How to get to Kovork rare mob in Arathi Highlands (World of Warcraft)

Kovork is a level 121 rare mob in the level 120 Warfront version of Arathi Highlands. He is often chosen as one of the rare mobs to kill for the daily World Quests, but a lot of players have problems with finding him. This is due to the fact that the location marked by the World Quest on the map shows his exact location, but the matter of the fact is that he is located underground in a cave.

This has made it a hassle to find him for many players, but it's actually very easy once you know his location. To get to Kovork, go to the Circle of Elements and face towards the west. This will let you see the cave entrance. If you don't see it, check out the screenshot below.

This is the cave entrance for finding Kovork.
When you enter the cave, just keep following the main path until you get to a big, open room. This is where Kovork is found (or will soon spawn).

Kovork has a 100 % chance to drop the vanity toy Kovork Kostume upon death, which will transform your character to look like Kovork himself for 10 minutes.