How to complete the "Purveyor of Potions" Aspiration (The Sims 4: Realm of Magic)

The "Purveyor of Potions" is a new Aspiration added in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack. It's a pretty easy aspiration, and it can be done in a short amount of time. Just head to the Magic Realm to become a Spellcaster, and begin creating potions. You will need to buy a Cauldron for your own home, but other than that, everything can be done from the Magic Realm. None of the steps are really challenging, and you basically just need to create a lot of potions to get it done.

All "Purveyor of Potions" Milestones

First Steps
Become a Spellcaster
Travel to The Magic Realm
Learn a Potion Recipe

Bubbling Up
Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 – Acolyte
Own a Cauldron
Know 3 Different Potions

Cauldron Concoctions
Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 – Adept
Know 5 Different Potions
Brew 5 Potions

Potion Pro
Reach Spellcaster Rank 5- Virtuoso
Know 10 Different Potions

"Purveyor of Potions" Aspiration reward

When you complete the "Purveyor of Potions" Aspiration, you are awarded with the following permanent trait for your sim: 

Master Mixer – A Master Mixer rarely fails when using potions on themselves.

This is a pretty good trait for anyone that makes a lot of potions, so it's worth doing this Aspiration if you intend to make a lot of potions on your sim.