Guide to finding Chilly Gnomes (Fortnite)

Players have to find at least 7 Chilly Gnomes for the challenges in Fortnite's Season 7 Week 6 challenges. Some of the people who have played for a little while might remember doing the same challenge a long time ago, but now it has returned once again.

As you would guess, the Chilly Gnomes are found in the winter biome in Fortnite, which is in the southwest portion of the map. People are currently arguing if they spawn randomly on this portion of the map, or if they have fixed spawn points. What we do know tough is that they seem to be found often in named locations like Happy Hamlet or Polar Peak.

No one has found a Chilly Gnome inside yet, so just stick to searching for them outside.

If you get close to a Chilly Gnome, you will hear the shiver, and at this point you should just follow the shivering sound until you see a gnome encased in a big ice cube.

When you find the encased gnome, go close and interact with it the same way you would search a treasure chest, and you get credits towards the challenge.