How to make your sim angry in The Sims 4

Your sims can feel a variety of feelings, including feeling angry. There are some points in the game where you might want to make your sim angry, such as when you are progression in the acting career and need to be angry in order to practise for parts. It's actually a bit easier if you want to do it for the acting career than if you do it for any other purpose, so see below for an extra tip for getting your sim to practise being angry for your acting career.

How to get your sim angry in The Sims 4

The problem a lot of people face is that their sim is really well-balanced, and it's not really easy to get them to become angry at all. One method that might work is to get into a fight with other sims. Just talk with them, insult them, and keep being mean to them. Some of them will fight you back, and you will eventually become angry.

While this works for some, certain sims have traits and stuff like that which prevents other sims from really being able to become angry at them. So, the next step is to influence your sim's mood. Go to build mode and find painting. You will soon see that a lot of paintings have the ability to put your sim in an angry mood, so decorate a room with several of these.

In addition to getting the angry paintings, make sure to get rid of any positive moodlets you might have. If you eat good food, work out, do laundry etc. you will get a moodlet that makes your sim feel better, and you will need to get rid of all of these when you want to make a well-balanced sim angry. Luckily they all disappear after a while, so don't renew them by eating good food again etc.

When all the positive moodlets are gone, head into the room with the angry paintings, and your sim will eventually get angry just by being there. And that's it; you now know how to make your sim angry in The Sims 4. Enjoy getting your sim angry whenever you want it.

Get angry more easily for your acting career

If you just need to get angry to progress your acting career, there is a much easier method than the one above. Just click on your sim and select "Practise acting", and you will be able to choosing to practise angry acting. This is so much easier than getting your sim angry for real, and you get it done very quickly.


  1. Which paintings can make a Sim angry, and how can we be certain?


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