Full guide to unlocking the Kul Tiran Allied Race (World of Warcraft)

The Kul Tiran humans are a new Allied Race that was added to World of Warcraft in patch 8.1.5 on January 22 2018. It is impossible to unlock them before this date due to the time gating of certain parts of their unlock requirements, but anyone with a level 120 Alliance character can work towards unlocking them after this date.

In order to unlock the Kul Tiran as a playable race, you will need to complete 3 different tasks to be able to begin the quest chain that leads to the recruitment scenario. Once you finish the recruitment scenario your entire account is able to create Kul Tiran humans on any server, as long as you already have at least one other level 110+ character on that server already. You will also get the Kul Tiran Charger mount upon completing the scenario, which is an armored horse that you can use on any Alliance character.

Before we can do the recruitment scenario, we first need to complete the three "hidden" requirements that allows us to get the first quest in the quest chain. The three requirements are the following:

Requirement 1) Complete the main story lines in Kul Tiras

You will need to finish all the main story line quests in both Drustvar, Stormsong Valley, and Tiragarde Sound to the point where you are awarded the achievement for finishing the zone. Once you have completed all three, do the Pride of Kul Tiras and A Nation United storylines as well, and you will get the achievement "A Nation United". This achievement is one of the requirements for beginning the Kul Tiran human recruitment scenario.

It should not be too difficult to do this part of the unlock, but it does of course take a good while if you haven't really quested much yet.

Requirement 2) Finish the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign. 

This is a very time-consuming quest chain, especially if you haven't already done parts of it. There are some hurdles with this one, such as;

- You need to hit Exalted with the 7th Legion to get the final War Campaign quest. All quests are gated behind a certain reputation requirement, so you will gradually get more quests as you get more reputation with 7th Legion. The final quest that is needed for the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign actually requires you to be Exalted with them, so be prepared to grind a lot of 7th Legion reputation before being able to get the Kul Tiran humans as an Allied Race.
There are many sources to getting 7th Legion reputation, with the main ones being to do World Quests on Zandalar, in Warfront zones, or the Faction Assault WQs. All of these award reputation with 7th legion, and the Faction Assault also gives a big bonus rep if you complete the story quest as well. In addition you can get reputation from completing Emissary Quests when they are available, do 7th Legion missions on the mission table, and donate items to the War Effort.

- You will need to do a lot of quests, including completing the 8.0 War Campaign. You won't be able to start on the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign until you have finished the main BfA War Campaign, so you might want to get started on that right away. There's a lot of quests in this quest chain, especially if you plan on doing all of them in a single sitting.

- You have to do parts of the Battle of Dazar'Alor raid to finish the War Campaign. This is not a problem for most people, but I know that a lot of you don't really want to raid. However, you will need to kill some bosses in Dazar'Alor before you are able to unlock the Kul Tiran humans, so be ready for that. The normal and heroic version of the raid opens on January 22, while the Looking For Raid version will open 2 weeks later. This means that you might need to wait a while if you plan on unlocking them via the LFR option. This has been changed to no longer require you to do parts of the raid; you instead get the achievement during the part of the quest chain right before you have to enter the raid.

Other than that, just do the quests and try to enjoy them. You can easily track the War Campaign quests since they will always be displayed at the top of your Quest log. This area will also tell you the reputation requirements for the next step if you need it.

Requirement 3) Get Exalted status with Proudmoore Admiralty

Proudmoore Admiralty is the main Kul Tiran faction in Kul Tiras, so you need to get to Exalted with them as part of unlocking the Kul Tiran Allied Race. This Alliance-only faction is tied to the Tiragarde Sound where most quests and all World Quests give reputation with them. You can get to Honored reputation very easily by doing all the quests there (which you will need for another part of the unlockment requirement), and from this point it's all about World Quests.

Make sure to complete the Emissary Quest if it's up for you, and do missions that award Proudmoore Admiralty reputation from the mission table to speed up the process.

It is also possible to buy an item called Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty from a scribe or the Action House. This consumable gives you a 1-week buff that awards you with an additional 10 Proudmoore Admiralty reputation any time you complete any level 120 World Quest. This means that doing 10 WQs in completely different zones will get you another 100 reputation. It might not sound like a huge deal, but it adds up over the week, especially since you will also need to grind 7th Legion reputation.

Other than that just try to do as many World Quests as you can, since each of them gives you 75 to 150 reputation. It takes a decent amount of effort to get to Exalted, so you should be prepared to spend a week or two on this part.

The recruitment quest chain and scenario

Once you have completed the 3 requirements listed above you will get the first quest in the quest chain to unlock them. There is really nothing all that special about this quest chain, so just keep doing the quest until you get to the final step. This final step gives you access to the recruitment scenario, which also takes a little while.

After you have completed the recruitment scenario, return to Stormwind to complete the quest, get your Kul Tiran Charger mount, and unlock the Kul Tiran humans as a playable Allied Race!


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