Where to find Merriam Turkeys (theHunter: Call of the Wild)

Merriam Turkeys are found in the Silver Ridge Peaks hunting reserve in theHunter: Call of the Wild, and are unique to this reserve. These turkeys are needed for certain achievements or trophies, and if you are collecting these you will want to get at least one diamond trophy Merrian Turkey, as well as finding and harvesting 50 different turkeys. 

So, where is the best spot to find Merriam Turkeys in Silver Ridge Peaks? 

There are no spots in Silver Ridge Peaks that are considered "the best" spot for Merriam Turkeys, but they are found in pretty much any location in the south half of the map. The Merriam Turkeys tend to prefer thick vegetation, so a good strategy to finding them turkeys is to use the caller to attract them towards you. 

Finding all the 50 Merriam Turkeys you need for the trophy / achievement is a difficult task that will take a while. It might be a good idea to search out their need zones and check these every once in a while.