How to get Chaos Orbs (Path of Exile)

Chaos Orbs are a type of currency in Path of Exile, and they function as the go-to currency for trading. This means that most items that are for sale will be listed for X Chaos Orb, so this is a useful currency to stack if you want to buy powerful items.

So, how to get Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile? Like all the other currency items, they can drop from anything, including mob kills, breakable objects, chests and more. This means that any activity in the game can essentially get your Chaos Orbs, but there are also a few nice methods to farming them either directly or indirectly.

Basically the best method to farming Chaos Orbs is to kill as much as possible as fast as possible. For most people this would mean running maps as fast as possible, and which tier you run depends on your gear. You should aim for running a tier of maps that you can finish within 5 minutes, and spent as little time as possible standing still while attacking.

If you have some stash tabs where you can sell stuff, any item that is valuable can be a good method to getting Chaos Orbs. Other currencies, maps etc. can also be worth a lot of Chaos Orbs, so make sure to check the value of the different items you loot while playing.

Get Chaos Orbs from the vendors

There is a vendor recipe for getting Chaos Orbs, where you need to trade in a full set of level 60+ items for a single Chaos Orb. Many people think this is a waste of time, but it can be a decent method for getting a few Chaos Orbs at the beginning of a league without having to trade.

We will now take a closer look at a few methods to farming Chaos Orbs at the start of a league, which will get you on your way to getting decent gear. 

How to farm some easy Chaos Orbs at the start of a league

This short guide is a great way to get a decent start of Chaos Orbs at the start of a league, and all you need is to be level 60+. What you will be doing is to run Blood Aqueducts for as long as you can, and loot the Div card "Humility". This card is eventually used to trade for a Tabula Rasa, one of the most popular items to use for leveling at the beginning of a league, and each card can be listed for 3-4 Chaos Orbs! You will most likely find a few cards per hour in addition to other loot, so this can be a nice way to let you get around 20 chaos to buy some stater gear. That should be enough to get your to a decent map tier where you can progress further and make even more Chaos Orbs.

Keep in mind that this is only one of many methods of farming Chaos Orbs at the beginning of a league, and there are many other ways to do it.