How to reduce your max Health in Forager

It might sound strange, but there are certain points where you might want to reduce your max Health in Forager. The main reason for doing this would likely be cause you need to die 10 times or dodge an attack with only 1 Heart left, since both these two activities unlocks a challange. Both of these can also be very difficult or even impossible when you have all 18 Hearts and most likely some buffs that restores your health gradually, making it virtually impossible to die or get to only a single Heart.

So, how do you reduce the max health in Forager? You need to find a the Sacrifice Altar. This is found in the Lava biome, but the exact location is random. You can interact with this and choose to get a bonus by sacrificing one maximum health / Heart. So all you need is to do use this Sacrifice Altar a total of 17 times to get from max health to only a single heart, and at this point it should be a walk in the park to get the death realated challenges.

Once you have completed these two challenges, go craft 17 Spirit Orbs to get it back again.