13th Annivarsary boss drop spreadsheet for transmog (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The 13th Anniversary for World of Warcraft is live from November 16th until November 30th, and during this time Lord Kazzak, The Four Emerald Dragons and Azuregos world bosses from vanilla WoW is live again! They all drop ilvl 900 loot that can be rolled up to ilvl 915, so it's great for gearing up alts.

It is also a unique opportunity to get your hands on some transmog gear that has been unavailable for a very long time now, and might not be dropable for a long time after they disappear on November 30th again. Below is a spreadsheet of all the transmogable loot that drops from these bosses, for those of us that wants to collect them all!

I suggest you copy-paste the below spreadsheet into a Word-document and keep track of which you you get as a drop to easily know which ones you don't have.

Lord Kazzak:

- Blacklight Bracer (cloth)
- Fel Infused Leggings (cloth)
- Amberseal Keeper (staff)
- Doomhide Gauntlets (Leather)
- Flayed Doomguard Belt (leather)
- Eskhandar's Pelt (back)
- Infernal Headcage (mail)
- Empyrean Demolisher (1h mace)


- Snowblind Shoes (cloth)
- Cold Snap (wand)
- Fang of the Mystics (Dagger)
- Unmelting Ice Girdle (plate)
- Typhoon (2h sword)
- Crystal Adorned Crown (cloth)
- Drape of Benediction (back)

Green Dragons (shared loot):

- Gloves of Delusional Power (Cloth)
- Dragonspur Wraps (Leather)
- Ancient Corroded Leggings (Mail)
 -Dragonbone Wristguards (Plate)
- Hammer of Bestial Fury (1h mace)
- Green Dragonskin Cloak (back)
- Acid Inscribed Greaves (plate)
- Trance Stone (offhand)
- Staff of Rampant Growth (staff)


- Boots of the Endless Moor (Mail)
- Circlet of Restless Dreams (Leather)
- Polished Ironwood Crossbow (Crossbow)


- Gauntlets of the Shining Light (Plate)
- Deviate Growth Cap (Leather)
- Malignant Footguards (Mail)
- Black Bark Wristbands (Cloth)
- Dark Heart Pants (Leather)
- Belt of the Dark Bog (Cloth)


- Emerald Dragonfang (Dagger)
- Jade Inlaid Vestments (Cloth)
- Strangely Glyphed Legplates (Plate)
- Leggings of the Demented Mind (Mail)
- Acid Inscribed Pauldrons (Plate)


- Boots of Fright (Leather)
- Unnatural Leather Spaulders (Leather)
- Mendicant's Slippers (Cloth)
- Nightmare Blade (1h sword)


- The cape items seems to drop for any specc and class.
- Only one Green Dragon seem to be up each day, so use your quest log to find out which one it is.
- You can use bonus rolls on any boss, but the dragons seems most useful (when collecting xmog) because they only have 1/4 of the spawns as the other two bosses. 
-  You can loot the world bosses once per day.