When will Borderlands 3 be released on Steam?

Borderlands 3 will be released worldwide on September 13th 2019, and many people are wondering if and when it will be released on the gaming platform Steam. Borderlands 3 will be exclusively released on Epic Games Store for the PC version. The console versions will of course be for sale on Playstation Store etc.

Borderlands 3 won't launch on Steam until 2020.
Borderlands 3 won't launch on Steam until April 2020.
So, will Borderlands 3 ever be released on Steam? It seem very likely. A press release said that the Epic Games Store only has a 6 month exclusivity, and that the game will be released for other sale platforms after that time. It does not specifically mention Steam as one of the stores, but it seems very likely that they will want to put it up for sale on the biggest gaming platform for PC gaming.

We also have no idea if the game will be tied to exclusively using the Epic Games Store Launcher even after it is sold on other platforms.

This means that we can expect Borderlands 3 to be released on Steam around April 1st 2020, a good 6 months after the official release.

Can you play Borderlands 3 without using Epic Games Store?

If you are one of the people who boycott the Epic Games Store and still want to play Borderlands 3, then you are out of luck. Even the physical copes of the game will require you to use the Epic Games Store, so your only option is to buy the game for either Xbox One of Playstation 4.