How to farm the Tiny Crimson Whelpling (World of Warcraft: Classic)

The Tiny Crimson Whelpling is a rare pet in World of Warcraft: Classic that is Bind on Equip. It is a great pet, but it's also worth a good chunk of gold at the auction house, so a lot of players farm this while leveling up in order to hopefully get one and sell it for a lot of gold. The Tiny Crimson Whelpling itself looks great, so it's definitely worth having on your main if you enjoy having a red dragon whelpling follow you around.

The Tiny Crimson Whelpling drop from a certain set of mobs in Wetlands. These range from level 23 to level 26, so you can farm this pet from level 20 to level 30 if you wish. It drops from the following mobs:

- Red Whelp (23-24).
- Crimson Whelp (25-26).
- Flamesnorting Whelp (26-27)

Note that there are mobs called Lost Whelp in the area. These do not drop the pet! Most people just skip these entirely, which is a good strategy, but the problem is that they share spawn point with some of the Crimson Whelps, so it can be worth killing them every few hours to trigger the other mobs to spawn as well. Or else you end up with only having Lost Whelps in the middle part of the area.

The area is divided into three parts; the Red Whelps are closest to the road. Next to them are a block of Lost Whelps, so sneak past these to get to the area next to the mountain where you find the Crimson Whelps and the Flamesnorting Whelps. You obviously want to focus on the area next to the road if you are below level 25, and the other part once you reach 25 or 26.

The drop rate is about 0.2% for each whelp you kill, so be prepared for a lot of farming before you find one.

Wetlands is a contested territory, so you can freely PvP there. Most players in the zone tend to be Alliance, since there are many Alliance quests there, but zero Horde quests. So Horde players that want to farm this should probably aim to be higher than level 25 if they don't want to be killed a lot.