How to get Poop in Forager

It might sound strange, but Poop is a rather useful resource in Forager, so you will want to get a lot of Poop while playing. Most players do already get some Poop just by playing since all active animals has a small chance to drop 1x Poop at certain time intervals. Most animals seem to drop a Poop every few minutes, so just avoid killing any of them, and you will eventually find a lot of Poop on the ground.

However, this is far from enough when you need 500 Poop to complete the quest "Urgent Request" from Fox Guy in the Winter biome, or just need a lot of them to craft stuff. Waiting a few minutes and randomly searching for it takes a long time and is pretty boring to be honest. So, how do you effectively get Poop in Forager?

The answer is to create Animal Feed at the Mill, then use this consumable item on a Cow. The Cow will then drop Poop guaranteed, and the number of Poops you get varies depending on several factors like modifiers and buffs. However, the base drop rate i 8, so you get it pretty fast when using Animal Feed.

Can't find any Cows? Just wait, because these animals will randomly spawn. They appear to spawn very frequently, so you probably won't have to wait for too long.

You can use as many Animal Feed on a single Cow as you like, so if you create 10x Animal Feed and click ten times on the Cow, you essentially get at least 80 Poop.

It can be a good idea to place a few Lighthouses close to the Cow you want to get Poop from in order to maximize the number of Poop you get per used Animal Feed. Each Lighthouse stacks exponentially, and each of them gives an additional 50 % extra resources, so it adds up very fast.

As you might have noticed, you do need at least 2 Poop to craft a single Animal Feed, so you will need to roam around and hope some of the animals randomly drop it to get going. Once you find two of them though, use it to create Animal Feed and give it to a Cow, then use those 8 to create 4 more Animal Feed and so on.

A good tip is to create a Droid that can stick close to your character, because this NPC will follow you around and pick up and Poop that is lying on the ground.

Get Poop from the Market

The Market will always sell Poop as well, for 2 Coins each. This is always an option if you need more Poop and don't want to make Animal Feed, or just need to buy 2 Poop to get the production of Animal Feed going.


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