How to get to Foulbelly rare mob in Arathi Highlands (World of Warcraft)

Foulbelly is a level 121 rare mob in Arathi Highlands as part of the Warfront zone. It is not found directly in the Warfront itself, but rather in the un-instances version of the zone.

Many players have reported difficulties with finding Foulbelly, even with add-ons that show his location on the map. This has to do with the fact that he is found deep inside a cave, with the entrance being right west of The Circle of Elements.Turn towards the Alliance keep if you are in the middle of the Circle of Elements, and you really can't miss the entrance. Also see the screenshot below for a view of it.

Enter this cave, and when you get to the main room go to the right path. Follow this to get to the very end of the cave, and this is where you will find Foulbelly.

Cave entrance for finding Foulbelly.
Foulbelly has a chance to drop a toy item called Foul Belly, with around a 10 % drop chance. He can be looted once per Warfront cycle per character, so make sure to kill him on all your alts if you really want to get that toy.