How to complete the Mysterious Datapad quest and get the "Obsidian Dreams" emblem (Destiny 2)

Players who worked on the Mysterious Box quest also got a secondary quest during the process, called the Mysterious Datapad quest. The main quest eventually leads to the player obtaining the weapon Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle, but the secondary Mysterious Datapad quest gives you something else; a special emblem called Obsidian Dreams, a short cutscene, and a triumph.

Before beginning on the  Mysterious Datapad quest, make sure to complete the  Mysterious Box to get your Izanagi’s Burden, since this weapon is needed for the secondary quest.

When you have that, head to Niobe Labs and start the mission. You will need to shoot symbols around the room in a specific order, and you will need to use specific Black Armory weapons. Below is the order of things to do in this room:

Shooting stuff at Niobe Labs

1) Shoot the Missive symbol that is on the front of the first pillar with a bow.

2) Jump on to the platform and turn around. Now look at the right panel on the left pillar and shoot the Storm symbol there with a Machine Gun.

3) Next you should turn left and shoot the Temple symbol with a Sniper.

4) Look towards the front entrance of the room. On the left corner you should see a Sunrise symbol that you should shoot with a Bow.

5) Now head back up and look to the right on the ground on the platform ahead of you. There should be a Star symbol there that you should shoot with a Machine Gun.

6) Now look to your left on the ground and shoot the Hand symbol there with a Machine Gun as well.

7) This is the final thing you need to shit, and this time you should use a Sniper to shoot the Black Armory Symbol. This is found by jumping down from the platform and looking to the left of your screen.

Kill the Taken enemies

If you have shot everything in the correct order with a correct weapon, waves of Taken enemies will spawn. Some of these enemies have a white shield that surround them, and these are only vulnerable to damage from Izanagi’s Burden. However, once the shield is destroyed, you can switch to another weapon to deal more damage to them.

When all enemies are dead, jump up to the platform and loot the chest.

Complete all four Black Armory forges

For this part you want to equip yourself with only weapons from the Black Armory DLC. Complete all the four forges with only Black Armory weapons, and return to Ada-1 when you have done so. When you arrive, you will be greeted with a short cutscene, and get awarded the Obsidian Dreams Legendary Emblem.