Battle for Azeroth reputation Contracts explained (World of Warcraft)

Contracts are a new type of item that was added in the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack. These are basically on-use consumables that gives you a permanent buff. This means you only need to buy one to get the effect for your character, but you will of course need to buy a new one if you want to change.

When you have the buff from having used a Contract, you will get 10 extra reputation with the chosen faction each time you complete a World Quest. It can be absolutely any level 120 World Quest (so no use going back to the Broken Isles), so it's a nice way to farm rep with a specific faction without having to wait for their World Quests to pop up. It's still very slow though, since you need to do 100 WQs for only 1,000 rep. 

Each contract is tied to one of the Battle for Azeroth factions, and all of them (except for 7th Legion for Alliance, and The Honorbound for Horde) has a Contract for their faction. This leaves us with the following 8 Contrats:

Neutral factions:

Contract: Champions of Azeroth
Contract: Tortollan Seekers

Alliance factions:

Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty
Contract: Order of Embers
Contract: Storm's Wake

Horde factions:

Contract: Zandalari Empire
Contract: Talanji's Expedition
Contract: Voldunai

Crafting a reputation contract

You need Inscription BfA level 95 for Rank 1, 105 for Rank 2, and 115 for Rank 3 to create any of the reputation contracts. It's a nice way to level up Inscription, since this is likely to be an item that will be valuable and sell a lot.

To create any of the contracts, you need the following items:
Rank 1: 18 Ultramarine Ink + 10 Crimson Ink
Rank 2: 15 Ultramarine Ink + 8 Crimson Ink
Rank 3: 12 Ultramarine Ink + 5 Crimson Ink