Borderland 3's Lost and Found machine explained

The Lost and Found machine is a new feature in Borderlands 3 that is used to retrieve loot that you get from playing the game, but for some reason is unobtainable. A good example is loot from an enemy that is killed close to a ledge or cliff and falls down. It is impossible to get this item if this would happen in any of the other Borderland games, but in Borderlands 3 this item will be transported to the Lost and Found machine on Sanctuary III.

The next time you visit Sanctuary III, the item will pop out of the Lost and Found machine, and you can loot it. There is a limit to the number of items that can be stored in the Lost and Found, so you should check this pretty often to make sure you don't miss any items. The storage capacity can also be increased by buying SDUs from Marcus.

So you won't have to fear missing a Legendary item that fall out of bounds in Borderlands 3, as long as you remember to have a few spaces left in the Lost and Found machine before you go out and do some grinding.

You will find the Lost and Found machine on board the Sanctuary III.

Can you throw items off a cliff to get more inventory space?

The system is smart enough to detect the difference between an item that is throw off a cliff by the player and the items that naturally drop out of bounds, so don't expect to find any items you throw away at the Lost and Found machine.

It is currently unknown exactly what flags an item for being eligible for popping up at the Lost and Found, but this post will be updated as soon as we learn more about this.