How to craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth Stone is a great alternative to the regular cobblestone or stones you typically use in Minecraft. As you would expect, the surface of the Smooth Stone is much smoother and sleeker than regular Cobblestone, so it's awesome to give your creations a more modern look.

So, how do you craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft? Before you can craft it, you will need to get a Furnace, some Cobblestone and some Coal. You need twice the amount of Coal as Cobblestone. These are all very easy to come by and craft, so this should not be any problem.

What you need to do is to put the Cobblestone and the Coal into the Furnace. Now just wait a minute, and this will make the Cobblestone turn into regular Stone Blocks. Now put these Stone Blocks back in the Furnace for another go, and put in more Coal if needed. Once these are all finished, you get your Smooth Stones.

It's really all that simple to craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft, and it should not be any problems at all once you know how to craft them.

The Smooth Stones do not really have any special properties or uses, but they are a cool decorative piece that will fit nicely into a lot of houses and creations.