How to unlock Night Elf "Night Warrior" Character Customization Options (World of Warcraft)

Patch 8.1 added the ability for Night Elf players to change their eyes into the Night Warrior Eyes, giving them dark-looking eyes instead of the regular yellowish eyes they come with. All Night Elves can use this customization, but only after at least one character has unlocked the account-wide feature.

How to unlock the Night Warrior Eyes

Start off by logging in to a level 110 character, and head for Bolarus. There you will be approached by Tyrande's owl Dori'thur with a quest. Accept this, then head to Stormwind to talk with Maiev Shadowsong. This will lead to you taking the portal to Darkshore where you will have to complete a few quest, following by a short single-player scenario that tells the story of how Tyrande became the Night Warrior.

The quest chain itself is not that long, and takes about 30 minutes to finish. Once you complete the scenario, you will get the achievement "In Teldrassil's Shadow", which unlocks the Night Warrior Customization option for all the Night Elf characters on your account.

How to apply the Night Warrior customization to your character

When you have completed the quest chain and unlocked the customization, go to any barber shop to apply this Night Warrior customization to your Night Elf character. The customization is actually a skin tone, so just cycle trough the different available skin tones until you find the Night Warrior skin tones that also comes with the Night Warrior eyes.