How to get The Retch (Path of Exile)

The Retch is a unique rustic sash from the Talisman League, and can be obtained by using the following vendor recipe:

1x Orb of Fusing
1x Feastbind
1x Faminebind

Both Featbind and Faminebind are also two unique belts from the Talisman League, so you cannot get them from drops by playing regularly.

However, during the Legacy League, both of these can drop from any level 20+ area when a Talisman Leaguestone is active.

It is also possible to get the belts from Divination Cards. The following div cards can give you Faminebind and Feastbind with a bit of luck:

1) Time-Lost Relic; drops from Excavation Map. Gives a random league-specific item.
2) The Wretched; drops from a lot of different maps. Gives you a random unique belt. This tends to be pretty expensive, since this card can also give you Headhunter.
3) Jack in the Box; drops from a variety of areas. Awards a random unique item, so it has a small chance of giving either of these belts as well.