snaking ability to access the button, and the Grand tome will be unlocked.

World 5 / Galleon Galaxy:

Pagies Requires:12

Start from the Capital Casino Grand Tome, and head towards the main area of the Hivory Tower exterior. Now turn left and sneak past the security cameras there. You will soon see a glowing green river, and Trowzer will be next to this. This final ability teaches you to fly, to use this to follow the narrow path ahead. This passage is a bit long, but once you've crossed it, look for a door on the left, and you will find the final Grand Tome.

How to shape your atlas for the most efficient farming (Path of Exile)

If you want to have some Atlas efficiency at higher levels, you need to properly shape it into giving you the maps you want to run. As you have probably already realized, some maps are far more efficient than others, and by shaping the Atlas correctly, one can avoid getting bad map drops.

If you shape the Atlas into only giving you the maps you want, you will get that map drop each time a map from that tier drops. So, if you have not played any tier 11 maps except for Shaped Strand, you will only get Shaped Strand Maps from monsters if that tier drops. However, if you play on any other tier 11 map as well, any of the ones you've visited has a chance to drop.

It is very important to remember that you do not need to complete the bonus objective to unlock the spot in the Atlas. Just once going to the map will unlock it as a potential drop.

Before you begin, you should run all the tier 1 to tier 9 maps to unlock those. Make sure to complete the bonus objective to get as high of a bonus as you are able to.

Tier 10: Run Collonade to get a Shaper's Orb, so complete the bonus objective there. Use this Shaper's Orb on either Dunes or Mesa (depending on your preferences). Create a yellow Cartographer's Seal (Vendor Recipe: 3xJourneyman Cartographer's Sextant + 1 Orb of Scouring) to uncomplete Collonade. This will prevent further Collonade maps from dropping, as long as you don't enter it again.

Tier 11: For tier 11, pretty much everyone agrees that running Shaped Strand is the best choice. The layout is very linear, and the mob density is great. None of the other options are really worth looking into at this point. Shaped Strand was considered the best shaped tier 11 map for a long time, but after patch 3.0 this changed due to Strand getting a density nerf. Now Shaped Spider Forest or Shaped Racecourse is the best option. The latter one is the fastest in terms of experience per hour, but Spider Forest has a chance to drop The Doctor div card, potentially getting your a Headhunter.

To get Shaped tier 11, buy an Excavation Map, upgrade it to blue with a Transmute, and reroll it to only have one mod. Then use a Regal Orb to add another mod and make it yellow. Once that is done, Vaal it and hope it don't get too crazy. If you are able to complete it, go ahead and do that, but the endboss at that map is pretty difficult for a lot of builds, so don't be discouraged if you need to buy another map and hope for better rolls.

Once you complete Excavation with the bonus objective, use the Shaper's Orb on Strand to get Shaped Strand as possible map drops. Now you need a Master Cartographer's Seal to uncomplete Excavation, but this time you need 3 x Master Cartographer's Sextant + 1 Orb of Scouring, so this one is a bit more expensive to uncomplete compared to the tier 10 ones.

Tier 12: Many people choose not to run or shape any tier 12 maps, simply because any tier 12 maps that drops will be downrolled to tier 11, thus getting you more Shaped Strand maps. However, some people also enjoy running Shaped Mud Pools or Ashen Woods, so that is okay if you like those maps. To do this, run a rare corrupted Estuary Map to get the Shaper's Orb. Once that is done, uncomplete the Estuary Map with the same recipe as tier 11.

Tier 13: Most people agree that Atoll is the best use of the Shaper's Orb, so this should be the one you Shape. To get the Shaper's Orb, either go for a rare corrupted High Gardens Map, then uncomplete it with the Master Cartographer's Seal. The other option is to complete Oba's Cursed Trove. I prefer the last one, because you don't need to worry about uncompleting it. This map is Unique, so it will drop pretty rarely, and it is worth around 3 Chaos anyway, so you can just sell it and but another Shaped Strand or Atoll map for those chaoses anyway. 

Tier 14: The Shaper's Orb can be gotten from either a rare corrupted Volcano Map, Poorjoy's Asylum or Death and Taxes. Both the first two options are fine to keep completed, since they are worth a decent amount. If you plan on running Shaped Strand, you won't really see these drop anyway.

