How to get Golden Eggs (Forager)

When playing Forager, you will quickly find out that you need a few Golden Eggs to complete the game. You will need at least 1 for the Foraging Bundle, as well as another 1 for a quest in the desert biome. Many people think these simply have a chance of spawning instead of regular eggs when you interact with chickens, but that's not entirely correct, and you will likely not get any golden eggs simply by interacting with hundreds of chickens.

Here's how to get golden eggs in Forager: feed any chicken with the Animal Feed item. This is produced by using 2x Flower + 2x Jelly + 2x Poop at the Mill. Create this and feed it to a chicken, and it will have a chance of giving you a golden egg instead of a regular one.

The drop rate for golden eggs is still pretty low, so you might need to create a lot of Animal Feed items before you get it, since these are consumables. So remember to not sell all that Poop you eventually find in your game, and save it to produce Animal Feed instead. It can be a bit of a hassle to get the golden eggs in Forager, but just keep making Animal Feed, and you will eventually get lucky.

It's also a small chance for the Chickens to drop Golden Eggs without the use of Animal Feed, but this is extremely rare.

What is the use for Golden Eggs?

You don't really need a lot of Golden Eggs in the game, but as mentioned above, you will need a few to complete the bundle sets and complete a quest chain in the desert biome. However, once you have done these two things, you might not really ever need to run around and feed Animal Feed to the chickens anymore.


  1. "it is impossible for the golden egg to drop from any chicken without giving it an Animal Feed first."
    That is completely false, i got a golden egg from a chicken without even having the mill. I had the gold sword out so maybe that helped.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I was wrong about this, and the article is now updated after gaining new information about the drop requirements for the Golden Eggs.

  2. I got the golden egg really early in one game, maybe from the first or second chicken, and didn't see another one for hours after clicking tons of chickens. Had no idea how rare it was and I put it in the museum!

    Anyway, you don't need to use feed to get the egg, but I'm guessing it dramatically increases the chance of getting one.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I guess you are right; I tried to farm 500 Eggs without any Animal Feed and got no Golden Eggs, but after using the feed, I got it within two minutes. So I assumed that they were impossible to get without the Animal Feed.

      I updated the article to reflect your information.

  3. i was making animal feed but before i used it i got one


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