How to get more stash tabs (Path of Exile)

When you begin playing Path of Exile, you have access to only 4 regular Stash Tabs with 144 grids each. While these will hold a lot of items, they probably won't be anywhere close to enough if you intend to play the game regularly and want to keep all your currency, backup gear, maps, Div cards etc. So how do you get more stash tabs? Below if everything you need to know about getting more Stash Tabs in Path of Exile.

The only way to get more stash tabs is to buy them as a microtransaction, and a regular stash tab cost 30 points each, meaning the price is $3 per tab, while Premium Stash Tabs cost 40 points / $4 each.

The Stash Tabs go on sale over the weekend every third week, so you can always buy them buring a sale if you got some patience. During these sales the normal stash tabs cost 20 points / $, while the premium ones cost 30 points / $3.

There are also stash tab bundles for sale that sell you six premium or non-premium for a reduced price where you pay 5 tabs worth of points for 6 tabs.  These bundles are also on sale during the stash tab sales weekend, so make sure to buy them during this time.

There is no way to earn or get more stash tab simply by playing the game, so you will need to spend real money on getting these.

This information is the same for both PC, Xbox One and PS4, but the exact prices might be a little bit different in the console currencies.

How having more stash tabs affect new seasons and different leagues

When you begin playing in a new season, all your stash tabs will be empty, so when you buy 1 stash tab you essentially get more tabs; one of each league. So you won't have to choose where to use your newly bought stash tab, since they will be ready to be used anywhere.


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