You can choose to Shape any map you want for this tier, but Coves, Reef or Overgrown Shrine are generally accepted as good choices.

Tier 15: You can get the Shaper's Orb for this tier from Overgrown Ruins (rare corrupted), The Vinktar Square (Unique) or Vaal Temple (rare corrupted). People generally agree too Shaping either Underground River or Quay for this tier, but feel free to do the one you like the best.

With this setup you should be good to run the best map for the most efficient farming. You can start out by running tier 9 maps to get a nice supply of Shaped Mesa maps and Shaped Strand Maps. These will give good experience as well as very good currency drops, depending on your luck of course. Once you run out of these, run any tier 12 or 13 until you get a refill, and start by running Mesa and Strand again.

This is generally the best setup for efficient farming, but you can change around until you get the ones you like the best. Running Shaped Strand all day can get pretty boring, so if you prefer fun over efficiency, go ahead and do a little variation.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to find and use Ancient Reliquary Keys (Path of Exile)

The Ancient Reliquary Keys are only found in the Legacy Legaue, and they are used to open portals to the Ancient Reliquary. In there you will find a large chest containing one or more Legacy items. These are all items that has their original stats from before they recieved a makeover at one point in the game. Some of these Legacy Items are considered the most powerful items you can get your hands on, such as Legacy Kaom's Heart, which is worth several mirrors!

Anyway, to get the Ancient Reliquary Keys, simply play the game. They can drop at any level, from any mob, just like most currency items. Their rarity is about the same as an Exalted Orb, so they are not very common to find.

You can of course buy them from other players, and their price is around 40-50c per key. However, most items that drop in the chest are considered to be pretty bad, and you likely won't make your money back by purchasing these keys. But if you love to gamble and get some nice items, have fun!

Once you have a key put it into your Map Device to activate the portal. Only the owner of the key can open and loot the chest, so don't worry about being in a party. Once you have the portals spawned, just go to the chest in the large room to loot the Legacy item.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to get Chaos Orbs from vendors / Chaos Orb recipe (Path of Exile)

The Chaos Orb recipe is pretty useful to know, especially at beginning of new leagues when you need to get some currency to buy a decent set of gear. It requires a full set of ilvl 60+ items, which means the following:

- 1x Body armour
- 1 x 2-handed weapon or 2 x 1-handed weapons. You can use 2 x offhands or whatever, just fill up both weapon slots.
- 1 x gloves.
- 1 x boots.
- 2 x rings.
- 1 x amulet.
- 1 x belt.
- 1 x helmet.

Trade all of these in at the vendor at the same time, and the result should be a Chaos Orb. If it is a Chance Orb instead, it means that at least one of the items is lower than ilvl 60, so swap that one out for the correct one.

If all items are unidentified, the result from the trade is 2 x Chaos Orb instead of just the one. Some people prefer this double recipe, but in order to do this you might vendor some really good and valueable items.

How to find and use Leaguestones (Path of Exile)

Leaguestones are only found in the Legacy League, so you need a character in either Legacy League to be able to get them. Generally they can drop from any enemy just like all other items, and blue and yellow mobs also have a higher chance to drop them.

You will begin finding Leaguestones already at the beginning of the game, but they will be tied to a specific level bracket, so it is no need to save them until endgame.

To use them, simply right click on them while they are in your inventory. This will equip it onto your active Leaguestones (which can be accessed by clicking on H). You can have up to 3 active leaguestones at a time, and you can easily remove them from this interface the same way, if you don't want to use it now.

Each Leaguestone generally comes with 5 charges, so it will trigger in the first 5 zones you enter. Some Leaguestones have extra charges, and there is no way to increase the charges for the stones at the moment.

You can also buy and sell Leaguestones like any other item, and this can be done by going to and search for the Leaguestone you are interested in.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The best unique items for leveling up fast (Path of Exile)

When you are leveling up a new character in Path of Exile, certain unique items can make that process a whole lot smoother. In this guide we will cover all the generally useful uniques to equip while leveling up, and these typically last until around level 50-70 before you need to trade them in for better equipment.

Tabula Rasa: This is extremely powerful for leveling up because it gives you a 6-link where you can put 5 support gem onto your main damage dealer.

