How to unlock new hunting reserves (theHunter: Call of the Wild)

theHunter: Call of the Wild comes with only two of 11 hunting reserves unlocked, so when you first boot up the game you can only choose to play on either Layton Lake District or Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve. These two are considered to be two great hunting reserves, but a lot of players might want to try their luck hunting in snowy Canada, the savannahs of Africa, or in the Patagonia mountain ranges. 

So, how do you unlock new hunting reserves in theHunter: Call of the Wild? 

In order to unlock more hunting reserves in theHunter: Call of the Wild, you need to buy them for real-life money. The new hunting reserves are paid DLC, and it is currently not possible to buy or unlock them using in-game money or anything like that. 

So you need to be prepared to open up your wallet if you want to get new hunting reserves. Fortunately they are pretty cheap, and are frequently on sale for as low as around $4 each, so it is far from expensive to pick up a reserve or two. 

The DLCs are bought from Steam, Playstation Store, or Microsoft Store depending on which console you are playing the game on. 


  1. Can I buy all of them together or I must one by one?


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