How to get albino animals in Planet Zoo

It is possible to get albino variations of all the animals that are currently in Planet Zoo, and just like you would expect, these are white versions of the animal. A lot of them are not strictly true albino forms (due to not having red eyes), but they are all considered to be albino variations by the game.

So, how do you get albino animals in Planet Zoo? The answer is that it is completely random. Every time you breed an animal, the offspring has a small chance to be albino. There is nothing you can really do to increase your chances of getting an albino animal except for having more animals to breed.

If you got an albino animal, then you should use that for breeding, since its offspring will have a much higher chance of being an albino variant. If you got two albino animals of the same species, then these two can be used to breed lots of new albino animals.

That said, getting even a single albino animal is a very rare occurrence and getting two albino animals from the same species is considered extremely unlikely. Still, you could always get lucky!

And that's pretty much all there is to getting albino animals in Planet Zoo. Good luck!

An albino Bengal Tiger in Planet Zoo. 

An albino Bonobo. 


  1. Hi! I already got 3x albino ostrich xD

  2. Is this available in Sandbox? Or only Franchise?

  3. i got an alibno tiger in sandbox so it is possible. i have not got once since so im assuming its even a lesser chance in sandbox

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    1. wait... how can polar bears be albino? theyre already white

  5. If you breed them with other Albinos, then it is 100% garnteed to be Albino. Or that is how it has been for me. Once you have a good collection going then you start trading them and helping others start their own collection. It appears that they go for a pretty penny.

    1. It’s not 100% but it is unlikely the offspring won’t be slbino

  6. Probably the prettiest albino is a lion or a bear, not a polar bear though, practically they all are

  7. Please play in traffic

  8. Replies
    1. That’s easy, I have 6 albino lioness, 3 albino bonobos and 2 albino bengals


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