Elreon Jewelry: Elreon sells certain jewelry from your hideout, and these are very powerful for leveling up. The items with the Elreon prefix will have reduced mana cost of skills, which is very useful, especially at pre-level 40. These can be bough from Elreon himself, or from another player pretty cheap. You can have two Elreon rings + one Elreon amulet equipped at the same time to get skills for almost free.

Goldrim: This helm is very nice for leveling due to the high amount of elemental resistances on it. With this you don't really need to worry about getting any other resistance until you start mapping. It also reflects some damage back to the attacker, which is nice when dealing with large group of mobs.

Wanderlust: A pair of boots that gives increased mana regen, and have a flat 20 % movement speed increase, which is amazing when going trough the main story three times in a row. Can be used at level 3, so pick it up early.

Lifesprig: If you are playing as a spell damage user, 2 x Lifesprig is going to make the entire leveling process a whole lot easier. It has nice stats, and give a good amount of life regen, making you pretty difficult to kill when leveling up. Can be used at level 1.

Racing guide (Path of Exile)

Path of Exile features a game-mode known as Races, where players compete to reach the higher amount of experience points / levels in a certain amount of time. Some races can be as short as a few minutes, while other can be up to a month. The most common race is however 1 hour.

In races, areas have special modifiers that are determined by what type of race it is. For example, Headhunter Races will give your character the effect of the unique trigger from the Headhunter Belt, and every time you kill an enemy, you gain its mods for 20 secs. For a complete list of all the different race mods, check out the Wiki entry on races.

When you are entering a race, you need to be there at the correct time. If you are late, you are at a disadventage against the ones who arrived on time. So check the Event Schedule to find out when the races begins.

Race strategy

This part of the guide is a general race strategy that will get you far into the race, but since all races have different modifiers, it might not work for every single one. You should twerk it to fit the type of event that are run, for example by speccing into some more defense for the harder events.

If you are new to racing, you should not expect to get the top prizes without a lot of practice, and like any other race, you should create a few characters and level them as fast as possible to get some practice done before the actual race. Having to alt-tab to this guide to check your talent points is not going to win you the race, so prepare ahead!

Some general racing tips

These tips might be common sense for a lot of players, but make sure you are aware of all of them:
- Don't fully clear any area. In terms of experience points per hour, this is a terrible waste! Only engage with packs of mobs that are worth the time it takes to kill them, and in most cases you are better off running along to a higher level area.

- Don't do all quests. For example, Fetid Pools are a complete waste of time both in terms of experience and quest reward.

- Pick up any quicksilver flasks that might drop. These are very useful for the events!

- Check Tarkleigh at the start of the race to see if he has any movement speed increase boots for sale. A few extra percentages will go a long way in a one-hour race. Also check out vendors for Coral Rings (health regen) and Sapphire Rings (Cold Resistance) to make the boss fight Merveil a lot easier.

- Sapphire Rings can be gotten from vendors by trading an Iron Ring and any blue gem, so do this if you don''t get a Sapphire Ring by any other means.

- The vendor have their inventories reset every time you level up, so check back in with them every once in a while.

- Once you are done with an area that you have the waypoint to, relog instead of using a Scroll of Portal. 

- Shields and chest armour decreases your movement speed, so you might want to play without these two slots.

- Rare mobs (yellow) and Unique mobs are generally not worth killing in terms of XP, but might drop some nice loot. Rather focus on magic (blue) mob packs.

- Get comfortable with speccing and managing the inventory while on the run. This might take some practice, so make sure you are comfortable with this prior to beginning the race.

Which class to pick?

The choice of class of course depends on what specc you are going to run, but generally speaking Shadow or Scion is the best race class, and most good racers will play as either of them.

Zone strategy

Twilight Strand: Don't kill anything except Hillock at the end to unlock the town. Pick up the loot from him and vendor it, then check for rings and movement speed boots.

The Coast: Rush trough it, and only kill big packs if you have an AoE ability ready.

The Tidal Island: Rush to Hailrake if you are comfortable with killing him, which can be pretty difficult at level 1/2. Killing him awards a Quicksilver Flask, so for the longer races, it is generally worth it. A lot of players wait a few levels before going here for the Quicksilver flask, and the waypoint is right next to the zone screen, so waiting a bit is not really a big time loss.

The Mud Flats: Quickly try to find all the gems to open the passage These are connected by small water streams that you can follow to find them all. Kill and big mob packs, especially if blue.

The Fetid Pool: Don't go to this area.