How to loot Winterfall Spirit Beads (World of Warcraft: Classic)

The Winterfall Spirit Beads are an item that can drop from any Winterfall furbolg in all of Winterspring, but there is a prerequisite to be able to loot them. If you haven't done this, the simply won't drop for you at all, so read on to learn how to unlock the ability to loot the Winterfall Spirit Beads.

In order to be able to loot them, head to a quest giver called Salfa. He is located at the very western end of Winterspring, close to where you exit the Timbermaw tunnel. He will offer you a quest called "Winterfall Activity" if you are level 58 or higher, and this quest requires you to kill the following:
- 8 x Winterfall Shaman.
- 8 x Winterfall Den Watcher.
- 8 x Winterfall Ursa.

In order to kill all of these, you will need to head to Winterfall Village just east of Everlook. There are some mobs in the area close to the quest giver as well, but only two of the three different mobs are there, so you will have to go to the village anyway for the last one. These mobs can be a bit of a hassle to kill because they are used for both farming reputation with the Wintersaber Trainers and Timbermaw Hold, as well as being a good source of farming for anyone who just wants to make a lot of gold. But just keep trying to get them, and you will soon be able to get all the 24 you need to kill for the quest.

When you have killed all of them, return to Salfa and turn in the quest. That's all you need to do, because from now on, you are able to loot Winterfall Spirit Beads any time you kill a Winterfall furbolg. These have about 50 % chance to drop from each kill.

The Winterfall Spirit Beads are used to get reputation with the Timbermaw Hold, and you can turn in 5 of these for 50 reputation, making them worth 10 rep each. They are particularly useful after you hit Revered, because the mobs stop giving rep when killed at this reputation level, so the Winterfall Spirit Beads as well as the Deadwood Headdress Feathers are the only method to getting from Revered to Exalted with the faction.