All Lucky Emblem rewards in Kingdom Hearts 3

There are a total of 90 hidden Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3. These emblems are scattered all over in the different worlds, and you can easily tell them apart from everything else due to their famous Micky Mouse head icon. If you find one, snap a picture of it with your Gummi Phone for it to count.

There are a total of 18 rewards for finding all 90 Lucky Emblems, and you typically get a reward for every fifth emblem you snap a picture of.

Let's get to the list, and here is a list of all the 19 rewards you get by collecting pictures of the 90 Lucky Emblems: 

1 Lucky Emblem: AP Boost.

3 Lucky Emblems: Mega Potion.

5 Lucky Emblems: Expert's Ring.

10 Lucky Emblems: Thundara Trinket.

15 Lucky Emblems: Moon Amulet.

20 Lucky Emblems: Magic Boost.

25 Lucky Emblems: Star Charm.

30 Lucky Emblems: Ribbon.

35 Lucky Emblems: Buster Band+.

40 Lucky Emblems: Strength Boost.

45 Lucky Emblems: Master Necklace.

50 Lucky Emblems: Wisdom Ring.

55 Lucky Emblems: Defense Boost.

60 Lucky Emblems: Orichalcum Ring.

65 Lucky Emblems: Cosmic Chain+.

70 Lucky Emblems: Royal Ribbon.

80 Lucky Emblems: Orichalcum+.

90 Lucky Emblems: Mickey's Brooch.

In addition to getting Mickey's Brooch when you find all 90, you also get a trophy or achievement depending on which console you play the game on.

You also get a secret movie, and the number of Lucky Emblems needed depends on which difficulty you play the game on:
Beginning: 90 Lucky Emblems.
Standard: 60 Lucky Emblems.
Proud: 30 Lucky Emblems.

We won't spoil the content of this secret movie, but it's definitely something you will want to watch if you are a fan on the Kingdom Hearts series!