Rustbolt Resistance reputation guide (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

The Rustbolt Resistance is a new faction added in the 8.2 patch of World of Warcraft. They are located in and tied to the zone Mechagon, and this is pretty much the only place you will find a member of this faction.

There are several ways to get reputation with Rustbolt Resistance, but even if you do all four, getting to Exalted will be a long grind that will take many weeks to complete. Below are all the activities that award reputation with Rustbolt Resistance.

A screenshot of Mechagon where you will be getting the Rustbolt Resistance reputation.

#1) Complete quests in Mechagon

Mechagon comes with a set of one-time quests that you should do in order to get reputation with Rustbolt Resistance. There are not too many of them, but you will also stumble across some more by playing organically in Mechagon.

You should just get these done as soon as you have the chance, since many of them are required to fully unlock the other activities in Mechagon, as well as unlocking the daily quests that you will want to do if you want to get a lot of rep.

#2) Complete daily quests in Mechagon

There will always be a set of daily quests up in Mechagon, and these can obviously only be completed once a day. The exact number of daily quests that are available will vary, but there are usually around 3 to 5 of them. Each daily quest you complete will give you 30 reputation with Rustbolt Resistance, so doing this every day is a great way to get some rep.

Daily quests will be the main method to getting reputation with Rustbolt Resistance, so get ready for doing these every day until you hit exalted. 

#3) Craft Rustbolt Resistance Insignia

The "Rustbolt Resistance Insignia" is a consumable that permanently increases your reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance by +100 (before Human, Darkmoon Faire etc. rep buffs), and can be created by Junkyard Tinkering (the new Machagon crafting/upgrading mechanic) for 50x Spare Parts. Spare Parts are looted from all enemies, both normal, rare and Elites on Mechagon, so this is essentially a method for grinding the rep.

The downside to grinding the reputation with crafting the Rustbolt Resistance Insignia is that you will want to use a lot of Spare Parts for other projects, so it's a trade-off between getting rep and building things such as mounts and pets.

#4) Use a contract to get reputation faster

Just like all the other Battle for Azeroth factions, scribes can make an item called Contract: Rustbolt Resistance. This works just like all the other contract, and all BfA World Quests will give you an additional +10 rep with Rustbolt Resistance whenever you complete it (in addition to the other rewards).

The contract last for a week and applied to each character, so you need to buy one per week per character if you plan on farming this reputation to Exalted as soon as possible.

#5) Run the Operation: Mechagon dungeon

Operation: Mechagon is an 8 boss dungeon that can only be done on Mythic difficulty. As you might have guessed from the name, the dungeon is found in Mechagon, and completing it will give you +250 reputation with Rustbolt Resistance.

This is probably the least efficient way to get reputation, but it's a nice bonus when you do this dungeon anyway.

Rustbolt Resistance reputation rewards

There is a Rustbolt Resistance quartermaster that sells some toys, recipes and other cool stuff to the player after reaching a certain reputation. 

The Rustbolt Resistance lets you buy the Rustbolt Resistor mount when you are Exalted with them, but you have to shell out over half a million gold if you want this amazing mount. 


  1. Rustbolt Insignia recipe only drops from paragon chests, so it's not hugely useful to people trying to grind the base rep. Maybe you should add that as a note.


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