How to repair your weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds has a system where the durability of weapons and armor will decay as you use them, and will gradually dish or or protect less damage as they get worn out. Luckily for us, repairing them is easy and pretty cheap, so this is something you will want to do pretty often when you play the game.

Repair your weapons and armor with Weapon/Armor Parts

You can repair your weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds at any point, but you will need to find a Workbench to be able to do it yourself. Just head to any Workbench (usually found in all cities, and even on The Unreliable in the main cargo room) and select the "Repair" menu there. Now choose the item(s) you want to repair and pay.

Repairing your weapon requires you to use Weapon Parts, while repairing your armor requires Armor Parts. You get these from breaking down weapons and armor that you don't intend to use.

And by the way, there's a button you can choose that will repair all equipped items, which can save you a bit of time.

Repair your items with Bits

If you don't have Weapon or Armor Parts, or just want to use Bits to repair them instead, that's entirely possible. What you need to do now is to head to a human trader and choose the "Repair" menu there. Choose the items you want to repair and pay the required Bits to get them repaired back to be 100 % again. Vending machines will not allow you to repair items.