How to upgrade your house in My Time At Portia

When you begin your first adventure in My Time At Portia, you have a pretty small shack of a house. This is not the most beautiful house, so you might want to upgrade it as soon as you can, but it's actually pretty expensive to upgrade your house early on in the game. Anyway, there are some nice benefits to upgrading your house in My Time At Portia, so you should definitely look into doing it once you have some spare Gols.

Before you can upgrade your house, you must make room for it. This means expanding your yard to get more land, and remove any obstructions around your house. Once this is done, head to the A&G Construction Building that is located next to the Commerce Guild. Look at the catalogue there and see the options for upgrading your house.

It is possible to upgrade your house a total of 3 times in My Time At Portia, and by the third upgrade your house will look like a mansion! Each new level of house upgrade also gives you increased max health, stamina, attack, and defense stats, as well as the option to invite pets to live with you. You will also need to upgrade your house if you want to marry an NPC.

Upgrading your home from the A&G Construction Building will cost you both Gold and materials, and see below for what is required for each upgrade.

Level 2 House Upgrade materials required

- 20 Hardwood Planks
- 20 Bronze Bars
- 10,000 Gols

Level 3 House Upgrade materials required

- 20 Iron Wooden Planks
- 20 Aluminum Plates
- 10 Strengthened Glass
- 50,000 Gols

Level 4 House Upgrade materials required

- 20 Aluminum Plates
- 20 Concrete
- 10 Wooden Pillars
- 100,000 Gols