How to get the Ankoan Waveray mount (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

The Ankoan Waveray mount was added to World of Warcraft in patch 8.2, and it is tied to the new Nazjatar content. This mount is only available to the Alliance, but the Horde has the Unshackled Waveray mount as their equivalent.

In order to get the Ankoan Waveray mount, you will need the following:

- Be exalted with Anokan. This is the new Alliance-friendly faction we meet in Nazjatar.

- Get 250 x Prismatic Manapearls. You get these by doing content in Nazjatar, and the mount cost 250 to buy. Click here for a guide on farming Prismatic Manapearls.

When you are Exalted and have the 250 Prismatic Manapearls, head to the Anokan quartermaster Artisan Okata in Nazjatar to buy it. And that's it; you are now the proud owner of the Anokan Waveray mount!